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This is an unofficial guide to all things Goole-related. For those of you who haven't heard of the place, it's not a search engine based in East Yorkshire, but a small town in Northern England full of Goolies. Goole is unusual because it's an artificial town, originally built to serve the Aire & Calder Canal. It is one of the few places in this country that knows exactly when it was formed. The Clock Tower marks the year, 1826, when Goole opened its doors (or should that be lock gates?)

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This site was set up by an expat to see if anybody out there is interested in the town. Judging from the feedback, there is some demand. Hopefully, by browsing this site, it won't just be the people of Zlotow who've heard of the place.

Welcome to Goole Street Sign I do value your comments and contributions. I read all feedback, although I'm notoriously unreliable for replying to them. Most feedback is for lots more historical information. Being a sea-port, the goole genes have spread around the world and people are trying trace their ancestors. There is now a lot more of this, which hopefully will be of interest to people in the town as well.

You can now add comments yourself directly to the bottom of most pages.' Please do this if there's any wrong information, or you want to expand or record your memories about something.

Of course any comments in this site are my own personal views. There other web sites, agencies and tourist information which should be read to get the true picture. Wherever possible, I've tried to add links to other relevant resources on each page. This site is aimed at people who have lived and left Goole and keep some affection for the place. Contrary to what this site may imply, it's not that bad a place (certainly no worse than any others) and personally, I'd rather come from a town with character than live in Milton Keynes.

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Posted by danny smith at 01/01/2012 12:47
I was born in goole. Moved to Newcastle when i was 18.. its amazing how many people know of goole or have been to goole all over the country.. its a very unique town and I hope to move back as all my family are still there.. even in the 6years iv been away goole has changed a lot an is really getting put on the map, makes me proud to be a goolie :)
Posted by dominick smith at 07/01/2012 21:14
mike, ask simon if he remember's saint thomas's next time your speak to him
Posted by Keith at 09/01/2012 19:36
Sorry Mike, but I think the Mariners Arms was the bottom house and the middle house was the Dock Tavern
Posted by Mike Ganley at 13/01/2012 10:57
You're right Keith - stand corrected.
And the Cape of Good Hope (Chris Ward's pub) must have been the top house then?
Posted by danny johnson at 14/01/2012 12:36
married to helen (Kenning watson)

anybody a contact number.
Posted by Mike Ganley at 26/01/2012 10:08
Dominick - Simon says hi.
His e mail address is:
Posted by anita walsh at 28/01/2012 02:52
I am trying to find Dave Fallon, singer in a 60's group named The Blueberries. At this time he lived in Thorne. Friends from the group John, Mel and Jim would like to have a reunion.
Can anyone Help?
Posted by Paul at 28/01/2012 14:28
Mike Ganley
Did you or another member of your family with the same name attend Marist College in Hull.
Posted by Mike Ganley at 28/01/2012 21:55
No. Went to Holy Family Carlton.
A good mate of mine - Chris Gutowski - went there and my uncle was a teacher there but his name was Oldroyd
Posted by Paul at 29/01/2012 20:16
Mike Ganley
Thanks for your reply. I thought that as you went to an RC primary school you may have gone onto Marist College.Your comment in November about corporal punishment being inflicted by nuns was interesting as it was little different at an RC grammar school with all the priests and teachers having canes.The ruler on the knuckles reminded me that the physics teacher used a wooden box with weights for the scale instead and the latin teacher enjoyed twisting your sideboards or twisting his cane threw your hair whilst trying to translate latin prose.Record for caning was about 28 strokes in a 40 minute lesson to a classmate by a priest.Bet you're pleased you went to Carlton.
Posted by Peter Hill at 11/02/2012 10:39
Tomorrow, 12 February marks the 50th anniversary of the fire on board the Hull-registered MV Fountains Abbey which led to the loss of the ship and cost two Goole men their lives. Operated by Associated Humber Lines, she was homeward bound from Bremen and Hamburg when the fire was spotted 76 miles east of Spurn Head.It had been a rough passage and some drums of inflammable sodium chlorite had shifted, some spillage occurred followed by spontaneous combustion with bales of wool which formed part of the cargo.Within minutes, the master, Fred Wooller gave the order to abandon ship.Eighteen of the 22 man crew managed to get aboard the port lifeboat but two men were fatally injured as the ship's counter came down on the forward part of the lifeboat as it tried to clear the ship in heavy seas.The Lowestoft trawler, John O'Heugh, was able to get the survivors on board but before the fatalities could also be taken on board, the lifeboat drifted away.Three days later the lifeboat was found drifting by the Norwegian ship, Rondo.The bodies of James Cleary, bosun and William Gilmartin, a motorman were taken on board.Among the survivors from Goole were: Gordon King, chief engineer;Sidney Stowe, AB;James Dawson,steward;Michael Spencer, assistant steward; and Robert Denman.The 22 year old mate of another trawler, the Boston Spitfire, received awards from the Lloyd's insurance market and the Royal Humane Society for his role in the rescue effort.
Posted by Paul at 11/02/2012 20:55
Peter Hill
Did you live in Clifton Gardens and left Boothferry Road Junior School in 1955 for Pocklington?
Posted by Kevin Oldridge at 12/02/2012 20:34
Mike Ganley

Have seen your comments posted earlier.
I went to Marist College from 1966 to 1972. There were about a dozen of us from Goole- most came through St Thomas's school in Old goole but a few came from schools in the town.
We all enjoyed it in Hull but by the end of our time there, I was thoroughly fed up of getting on that train every morning and rushing back to the station every night to make sure you caught the 4:20 train back to Goole.
One good thing about it, was that we could use our train pass to travel back to Hull for free on a saturday to watch Hull City play. We were also able to catch every midweek evening game. They had a very good team at that time.
Posted by Paul at 13/02/2012 17:10
Kevin Oldridge
Nice to hear from a fellow former pupil of Marist.I was there 1956-63 and lived in Hull,having moved from Goole in 1955.I do recall the "Goolies" enjoying the benefits of their rail passes.In my last year I had to pay my rail fare to play football for Goole BRSA until I was paid 10s. to cover the fare, a surplus of 2s6d which made me feel like a semi-pro player!
Turnover of priests and teachers during my time was limited so I expect some of those there during your time were the same:Fr Salmon the headmaster,Fr.Howarth,Messrs.Mell(history)Healy(english)McGarry(geography) Flynn (latin)etc. Remember a Mr Oldroyd in the lower school teaching music appreciation in the prefab, sitting on his desk next to a large wind-up record player puffing away on a Park Drive or Woodbine.Was the school enforcer still there in your time,namely,Fr,"Sid" O'Shaughnessy?The priest I refer to in the post above about record the caning was Fr Riley,a young priest with a bit of a temper. Like you I enjoyed my time there but the only regret is that sport was not taken very seriously and it was only in my last year that a dedicated sports teacher was taken on, a Mr Myers, I think.
Was looking on google earth at the school site(date unknown) and it appears Waddingtons the tannery seems to be residential and except for the church and house at the school main entrance everything has been demolished and new buildins erected and even the playing field was under construction.
Best wishes.
Posted by Kevin Oldridge at 13/02/2012 22:14
Dear Paul,
Thanks for your response.
What's your surname by the way. If you lived in Goole perhaps my older brother knew you.

No can't say I recall Fr Sid Shaugnessy. Fr Salmon dished out the cane outside his office door for all to see. Although there was a Fr Moriarty (choir practice) who liked to give you a good old slippering! He had big feet and was built like a rugby player, so was a scary guy to an eleven year old.
There was a dedicated sports master in our time there, who also taught history, but I can't remember his name. We had school football teams, rugby team and went to regular swimming sessions across the road at a smallish pool. Me and Kev O'Regan used to come through to Hull on a saturday morning to play for the school football team. We had a good set of lads who all got along fine with each other. There was also keen interest in rugby at the time and I recall Phil Donn regularly practising kicking on the field at various points in the day. I was surprised to see he took up professional football refereeing after he left school because I never saw him kick a round ball at any time!
I do remember Mr Myers (geog) and Mr Mell. I also remember Mr Oldroyd, a nice chap, who taught English Literature I think. Can't remember anything else about him, other than, I think he mentioned he once taught at Goole Modern School.
Although we weren't allowed out at lunchtime some of us used to pay a visit to Monica Billiard Hall to have a frame if we could get on a board. Either that or go down Beverley Road to the Bowling Alley. Some lunchtimes (Thurs or Friday) we would pay a visit to the dance hall on the corner of Ferensway (Mecca I think?) (it's still there now but under a different name). God knows what we did there then, probably just seeing what older teenagers got upto- I don't remember any doormen to bar us entry. There was always plenty to entertain us in Hull.
Essentially, because we were so far away from home we could be lads without fear of our parents finding out. If my Mam had found out we went to those places she would have shook a seven!!
It was great at Marist.

Best Wishes
Posted by Paul at 14/02/2012 09:07
Hi Kevin
I'd forgotten about skiving off at lunchtime for a game of snooker.
My surname is Triggs. I doubt your brother would know me as I attended Boothferry Road Infants and Junior School.I did play a team from Old Goole in 1955 in the final of the Short Cup. 0-0 as I recall. Interestingly the captain of my team was Peter Hill who I think may be the poster of that name on this website.
Fr. Salmon certainly dolled out some retributution for serious misdemeanours. I recall a caning infront of the whole school on the playground between the old school building and bike shed that ran along Waddingtons boundary.I seem to remember he didn't use an ordinary cane but a black greeheart walking stick with a metal tip.
Mr Myers was certainly the PE teacher but no doubt doubled up with another subject.The best teacher during my time was Mr.McGarry(geography).
Like you I played football for the school and particularly enjoyed the trips to Blackburn and Middlesborough in the triangular competitiom. Rugby hadn't been introduced although there was a Marist Old Boys team.We did enter a makeshift seven-aside team in a competion in Bridlington or Withernsea as I played in it. Doesn't surprise me that rugby was introduced as I'm sure Myers played rugby and pupils from east hull were staunch Rovers supporters and probably played it at junior school.Touch rugby on the playingfield was common usinga "ball" of newspaper in an old sock. I also recall Father Salmon driving 4 of us upto Middlesborough for an athletics competition and nearly driving of the road,well he did wear glasses but clearly not strong enough!
In my early years at the College the summer break was 9/10 weeks 'though this was reduced to the normal 6 weeks in later years. Again when the annual weekly retreat took place as a non-catholic pupil it was effectively a week of doing very little but this changed it a more structured use of that time.
I've enjoyed corresponding with you as it's encouraged the"grey matter" to do a little work.
Best wishes.
Posted by Kev Oldridge at 14/02/2012 17:25
Re: Marist College

Thanks for your reply Paul.
You're right Triggs is not a familiar surname for us, probably because you attended a different school when you lived in Goole.
As for teachers, I think I have got confused with the names. I am not at all certain about these. I will go with your better recollection in that area.
Thanks for refreshing my memory of my time at Marist. Perhaps another subject that we have a mutual interest in, will crop up in the future.

Best Wishes
Posted by Peter Hill at 14/02/2012 19:14
Just caught up with the messages from Paul Triggs who I remember well from days in Goole in the 50's. Yes, I lived in Clifton Gardens - number 12 - and attended Boothferry Road Infants and Junior School.You have a very good memory of the Shorts Cup match: did we play extra time? I do remember playing on the Goole Town AFC ground and feeling very grown up.I left in '55, went to Pocklington leaving in '62. I taught for a year at Thorne as a student teacher before becoming a journalist and heading south eventually to Fleet Street.Your father, like mine, worked for AHL I think.
Posted by Paul at 15/02/2012 02:26
Hi Peter
Really nice to catch up with you as it must be about 56 years plus since we last were in contact.In the early '50's we moved from Jackson Street to 35 Clifton Gardens.
I found this website by accident as rather belatedly my cousin who lives in Goole gave me a cutting from the Goole Times for September 2007.I don't know whether you are aware of it but Colin Maundrell had approached the paper for help in identifying fotballers in two photographs from Boothferry Road School in 1954 and 1955.The latter photogragh I recognised as I was on it but could't recall the names except yours and my cousin Bernard Harrison.It was taken after the game with Old Goole ,which may have been St Thomas's, in the school yard. I still have an original copy in an album but unfortunately no names.I tried googling the Goole Times for archives to see if there was a response to his request but no results but it it did lead to this website.
I did recall colin but for a goalkeeper judging by the photograph he was pretty short. Whilst I recognized the faces, only two names sprang to mind, Appleyard and Westerman. Can't remember extra time at the Pleasure Gounds but do remember being taken for fish and chips near the clock tower after the game.
My memory may be a bit hazy about the players as I spent two years in the form below the 11 plus year and I was the only player from the year below to play for the team. I started school before I was 4 as the Goole Secondary Modern School persuaded my mother to return teaching there so I was "shunted" off to school early which meant that I had to lose a year somewhere.
I believe you are correct that, my father worked with your father as he was a marine engineer. Originally during the war he was sailing with the New Zealand shipping Company to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I think he was torpedoed 2 if not 3 times and subsequently sailed to Antwerp and Rotterdam on The "butter boats".When we moved to Hull he was involved in repairs to a fishing fleet(can't remember which) and subsequently worked for Drypool Engineering Company and Dunstans.
Memories : You had a full head of blond or light brown hair( I think things may have changed here) :Your mother's name was Henrietta:your father had a large black saloon (Humber ? ) Pilate with leather upolhstery: My first two wheeler bike, a red one, was bought from your parents:I think it was you that came with my mother to a relation's farm.To get there we went by bus to "White City" and walked along a farm track and then along the railway track.We were playing on the haystacks and slipped between two of them which was quite frightening being very hot. It was a struggle to get out which we did but had to have minor medical treatment for cuts and grazes.
Anyway I'll bring an end to the tales of yore but do appreciate your reply.
Posted by Chris Gutowski at 15/02/2012 09:01
Hi Kev Oldridge

I remembner you well from those days of train travelling. You were with Kev O'Regarn, Paddy Byrnet etc, as well as my brother Mike. You also had a brother Andy I seem to remember.

Funnily enough I attended a 35 year old Marist re-union at the weekend. The leavers class of '76. We reminisced about Jim and Bill Samon, Tony Tordoff and many others (I too remmeber the white haired Fr Moriarty.

Do you remember 'Mad Jack' the Latinm techer? Physices teacher was 'Bongo' who knuckled your head if you got a question wrong.

To the wider forum contributors, it wasn't just catholic schools that gave out the cane and wrapped your knuckles was it. I mean this was standard fayre back then?
Posted by Mike Ganley at 16/02/2012 08:07
Posted by paul at 16/02/2012 14:30
Mike Ganley
As you will have gathered your uncle,Mr Oldroyd,did teach me.As well as music appreciation I think he taught english in the lower forms. He was a really nice laid back guy and I don't recall him resorting to the cane.He had a son at the College but he was 2/3 years ahead of me.

Chris Gutowski

Was "bongo" Mr Giles.If it was he also rapped your Knuckles with a wooden box containing scales weights.
"Mad Jack" sounds like Mr Flynn, an Irish teacher.
Posted by Kev oldridge at 16/02/2012 15:50
FAO: Chris Gutowski

I do remember you Chris, but more so, your older brother Mike. I think Mike was only a year older than me, so we would have spent more time together at St Thomas's and Marist. I'm not sure but I think he joined us all on Kingsway playing field to play football or cricket while we were still at Junior school. It's been so long ago now, I regret, I probably wouldn't recognise either of you. As an aside, your mother used to teach my wife at Goole Modern School as well.

I do have a younger brother Andy, who went to Holy Family Carlton. By that time I think Marist had stopped intakes from Goole, everyone seemed to go to the newly built Carlton school.

As for teachers, I mentioned in one of my previous posts that my memory of teachers was poor. I think Fr J salmon (headmaster's brother?) taught us latin. However, there was a strange guy, Italian I think, who taught that and other languages. From what I remember he had another job on an evening somewhere and would often be found asleep on the large window ledges situated on the upper floor of the new shool building. I think he was prone to strange stress outbursts as well! I think all schools have their share of "characters".

Best Wishes
Posted by Daniel Johnson at 26/02/2012 08:24
Stanhope Street

Can anybody remember when this Night club was open? Dates Please
Posted by Steve Butterworth at 29/02/2012 21:01
In response to an article by Tommy Parsons now of castleford.
Hi Tommy, I was at Greennawn when you were - went to Drax Grammar - one or two guys have recently asked about you and Derek so maybe you can get in touch.
Posted by norma frear nee weston at 29/02/2012 23:03
somebody must have known my dad frank weston who lived in goole as a child i would love to know anything about my dads childhood
Posted by tony wilson at 01/03/2012 07:30
Hello all you Goolies. Can someone help. Around 1946 my father played for Goole town. Albert Woodvine ( came from Leicster )
winger I believe. Does anyone know were i coul find apicture of the team or him form that era.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Posted by Dave Heffron at 09/03/2012 02:07
Anyone here know a Dave Retburg? His family used to have a shop on Marshfield road. Had some happy times a kid in goole in the 60's and 70's. From Sheffield but used to visit my Aunts on Broadway - McBrides. Loved the Carlton as a kid and the sweet shop at the side of it.
Posted by Moira Thomas (Buttle) at 13/03/2012 15:43
I noticed that you moved to 35 CLIFTON GARDENS in 1955. This is the last address I have for my Great-Grandparents the BUTTLE family. Thomas Alfred Buttle and his wife Anne. I know they were there until at least 1934 when a D Buttle was still there. I know its a long shot but I wondered if you have any knowledge of this family? I live in Birmingham and found the Goole web-site quite by chance a couple of years ago, very interesting to read about where my relatives came from. I believe my Great-Grandfather was a steam ship manager. if you dont have any knowledge of them perhaps you could recommend which newspaper is best to place an ad in for my search; also could anyone suggest which books are best for telling the history of Goole and the shipping connection. Best Wishes. Moira Thomas (Buttle)
Posted by Paul at 13/03/2012 23:09
Hi Moira
Sorry but I can't really assist you. I moved to Clifton Gardens in about 1952 and at the age of 8 your'e not really aware of the previous occupants of the house. It's a pity that occupiers aren't required to provide a log of the time they spent there to be handed on to future owners.
You may like to google for Susan Butler who has written extensively about the area ( She also has a professinal geanealogy service.
A request for information, as well as under this topic, may produce results if you posted under "The Ships" also.
I believe the local papers are The Goole Times and Goole Courier.
Sorry I can't be of more help but whilst I was born in Goole I have not lived there since 1955.
Posted by Patricia at 14/03/2012 16:03
Hello. Does anyone know any Bristow family members from the Blacktoft area or Scalby?
Posted by moira thomas at 14/03/2012 20:30
Hi Paul
Thanks for getting back to me so soon. It was a long shot but at least I know that you have no knowledge of the family in question. The leads you have given to me will be useful and I will follow them up. I have got this far so I will carry on trying to solve the mystery. I look at the Goole web-site from time to time and find it very good and informative. Thanks again and good wishes to you.

Moira Thomas
Posted by Margaret Audas( HOCKNEY) at 17/03/2012 18:02
Information please. Which church was built first, St. John's or St. Mary's? Also when were Sy. Paul's and All Saints built and closed? I fact any information of these churches. Thanks
Posted by Christine Graham (formerly MacSwiney) at 18/03/2012 10:17
Hi there,

I was born in Goole, in Brough St. to be exact, and lived there until 1946. I attended Pasture Rd school.

My grandfather was Thomas MacSwiney,who was a surgeon at St Bartholomews Hospital Goole.

My aunt is Mollie England, who I believe still lives in the Goole area, and I would love to hear from her as she is the only remaining member of my mother's family.
Posted by Bill at 18/03/2012 23:45
St.John's church was built in 1848
Posted by Ian Bowie at 20/03/2012 22:53
To: Shirley Jarred/Hind
Better late... Yes, I remember you. You were Ariel -- Shakespearean not radio. Digger is also long-time here in the Antipodes: he in Adelaide, I in Sydney.
Posted by danny johnson at 21/03/2012 15:33
still trying to trace Helen Tolan ex Kenning .Westfield sq Goole

Friend of Pat Robertson was married to Brian.

Posted by Robert Ward at 21/03/2012 17:13
St Paul's church closed in 1970 - in April I think.
Posted by Kevin oldridge at 23/03/2012 22:39
FAO: Moira Thomas (Buttle) 13/3/12 15;43hrs

Noted your search for the BUTTLE family.

When I was searching for information on the BURKILL family for my wife a couple of years ago I spotted the connection to the BUTTLE family. I hold a copy of a birth certificate dated 2/9/1867 for an Alice Ann Fowler, whose mother was named as TAMAR FOWLER (formerly BUTTLE) of Hemingbrough.

Tamar Buttle was my father-in-law's great grandmother.

Also, I spent quite a long time scanning through the census records in Goole Library and wrote down extracts of the 1871 + 1891 census microfiche. There are quite a few mentions of the Fowler & Buttle families in those records for the Hemingbrough, Howden, Eastrington and Goole areas.

I am very happy to email you copies of this information if you conatct me on "". They may be useful for your family history search.

Kind Regards
Posted by Dennis Thornton at 27/03/2012 16:56
Shirley Jarred/ Hind
Please put me in touch with Shirley Jarred / Hind. There are 60 years of catching up to do so our Webmaster may jib at large posts.
My Facebook address is Dennis Thornton.

Leeds Uni and GGS.

So much to say
Digger Thornton Adelaide in Oz
Posted by Moira Thomas at 27/03/2012 21:29
Thanks Kevin for your information on the BUTTLE family, quite a surprise! Give me a few days and I will sort out my records and see if any of your names and dates slot in with mine. I am fairly busy over the next few days but I promise I will get back to you. Thank you for taking the time, I will be in touch again soon.

Best Wishes

Moira Thomas (BUTTLE)
Posted by Derek Wright at 31/03/2012 08:18
Hi I am looking for any information regarding Captain Samuel Wright who is my great great grandfather and any of his children, Thanks
Posted by christine shaw (ne Abbey) at 21/04/2012 22:05
Hi everyone I didn't know about the web site until my son inlaw mentioned that our dad (that is me and my sister rose marie ) had been mentioned on the web site (doug Abbey) by someone called Rod Lumley, did I know him,? I said yes we have met, hi! Rod, hope your well and brother Bill., I have lots of great memories of dad, his love of his job and very proud of the port, he was called the voice of Goole, our lives as children were ruled by tide times,(mum biked all the way to the Lowther hotel just to give him his dinner on more then one occasion that and a few choice words) happy days.It was good to read some of the comments,Great to here your ok geoff and still making music.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 22/04/2012 23:23
Hi Christine, Were we at school together, I seem to remember a Christine Abbey, however as the years go by the memory tends to play tricks. Kind regards

Posted by Chris Shaw at 23/04/2012 21:49
Hello Barrie, I think we probably was at school together I can recognize people and remember names but putting them together is the problem,I put it down to age, its nice here from you,
Posted by sue powles nee fielder at 26/04/2012 15:31
goole how times have changed growing up there was the best
Posted by Chris Shaw at 27/04/2012 20:11
Growing up in goole was great we could walk everywhere never worry about missing the last bus home, walking down Old Goole to Mrs Barrats social club for a dance and bottle of pop ( now the seamans mission ) was the highlight of the week.
Posted by Annette Kempsell (Tighe) at 11/05/2012 13:18
Fantastic website!
I moved away from Goole in 1979 but still say I am going home when I go back. Brilliant place and briilliant people. School days were great and I have been to the GGS reunions organised by Wreaksy and Fling it was really good to catch up with so many people. Always seem to bump into people from Goole on holidays in various places at home and abroad - there's nowhere like the place I love it!
Posted by Paul b at 31/05/2012 23:32
I was born in goole as was my mother and her mother and father
I went to school at goole primary pasture rd
I have lived all over the world and been to many towns and cities
But whenever I can I vist the town
To me it's like Mecca
Fond memories
Posted by Harold L Tabiner at 05/06/2012 23:01
Mike Ganley, did you work in your dad's butchers shop? as I seem to remember a big lad working in there.
My grandad (Leonard Smith) once encouraged me to grow some onions in his garden and sell them to your dad, there was a sack full and I think I got 2 shillings and 6 pence for them, I was about 8 years old and at that time it was a fortune.
I was born in the front bedroom of 55 Morley Street in 1956 - so I am definately an 'Old Goolie'.
I remember the Old Goole Gala's and my Auntie Mays garden parties at Johnsons farm, sadly the last time I saw the farm house from Swinefleet road it looked in a bad state.
Worked for many years at the Starch factory next to Ocean lock? but my family now live in Hull.
Posted by Mike Ganley at 10/06/2012 21:16
Harold Tabiner
Yes I did work in my dad's shop but spent most of the time delivering meat on the old butcher's bike.
I can't remember the onions but it was the sort of thing that my dad would have done! My best bit was making pork pies at Christmas. I used to be able to make them easily and wish I knew the recipe as they were much more tastier than most of the pies you buy today.
But good days in Old Goole then. A lot of colourful characters with a lot of colourful language as well!
Posted by Tricia at 17/06/2012 14:06
Hello to Elaine Acaster! I have Acasters in my family and was wondering if our trees join! Let's hope so!!
Posted by Glynne Hughes at 20/06/2012 14:01
Harold Tabiner

I used to know a Jack Tabiner who was a foreman at Fisons Fertilisers. Any relation?

Glynne Hughes
Posted by caroline at 22/06/2012 08:10
Hi is any of the Tabiners related to the Tabiners in swinfleet or Theakers ?
Posted by reply to norma frear regarding frank weston at 04/07/2012 09:55
my mother was amy weston. i have info regarding .
the weston family if we can get in touch i will pass it on
d. owen
Posted by D.OWEN GOOLE at 04/07/2012 10:20

Posted by elaine acaster at 06/07/2012 14:34
hi tricia,i'm a Goole Acaster,as was my father,but i believe my grandad hailed from norfolk,my parents names were Ted and Mary,.
Posted by harold tabiner at 11/07/2012 23:30
Hello Glynne
Jack Tabiner was my uncle who I only met a few times when I was a lad, but he has a big family in the goole area.
Posted by harold tabiner at 12/07/2012 00:04
Hello Caroline
Yes I am related to the Swinefleet Tabiners, my dad was Harold brother of Jack, Ben, Frank and May.
They lived three doors from the last house in Swinefleet before Kings Causeway opposit Walt Ellas farm.
My dad worked at the starch factory next to Ocean lock in Old Goole, Jack was a forman at Fisons, Ben for what I understand took the surrender of some Japanes forces in Burma? during the second world war.
Frank was the crane driver on the Goole bight and later the mobile crane driver for the shipyard alongside the lep shed and the dry docks.
My aunti May lived in a house on High street? that had a garden and walls that were coated in shells, I don't meen a few shells but hundereds of thousands that covered the walls and even some massive clams (the big ones) about one and a half foot accross, (I was only young but the memory is good)
Were they all came from I do-not know and I oftern wonder if they are there now.
Please forgive me if I have got things muddled up, but it has been a long time and look forward to some more information about my family.
It's been a long time since I was in Swinefleet and I wonder if the broken gun on the war monument has been replaced?
Posted by norma at 19/07/2012 11:07
my mothers family comes from goole.mahoney and any one got any information
Posted by tasty buds at 23/07/2012 18:31

i m just writing to inform you all that the cafe tasty buds in goole is reopening we are based on :
pasture road
4 pool court

we hope to see you at our opening on thursday 26th july !
Posted by Geoff Depledge at 24/07/2012 21:45
My mum is 94 this year and she says she remembers a shop called icecream marys. Can anyone confirm this
Posted by eddie audas at 28/07/2012 21:37
Icecream Mary had a shop in Ouse street , I think she was the mother of Antony white who was realated to the Audas family. I wish that they had a shop living near us in Benidorm at the moment.
Posted by eddie audas at 28/07/2012 21:40
addition: Icream Mary went back to see her family and died there.
Posted by verena Letchford ( Nee Cook) at 11/08/2012 02:43
I was born in goole in 1939. Lived in Stanley st. until it was pulled down to make way for the flats. Anyone remember our family.None of down the street had anything but what great memories. Playing cricket down the lane with my brothers Walter and Brian, Denny Philpot, Malcom Coverdale Herbert Holiday. I seem to remember the boys names more than the girls. My best friend was Pam Newton and I was her bridesmaid when she maried. I joined the navy when I was 17 and really never a Goole resident again. I married my fabulous husband in 1960. We have lived in many places and now reside next door to Mickey Mouse. We live in Orlando Florida. If anyone would like to drop me a line I would love it. Happy days. I still have relatives that live on Goole so get back occasionally.
Posted by Reply to d.owen, regarding Frank Weston at 11/08/2012 19:30
Sorry it's taken so long to reply, been having trouble with my computer could you email me if you do have any more information, I would be very grateful.

My email is

Posted by verena Letchford at 11/08/2012 20:34
Here is my Email: verford (at)
Posted by Mavis Vines at 16/08/2012 23:15
to Verena Letchford nee Cook.
I remember you, I was born down Edinburgh Street and we all went to Alexandra Street school together. I remember Pam too, and the Cooledge twins, June and Ann. I see them sometimes. I lived in Germany for 30 years, so lost touch with a lot of Goole people, although I am back in Goole, not wanting to spend my retirement years in Germany. I have been so many times to Orlando, we could have met up so may times
Posted by Corby Bunting at 17/08/2012 10:53
Hello Verena. The last time we spoke was when you were urging sister Dorothy to organise a Street Reunion.You are briging back all these memories. Cricket in the lane was a skill for to hit a six meant the ball was lost forever. I played also with your brothers and Alan Pounder, Wilf Hodgson and the late Dougy Scott. To lose a ball meant a collection for balls which were found on the school roof. I have a photo of you, Shirley Peacock, Jean Collins, Jacquline Giles and Pam Newton. Give me your email address

Posted by Corby Bunting at 19/08/2012 13:13
To Mavis Vines. You will not remember me (age difference) but I do remember Thelma and your older brothers. In and out of school. Although my home was in Stanley Street I had friends in Edinburgh Street and Estcourt Street. Trevor Hudson, Eddie Binnington, Trevor Bramham and Gordon Shipley. My closest friend lived across the road from you. Alan Fielder. He had a Pigeon Loft where we often met up. Happy days
Posted by Verena Letchford(Cook) at 19/08/2012 15:53
Hello Mavis, Sure I remember you. Good old days right??
Next time you are in Orlando let me know!! I hear that Pam isn't well and we lost my next door neighour Glenys Wright. The wright family was a great comfort to me many times when my Mother (God bless her) was on the warpath. Pam's sister Mary was almost a second mother to me. I was always welcome at their house. I still have 3 sisters that live in Goole and try to get back when I can. My Brother Walter lives near Doncaster. He comes over to Orlando for 6 months over the winter. My lovely brother Brian passed away about 5 years ago.
Posted by Mavis Vines at 19/08/2012 23:10
Corby,I have seen your name before and wondered if I knew you, but could not put a face to your name. Thelma is still going strong, but Ronnie and Lawrence have now passed away. Both Dales brothers and Trevor Hudson, the list goes on. I hardly know anyone in Goole now. Verena, I remember your brothers running the mile, when we went on our away trips to Burtons at Leeds. Happy days indeed. Goole has changed so much. Send email address and I will keep in touch.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 20/08/2012 10:23
Hi Mavis. I guess Thelma now lives in Airmyn for I have seen her twice in the Percy Arms and I know that she attended a function at the Hal where my friend George Smith was Guest of honour She did not recognise me and I had to be pointed out to her.I believe Walter and Brian Cook worked at Burtons. So did my wife Audrey Pearce Her mates were Mary Taun Mary Clements Joan Clark and Gadys Rose. We only keep in touch with Joan who lives in Thorne
My Email is
Posted by alan tomlinson at 31/08/2012 07:15
tony wilson ref albert woodvine
tony,if you write a letter to goole afc im sure you will get some info.
goole afc
marcus street
eric lawton or graeme wilson might be able to help you
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 09/09/2012 21:19
To Mavis Vines. and Corby.
Hi Mavis, your name rings a bell and I am sure that we were in School together. I was also in the same class as your neighbour Glenys and a good few years ago I visited her house along with my brother Trevor. If I remeber correctly she lived in the Estcourt street area in school days.
Corby, my father mother and brother all worked at Burtons and I feel sure that your wife would remember them also Nellie Blanchard who worked in the cotton office.
I also remember a Marion Shipley, I think that she would be a brother to the other shipley mentioned.
Barrie P spink
Posted by Mavis Vines at 12/09/2012 22:05
To Barrie Spink, yes I was at the Grammar School with you. I hated the place and some of the class conscious teachers there. A couple were really good teachers, Mr Stone and Mr Hutchinson I remember were both good teachers.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 16/09/2012 18:07
Posted by Internet at 20/09/2012 18:24
Sorry I thought this was Google. My bad.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 25/09/2012 14:44
To Corby Bunting re Burton's my late uncle Bill Stock also worked at Burtons sweeping the floor and general handyman, he suffered badly from the war and this was the only job he could manage. I think all the girls knew him. My aunt Dorothy Stock also worked there
Posted by Corby Bunting at 26/09/2012 10:14
Hi Tom. I am sorry but my wife has no recollection of the couple that you mentioned.As I have said her main purpose of being there was the meagre wage which she attempted to increase by getting stuck in to the work. The names you mention are also new to me
Posted by trev hardwick at 27/09/2012 21:32
to geoff deplege hi geoff my grandad (ben abson )was a mariner and i am trying to trace the boats he sailed on my mum told me today that he went to sea with a man called deplege and i know your family were mariners so its possible it was your grandad ? do you have any ideas that may help me ( mum is 105 years ) but has good memory regards trev
Posted by Verena Letchford Nee Cook at 28/09/2012 01:45
I also worked at
burtons when I left school. I only managed the modern school so after leaving at 15 I started at Burtons in the office. I earnt a grand total 2 pounds one and nine pence!! I was the lowest of the lowest in the office and remember having to go onto the shop floor to collect the work books every day. I remember being scared to death. I only stayed for one year then I went to Fisons in Old Goole. I seem to remember making over 3 Pounds there. I stayed ther until joining the Navy 2 years later.
To Pam and Brian it was lovely hearing from you much love to you both.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 02/10/2012 19:22
Hi Verena Still on the Burton theme.I would like to point out the difference in yours and my wifes wage.Only came about by the piecework system.She once made 100 inside pockets in a day. She was not unique for others were faster. This could only be achieved on stock items when all were the same colour and the spools did not need changing, This job stood her in good stead when she started work at a bespoke tailors in Southampton. This tailors main customers were the crews of Cunard and P&O vessels. Which included Goole men. although this job was short lived as we started our family only 15 months later. She never worked full time after. You survived well for in your own words," I did'nt do too bad for a Goole girl" Remember
Posted by verena Letchford (Nee Cook) at 08/10/2012 22:40
Hi Corby, I do remember the workers on the factory floor working so hard. Your wife obviously knows how to use a sewing machine!! One other thing, I know that you say that you used to live in our house 8 Stanly street. I think you must have the wrong number! My Mum and Dad lived in there as lodgers when they married 1928 ish. When the lady who was in the house died, my mother had the house and her sister moved into the front room as the lodger!! I am curious as to where you did live.
Pam and Brian Sunderland, I have just started to write to sent me a great picture of a crowd of folks from Stanley St. I will get it sent to you via e.mail. Thankyou Pam and Brian.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 10/10/2012 13:11
Hello Verena. My wife is only 1 year your senior so you may have known school maybe.
You have now opened a new can of worms regarding your house and I love it. The bay windowed houses started from the lane. with the Parish's then the Wright's The last one before the Byrnes on the corner being your house. I have no idea how it became no. 8!
a key to the answer could be the lady who you say gave your mother the house, Was it Dickinson?
I'm running out of space for these pages so I must continue by Email
Posted by Phil Grassby at 28/10/2012 09:10

Does anyone remember my Grandad Albert Smith, or Seagull as he was known although he hated that nickname. He was a big character in the town originating from Grimsby. He worked at Reno Valet dry cleaners at the clock tower and then opened Val Cleaners with Mr Chappell, the shop was named after my Mother. He was also the area manager for United Friendly Instrance before opening Discount Cycling on Pasture Rd in 1975. My eldest brother still runs the shop now.
Would be interested in any old stories about my Grandad if anyone has any?
Posted by Bill at 01/11/2012 12:12
'Peter Goole' is the title of a poem written by Hilaire Belloc. As I discovered when reading his 'Cautionary Verses. Which I can recommend to anyone who needs cheering up!
Posted by Patricia Spink at 11/11/2012 11:11
Goole Reference Library
Having visited the library last week, for the excellently run FHS open day, I was annoyed to see that the wonderful reference library I had visited previously has now been incorporated into the downstairs area of the library with a much smaller allocated space.This contains only one microfiche reader and one computer now. I think is downsizing in a bad way.Most of the contents from the reference library was still in boxes upstairs,so nobody seemed to know where things where.A small fraction of the collection is available to see and I hope it does not get moved to Beverley Archives(which was mentioned when I asked what was going to happen)It is a valuable resource to the town and I for one would like to know what is going to happen to the upstairs, is the museum moving into it?I suppose it is all down to saving money as usual,but at what cost to us researchers and the society.
Patricia Spink
Posted by Mike Ganley at 13/12/2012 07:20
Can anybody help me?
During the now infamous Cambridge spy ring there was a fifth man. I am sure I read somewhere (Goole Times?) that a suspicious character lived near Goole (Blacktoft?) had dealings with the original four and was somehow implicated with the ring. he left under mysterious circumstances shortly after the original three were exposed.
John Cairncross and Leo Long were two names given by the original members but if anyone could shed light on this I would be grateful.
Posted by wayne buck at 15/12/2012 22:02
well im looking for anyone in my class Mr brant was our teacher and we were in classAI in the lab , susan benettt ,susan sayers, gail batty,kim wison ,martin pidd, allen poulton ,Robert cockin, david calver ,steve moore, howard garlen, john Gillian, Muriel woolass, and anyone else iv foggotton if you no anyone of these please contact me
Wayne Buck
Posted by emmo at 17/12/2012 06:18
hi wayne i remember you and your class mates as i was in your year at school
Posted by Keith at 01/01/2013 09:14
Here's a teaser , anyone know where Tower View is in Goole. Answers please .
Posted by Paul at 02/01/2013 01:00
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 02/01/2013 21:37
There's a picture of Tower View somewhere on this site
Posted by Keith at 03/01/2013 07:55
Hi Stuart, you've made it too easy for them !
Posted by caroline at 03/01/2013 09:22
I have to agree moving the family history stuff down stairs was a bad move the lack of computers and haeing to ask for info will put a lot of folk off not to mention the other distractions will keep folk away i know they want to move times forward but this happend in hull thet had a great place at the central libary then moved all the history stuff to the new building which is ultra moden cold and lack of feeling the libary is nicely done out warm and spaciouses but i do think it was a bad move to move the family history stuff downstairs
Posted by bernard welsh at 16/01/2013 13:03
old goolie to mike ganley what happend to your cousin rob iwent to holy family carlton
Posted by eddie audas at 19/01/2013 19:29
in reply to tower view - ask the goole times staff to look out of the window above the shops on boothferry road. regards from a sunny but windy benidorme. still 14 degrees tonight.
Posted by mike ganley at 20/01/2013 10:55
To Bernard welsh
Good to hear from you. Where are you living now? Still look back to those long summers playing foorball at South park. Rob Ganley sadly died in the early 90's - can't remember exactly when. He suffered a lot. he was a nice lad - in your year i believe.
Posted by keith at 20/01/2013 11:48
Nearly there Eddie , but not quite.
Posted by Mike Ganley at 20/01/2013 12:01
For Bernard welsh
Sorry I gave the wrong info about Rob Ganley - he died around 2002/3
Posted by bsrnard welsh at 22/01/2013 15:26
thanks for that mike rob was a good lad i live down dunhiload i miss the good old days down old goole
Posted by Mal at 31/01/2013 17:23
Just been reading about arthur hutchinson the serial killer, I would have been 9 years old when he committed his crimes, is it true that he hid out at Airmyn Tip for a while or is this just folklore in Goole?

Also someone told me somebody was murdered down Elm Avenue in the 70's is there any truth in that one?
Posted by eddie audas at 11/02/2013 18:12
kieth, yes i should have been a little more towards the old station hotel, but i know it is above those shops. there is a plaque with the name on it built into the buildings. were was the shop with three lions on the front .
Posted by Geoff Cooper at 13/02/2013 12:09
Hello Mike.
Just a little bit of information on the Cambridge spy ring and the Blacktoft connection. There was a programme on Yorkshire tv in the seventies about this. Some of the film showed Blacktoft Landing and the red telephone kiosk there. If my memory serves me well the following was suggested in the programme. That a KGB agent was there at Blacktoft to warn the spy ring that they were about to be uncovered and calls were made from the phone box. The programme suggested the agent disembarked at Blacktoft from a Russian timber ship going to Goole, and then was picked up on the way back.
Posted by Mike Depledge at 13/02/2013 16:43
My father was an apprentice on the "Temple Pier" in 1937/1938
I recently did a Google search on the name and it indicated that there was a reference on "Goole on the Web" but I have been unable to locate it - can any one help?
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 14/02/2013 20:46
Hi Mike,

There's a message on the Ships link at the top-left of this page. Dated 01/10/2008 from Geoff Depledge
Posted by Mike Ganley at 18/02/2013 13:00
For Geoff Cooper:
Hi Geoff and many thanks for this bit of information. The next time I visit Goole I'll have a look there.
Posted by Dave Greenfield at 09/05/2013 08:51
Yes Mal your right there was an old lady murdered down Elm Avenue . I was brought up down there & remember it well .
Posted by Fiona Moate at 14/05/2013 10:00
I remember the murder in the 1970s. The police did a house to house investigation all through the town. We lived on Hook Road & they came all that way. A number of people were arrested & questions; I think it was a relative that killed her.
Posted by JDX at 11/06/2013 14:56
Posted by norma frear nee weston at 19/06/2013 22:43
Hi this is Norma frear again I am still trying to find anyone who knew my family my dad was Frank Weston him and his dad lived at Flea man's building Google I think my grandma's maiden name was Drury
Posted by James poulton at 04/07/2013 18:58
Hi Wayne, Allen poulton is my dad. He now lives in kent. I'm writing on his behalf. He remembers all of those names from school
Posted by Bill Stewart at 06/07/2013 00:26
Curious about what happened to a couple of old friends from way back - Gary Armitage and Mike Tune. I get to Goole occasionally. Might be interesting to have a drink and catch up. By the way the 1957 James Captain was the start of a unbroken affair with motor bikes and I'm still tootling around on two wheels. Bill Stewart
Posted by keith at 30/07/2013 20:16
Just spent 25 minutes getting from the Grammar School to Boyes . Hit every traffic light, but the thing that really gets my goat is the amount of time the crossing gates are open, thus cutting the town in two. The traffic is held up firstly by the gates opening at least 5minutes before the train pulls into the station , the passengers disembark taking another 4/5 minutes still the gates are open then the train decides to move off. this happened 3 times on my journey , I think the train companies are having a laugh at Goole. There's no wonder people shop outside of Goole .........Rant over!!!
Posted by Dennis Roe at 23/08/2013 22:45
Hi all, I'm originally from Goole (left in 1961 aged 15) and I'm trying to find Keith Scott a schoolfriend of mine. It's been over 52 years since we last met, and I'm curious to know how he's done after all this time.
Posted by malcolm smith at 10/09/2013 19:45
hy Dennis ,mala here from York if you get in touch with scottie let me know ie .Keith Scott last time I saw him he was married and living in Old Goole ..An old Greenawn resident would be nice to get in touch with some of the old school ie pete dootson steve butterworth ,ernie hodgson etc .mala from york
Posted by Dennis Roe at 17/09/2013 00:12
No luck yet I'm afraid!
Posted by Dennis Roe at 17/09/2013 00:16
Also looking for Michael Smith who lived at Airmyn and Rawcliffe Station Cottages..........we started school the same day, way back in 1951.
Posted by John Jessop at 06/10/2013 08:22
To Dennis Roe. The name Keith Scott rings a bell as a man of the same name and possibly the right age group made many entries in Howden Camera Club competitions. You could try the club via google.
Posted by Dennis Roe at 06/10/2013 22:44
Thanks John, much appreciated.
Posted by Barry Hood at 22/10/2013 15:41
Is there anyone who was in GREENAWN kids home in the 1960's who remember my brother Anthony (Tony) and myself, (Barry)?
The head was called Mr. Turner I believe.
Can't remember much else about the place. Is it still going?
Was there for 2 years in 1965-66.
Researching our history so any help will be very welcome.
Thanks. You can email me at My name was changed by deed poll in the late 1960's by an aunt.
Posted by Dennis Roe at 23/10/2013 23:06
I was at Greenawn for about 8 months, 1960/61
Posted by Tony Hollerbach at 22/11/2013 17:58
Hi Everyone,
I left Goole in 1968 and am now nr London, I attended Boothferry road infants / junior school to 1959 then on to the Secondary Modern leaving in early 1964 if I remember rightly my last form was 4c with form teachers 'Dog' Watson and Mr Reid-Smith who was a Mayor off Goole at or near that time.
I would dearly love to hear from anyone who may remember me, my nickname was 'plug' much to my disgust! Also anyone with any photographs of that period especially any of class 4c if any still exists.
my email is
Posted by trev hardwick at 21/12/2013 18:10
re tower cinema i know there wont be many who can remember this far back
but mum ( she is 107 ) was telling me today about being a usherette there in the 1920 s and she said it was a cinema part of the year and put on productions the rest of the year i would like to find any info about these times if any one can help please
a very happy christmas to everyone who posts on gotw keep it up trev
Posted by Dennis Roe at 22/12/2013 23:38
I remember the Tower cinema, it always stunk of diesel because the electricity was generated by diesel engines located at the back of the premises.
Posted by Robert Ward at 26/12/2013 11:34
re The Tower Theatre - yes not just a cinema. I have some press cuttings from an old family friend who died over 20 years ago now. She was Ethel Shipley, later Ethel Laverack, who sang contralto (rather well people used to say) in the early days of the Goole Amateurs when they regularly performed at the Tower Theatre. For example in March, 1922, "Last night at the Tower Theatre, the Goole United Amateur Operatic Society opened a week's performance of The Mikado." ... "One of the chief triumphs of the evening was the Katisha of Miss Ethel Shipley, whose reserve of dramatic ability has not previously been utilised." I'm sure a search through the Goole Times fiche at the library would find more between 1900 and 1940.
Posted by Robert Ward at 26/12/2013 11:41
... The article then compares the Tower with the Theatre Royal where productions had been performed in earlier years, the Tower having a more roomy and well equipped stage. Other performers and support mentioned are Miss Nellie Carmichael, Miss Sylvia Cooper, Mrs H Petman, Mr R W Simpson, Mr W Blyth, Mr J H Carmichael, Mr J W Nichols, Mr J Crabtree, Me Ernest Johnson (conductor) Mr Lindsay Harman (coach) Mr R G Bickerron (President), Mr Ernest Gunhill (business manager), Mr Harold Lloyd (secretary).
Actually, from memory, I think the Tower continued as a theatre into the 1960s and possibly the 1970s.
Posted by paul at 26/12/2013 21:16
It was certainly a theatre in 1962 as on 19th November The Goole Operatic Society performed the "Quaker Girl."
Posted by trev hardwick at 28/12/2013 17:50
many thanks to robert & paul for your info re tower cinema i will try mum with the names that you sent she may remember some of them (her memory is still good at 107 ) she as now told me about a cinema that was in hook road her aunt & uncle lived next door to it and used to help out there so mum used to go in free when she was a child i must ask her aunts name
Posted by paul at 30/12/2013 13:57
The cinema in Hook Road was the Palace of Varieties.
In the search box,top left, type in cinemas and you should locate Theatres and Cinemas which gives brief details of their history as well as individual postings.
Posted by Gerald Brooksbank at 31/12/2013 09:19
The Quaker Girl was the first production on the return to the Tower Theatre by the Operatic Society. Not sure where they had been previously. The next two productions were White Horse Inn and Blue Moon.
Posted by June Makin at 05/01/2014 20:00
For Neil Epworth - if you are still checking this site, please contact me re Goole tug no. 10. My grandfather was also on this tug.
Posted by Tony Clyne at 11/01/2014 13:21
To Jan Townend re-Empson Ave. We lived at No.30 and were the first and only ones in the street for nearly a year as our house was across the corner with 101 Western Rd. and they built from our house back along Western Rd. into Oxford Rd. then restarted Empson from No.2. Nobody knew where we lived not even the Postman. I believe you lived at 22 next to Pete OBrien Blanchards were next then Ridgway then us. I remember Chris and Ray (Smudger) Smith, former mayor Malcolm (Suggy) South lived next to them also someone called Waites or Wakes across there Bernice Hewson had a brother Barry who I was pally with. Do you remember the street party on the grass in front of your house, I think it was the coronation and a Christmas Party in St. Pauls Schoolroom down Weatherall St. Cobblers Wood and Westfield Banks across the fields were our playground.
Posted by helen at 17/01/2014 09:53
my father was born @36 marshfield ave. in 1934 my fathers name was clifford lancaster . his fathers name was harry his mothers name was norah formerly newland any information would help
Posted by Bill at 18/01/2014 16:22
I was sure I'd seen a reference to Goole in one of Larkin's poems but I can't find it now I look for it. Any ideas?
Posted by Gerald Brooksbank at 19/01/2014 17:49
Tony Clyne. I remember you, vaguely. I lived in Westfield Square and was friends with Mick Jackson who lived in Western Road. David Wakes lived down Empsom as did Geoff Starling. There was also a young lady called Brown? who married someone off television I seem to recall.
Posted by Gerald Brooksbank at 19/01/2014 18:07
Bill. Although not mentioned by name Goole is probably in the poem Whitsun Weddings. This describes a train journey from Hull Paragon Station to Kings Cross.
Posted by Tony Clyne at 24/01/2014 14:42
Hi. Ged. Remembered you when first saw your name, only been on these sites for last couple of months, Mick was my mate as well he lived at 107 we both lived in Marlborough Ave after we got married, he was manager at United Carriers, Howden sometime in 70s I was shop steward, we had one or two discssions (ha ha) I think he then went to be manager at Leeds Depot but don`t know what happened to him after that. David Wakes was the name I wasn`t sure of in my previous posting, Geoff Starling lived at No.1. I remember Browns they had something to do with the electrical/record shop in the Arcade but don`t know anything about the marriage you mention. To digress it seems we both frequented the Peacock at the same time, only you went in the posh side, I think we have all had the keys dropped down. I don`t use this page often I`m usually on the ships page. Look forward to any more comments bye.
Posted by Margaret Audas at 16/02/2014 06:02
Tony Clyne, any relation to Helen Clyne now Blades. Do you remember the Hockney's down Empson.
Posted by Jan Townend at 16/02/2014 13:32
Hi Tony, yes I remember Empson Ave as being a wonderful place to be a kid. We had lots of adventures. I remember the Coronation Street party and the parties we used to have in St. Paul's schoolroom. I remember all the names you mentioned. My dad is still alive and lives on Cobbler Hill. He is 92. We used to think Cobblers Wood was haunted!
Posted by Tony Clyne at 17/02/2014 12:08
Margaret Audas the answer is yes on both counts Helen is my sister now lives in Hook I know she`s on facebook, re. Empson if you check Shops and Shopping page you wil see I have been looking out for your name. Jan T. It was a fun street to live in wasn`t it, nice to here your father is still around I remember him as quite a big chap who we were a bit frightened of, he used to clear us off now and then when we were making too much noise on a night time. Looking at where he now lives you will be loking out for ghosts when you visit, like the cobbler who hung himself on the lightning tree LOL
Posted by Norman roberts at 05/03/2014 09:14
T c .nr unable tofind web site I was on when I posted that comment to edi aurdus help
Posted by Norman Roberts at 20/04/2014 12:17
Hi I was talking to an old lady in town, I was having a good conversation with her when my wife said take no notice of him he's X Queen's ave, so am I she replied that started us both off.
We stated to name everybody from Jack Lace's corner shop to Stan Powl's,it's nice to reminisce the only shop in red lion street was Co-0p butchers Thelma was the assistance but we was unable to remember what the butchers name was, the door to the Co- op Office was in Red Lion Street was up stair's,the banister was fabulous the time's I slid down it, Queen's ave best bonfire raiders in town.
I was born in St Johns Terrace but I still call myself a Queen's ave lad, does anybody remember the Wessack's at Westfield Banks there was lagoon there we use to swim in it, we used to build a fire and roast potatoes on the fire,we would leave home about 9am did not get till late afternoon, we also spent time in Cobblers Wood ropes tied to branches,this was our free entertainment.
Hope you can remember these day's we did not have Much but we made do with what we had.
Regards N R.
Posted by Norman Roberts at 28/04/2014 11:02
it's me again I have found out the name of the Butcher who worked for the CO-OP Butchers shop in red Lion St, his name was Mr George Ligg and the delivery boy was Terry Becket,Mr Ligg used to lend us the CO-OP two wheeled cart To go to the gas house to to purchase bags of cinders,the gas house was in Doyle St,people used to scrat cinders on the Dutch river bank as they where free.

Regards N R
Posted by Bill at 26/05/2014 21:50
Aren't the Yorkshire Dales fantastic! despite spending the first 18 years of my life in Goole, I probably only strayed over to the Dales on one brief occasion. Now, after almost 40 years down south, I did an extended tour of the Dales - on a motor bike, the only way - and they are just astoundingly beautiful.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 27/05/2014 11:42
Hi Bill. Still flying the flag for British bikes on your Norton?
I first visited the Dales on a school trip which took is as far as Ripon.Place I have loved visiting from that day and have taken my family to in recent years. Are Brimham Rocks. Which has now become Environmently safe. Meaning the Idol Rock.a 50 ton Balancing stone which took little effort to rock it.It is now firmly anchored. Lover's leap which had a railing to stop children going too near the edge.I could no longer find
Bolton Abbey where the attraction was The Strid where he river Wharfe narrowed Creating a Vortex.Which tempted brave people the jump the gap, less than a metre wide . On a recent visit we discovered further up the valley a new addition to the lure of this place.somethin that has appeared in the last 30 years. namely the Money Tree A fallen Oak with deep cracks. Which has been filled with coins from all over the world An impressive sight
Posted by Bill at 31/05/2014 21:12
yes, but now it's a Triumph Bonneville.
Posted by Bill at 02/07/2014 19:53
Webmaster, what's happening? The 'What's New' is flagging up stuff that aint! Can it be fixed?
Posted by Corby Bunting at 05/07/2014 08:24
The Year that the Tour de France came to Yorkshire.What an event for all Yorkshire folk to be a part of.
My good friend John Appleyard and I joined the Goole Wheelers in 1952. Although we spent only three years in the saddle.that time was imprinted in our memories. As the "Callup"in 1956 made us choose what paths we took .We still lived those memories In fact John who passed away earlier this year taped all the Tours and had a huge collection. I find it ironic that he was taken from us in the year that would have been the pinnacle of his obsession with the sport he was so passionate about.
Posted by Jimmy wright at 15/07/2014 13:30
Old,olgoolie here,was wondering if anyone knows,whatever happened to a teacher from Carlton holy family,tony McDonald,would love to get In touch with him.had to laugh at some of the nuns,action sister Gemma and the strap,still got marks on me hands and me arse,lol,still miss the place,old goole that is,jimmy
Posted by Mike Ganley at 02/08/2014 08:02
To Jimmy Wright
I remember sister Gemma and the dreaded cane in the stock room. You wouldn't get away with that now would you! Mr MacDonald was a laugh. I actually played rugby with him. I think he now lives down south but he'll be knocking on now. Mike Ganley
Posted by Fiona Moate at 05/08/2014 23:29
Does anyone know if the Stink pipes are still on Hook Road. There used to be one near the Victoria Pub on the bank side and one opposite the corner of Salisbury Avenue. They were to vent methane from the sewers; there may of been/still are others in the town.
Posted by Jimmy wright at 07/08/2014 01:57
Mike ganley,thanks for your reply,yer we all knocking on a bit,did you know he played soccer for marshland one year he was a pretty good player,he taught me a lot in a short time,remember your dad well,all best jimmy
Posted by at 07/08/2014 11:17
Mike ganley.
Just read some of your earlier posts,re the education at st Thomas's,what a joke,and I was there until Carlton kicked off,I was in the first intake at Carlton and your comments are spot on,I didn't get to wear the purple blazer,myself and Steve (skooby)Moore where the only ones who's parents refused to buy them as we wasn't going to be there to long,thank The Lord ,it was disgusting,lol,at st Thomas's I had the job every Friday,to take the biscuit money to your dad to change into notes,takes me back.jimmy
Posted by John Dehaemers at 08/08/2014 10:58
Apparently Tony McDonald is now living in the Selby area,he and Mr Watson were at the school reunion last year
Posted by Jimmy wright at 09/08/2014 03:43
Hi ginner,thanks for that info,how you doing,do you still get the asthma,as I remember you used to get it quite bad,had a holiday with my brother arthur a few months ago,he tells me your a keen tigers fan,me two,loving it at the moment,we waited a long time for a bit of success,let's hope it lasts,imagine waggy in this side,all the best mate jimmy
Posted by Mike Ganley at 09/08/2014 09:35
Jimmy - good to hear from you. Some good times down at Boothferry park chucking oranges at Ian McKechnie. Running my own business in Harrogate so not much time to get over to KC Stadium but will try for the evening match v West Ham. Good days in Old Goole.
John If you know where Tony MacDonald lives would love to get in touch with him.
Posted by ex goolie at 21/08/2014 21:39
Some was asking about their mothers family(norma I think) mahoney and doubtfire. I don't know the doubtfires (apart from their icecream) but I know mahoney's. The request was a while ago I know, but I'll check back from time to time to see if your still interested.
Posted by Gary Worton at 09/09/2014 01:20
Hi guys:
I usually post on the Ships page but things are pretty slow of late: I tried Movers & Shakers; same deal, so I'll try the Welcome page. I see some familiar names from the other pages
so I'll ask my question here.
As a former Goolie and ex-pat to boot, what is the general consensus of opinion on the burning issue of the upcoming referendum on Scotland leaving the United Kingdom and becoming an independent country?
My personal view, albeit from afar, would be to give the Scots Nats. a big middle finger; especially to the likes of 'Sir' Sean Connery and his ilk.
So what's the score guys? Is it a big issue or a damp squib?
Posted by Tony Clyne at 10/09/2014 11:54
Hi Gary, I`ve not taken much interest in the Scotish referendum but read somewhere the Banks expect a big recession in Scotland if they go independant. Hope you are all keeping well over there and as you say the sea is a bit calm lately. Regards T.C.
Posted by Philip Cone at 16/11/2014 20:48
I believe several of the Holder ships were also chartered by A.H.L. in the early 50s
Posted by Shaun at 01/02/2015 19:01
Can anyone tell me if the road to spurn point is open at the moment. If not could anyone tell me where is the best place to get a view of the Hawke Anchorage from a car.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 07/04/2015 19:24
I am currently doing some part time lecturing at a college in Crewe. A member of staff asked me to phone a company called Open door adventure and speak with the owner, A Mr David Orange. I jokingly remarked that I went to school in Goole with a lad of the same name. Yes it turned out to be David. Last weekend my wife and I spent 3 days at his outdoor centre in St.Asaph Wales. I can highly recommend it. David and I recalled our days at the Modern School from 1960 to 1965. His brother Mick is also working with David. If you want a break in beautiful surroundings then see his web site and go!!
Posted by margery miller at 08/05/2015 00:09
I was born in goole in 1944 and we left in 1960, I lived in adeline street and like norman Roberts I spent many happy years of my childhood at the west park, down on the wessarks and even enjoying a good walk to boothferry bridge.with a pack up of jam butties and made up lemon drink. In later years I worked at Burtons and enjoyed dancing a the baths on a Saturday night. My three sister and I have been back a few times on a memory lane trip. I have found memories of Goole and never forget where I come from. Times were hard but happy.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 20/05/2015 22:54
I wonder if you can remember my father Kenneth Spink and Ron Pearson who also worked there
Posted by Stuart - Webmaster at 01/11/2015 09:11
Hi - Sorry about the recent downtime. Seems the site was a victim of its own success and was blocked by the hosting company. Things should now be sorted. Thanks to everyone who got in touch. It's good to know people keep using the site!
Posted by Gary Worton at 01/11/2015 15:30
Nice to be up and running again after a short interval. It's just like rejoining an old ship and wondering how many of the old crowd are still aboard.
Now where were we.........?
Posted by Geoff Depledge at 02/11/2015 09:42
Glad you are back missed checking every morning
Posted by Ian Fletcher at 02/11/2015 09:45
Welcome back. Like an old friend coming home
Posted by John Depledge at 05/11/2015 15:54
Thanks for the info webmaster. I have been "blocked" for weeks! Beginning to think I had been disowned for leaving town.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 05/11/2015 16:08
Great to back and looking forward to interesting comments
Posted by Richard Ardern at 06/11/2015 11:31
I, too, would like to offer my thanks for re-enabling the web-site.

But what's happened to the "School Memories" section - all the posts prior to Jan 2012 have been lost and loads of "SPAM" posts have appeared!
Posted by Ernie Green at 08/11/2015 19:01
Had me worried, thanks Stuart for the explanation.
Posted by John Jessop at 13/11/2015 20:50
Hi Stuart (webmaster). I'm not sure why the Howdendyke page has suffered so many garbage posts but it's presently clogged. Can something be done to clean it up?
Posted by Lynne Morgan at 31/12/2015 10:13
At this time of terrible flooding I found this site as I remembered my grandmother, Edith Thompson (nee Coggrave) saying that the river did flood occasionally and all the villagers had to lend a neighbourly hand to move furniture upstairs. My mother, Mary Letourneux (nee Thompson) lived in Ouse Cottage before moving to Bradford with her husband,Lucien,her parents Edith and Tom Thompson and son Roger. I had lovely holidays there with my great aunt and uncle, May and Joe Thompson. I too enjoyed playing with my brother there in the fields and near Elm Tree house. We really enjoyed going to the sweet shop in the village and also sliding down haystacks at the farm. Everyone always told me that I looked just the same as Mum when she was a girl there. My godmother was her best friend, Ida Hopley (nee Jackson) who lived opposite her in the village. I am now godmother to Matthew Morgan, great grandson of May and Joe Thompson, as coincidentally, like Sally, I married a Welshman with the surname Morgan and now live in South Wales. I really enjoyed reading Doug Porteus' book on Howdendyke as so many of the names were familiar as both my mother and grandmother often talked about their memories of village life there.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 31/12/2015 15:15
It is 58 years to the day that we left Goole to make a home in Southampton Arriving at 5am with no where to stay.I had 9 months left of my service in the RAF.Leaving our cases and my tool box at the left luggage . We spent the day looking for accommodation. Newly Wed. It became an adventure we have never forgot Finally arriving at a bedsit attic which became our home for the following 15 months There were six other couples who shared the house. The rent was 21/- per week and on that night we all had a party.One of the happiest moments of our life I found work easily in my trade. Also my wife, who had been a Burtons girl found work at a Bespoke tailor
I am still in touch with others who left about the same time. One being the late Ed Pollard who used to donate to these pages.We were not aware at the time but he lived within 5 miles of us. He actually bought two suits which my wife had worked on.
It certainly is a small world.Getting smaller at the rate our friends are leaving.
Happy New Year to All and Stay Safe
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 16/01/2016 12:01
Hi Corby, Your wife being a Burton Girl must have worked with my my Father , Ken Spink, who was Head Sewing Machine Mechanic at the factory, I presume that she would have started in around 1953, the year of the coronation. I left Goole in 1955 when I was 16 years of age to go serve an electronic apprenticeship at Great Malvern in Worcestershire. I wonder if she also remembered Nellie Blanchard in the cotton office there too

BArrie P Spink
Posted by Corby Bunting at 19/01/2016 18:34
Hello Barry Yes my wife did start in 1953.straight from school But because of the work structure. Piecework where she had to pay for the cotton,scissors and pay for them to be sharpened. Other than her closest friends. sh had no time for staff .It was a case of head down and on with it. She was fitting inside pockets and one day managed a hundred. This was not a record but the only way to achieve a decent wage. The only winners were the needy and the greedy Incidentally she still uses the scissors. I'm in trouble if she finds me using them!!
Posted by John Jessop at 23/01/2016 08:16
I see the Goole Times has yet another report about the subway under the rail tracks flooding. The powers that be are investigating installing a new pump. Come on guys - it ain't rocket science and even a stainless steel pump isnt going to cost more than a few hundred pounds. I bet a local company would sort it PDQ. There's 1-2-Clear in my village who I have had excellent service from.
Posted by Keith at 13/02/2016 21:23
Noticed recently the lake near Westfield banks has caravans pitched along the sides of the lake. Its IMO looking a bit like a shanty town.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 04/03/2016 18:49
I noticed a programme on tv last week about a group hoping to canoe from Liverpool to Goole along the Leeds Liverpool Canal. This was the longest coverage I have ever seen of Goole. What is the council going to do to support this venture and bring some notoriety to the town. God knows it needs it.
Posted by Dick hilton at 06/04/2016 17:11
I was born in Goole but my family moved to Lancashire when I was only a few months old so know very little about Goole except that I enjoyed our visits to my aunt Annie who lived in Elm Avenue. I find the posts fascinating. Its great to see people wanting to keep in touch and I am learning so much about what I missed in Goole from the posts.
Posted by David Cook at 07/05/2016 22:47
Hi all,
Just came across this wonderful site. Was at Goole Grammar School 1972 .to. 1979.
Still in touch with Mal Duncan and Andrew (Cyril) Brunyee. Anyone remember those names...???
Posted by Diane Sewell at 09/05/2016 17:02
Reply to Brian Sheppard
I was born Diane Sheppard.My dad's dad was John Sheppard Born in Bolton1885.Would love to hear more of my grandads,Cornelius,Willoughby and Henry.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 17/05/2016 13:53
Hello David Cook.I believe your father may be Walter brother to Brian.Marjorie,Dorothy and Verena.The last time I spoke to Walter was when he lived at Hatfield We all grew up together in Stanley St.I have been in touch with Verena a few times through this site also direct. I believe your Grand father may have been John Wllie. But can not find his father.I was told not of my Cook lineage
The David Cook I have been attempting to find has a father named Herbert married a Murray. No luck so far though
Posted by Corby Bunting at 17/05/2016 13:58
Sorry David. Senior moment. This David has a a Grandfather named Herbert his wife was a Murray
Posted by Shirley Marshall at 26/05/2016 20:41
To dick Hilton. Read your post. Have lived at 28elm avenue goole since 1976. Just wondered who your auntie Annie is.
Posted by Julie Chambers at 11/06/2016 00:32
I am looking for descendants of John W Wilkinson and Ada Wilkinson (nee Ingleby) of 2 Beverley Street Goole. Their children were Sarah, Tom and Ada. Sarah was my great grandmother, so I would like to find out more history re these two families.
Posted by anon at 15/06/2016 22:10
I am looking for linda fitton nee meiningen
Posted by Keith at 06/09/2016 18:17
Had a walk down the pedestrian area in Goole the other day I thought the flower baskets were fantastic , the rest looked like a tip !! Oh for the days when Marks and Spencer, Woolworths etc, etc were sited here and a road ran through it.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 08/09/2016 08:34
Hi Keith - you are right, of course. Haven't been to the old place for some time, but it really does seem to be oh so different now. Not t' same at all! As someone once nearly said - I think it was Popeye - the past is a foreign country, we did things different then.
They reckon you can't go home again, and they are right!
Posted by Rita Taun at 29/10/2016 22:47
My husbands father was Tom Adam Taun born at 78 couper street goole on 10th April 1915. His mother was Florence and he had a sister May and a brother George. We would love to know if we have any living family in the goole area
Posted by Corby Bunting at 31/10/2016 10:30
Hello Rita the Taun family I know of are descendants of Eli Taun 1908 and wife Norah. I knew the eldest girl Mary. but my wife knows the whole family
I believe the person that you should contact via The Goole and Boothferry local history group is Gilbert Taun. He being cousin of Eli's children. I do not think Gilbert looks on these pages. So will not be aware of your Quest
Good luck
Posted by Corby Bunting at 22/12/2016 12:36
Yesterday I spent having my final cataract done. Also our 59th. Wedding Anniversary Looking forward to the big one next year.On a marriage our friends in work and play said it wouldn't last Glad to say. they got that wrong.
I wish all reading this message a very Merry Christmas and all the best for next year.
Posted by Bill at 23/12/2016 14:45
Hi Corby, good to hear that you are still going strong. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and a Merry Christmas to you and your family. Bill
Posted by Corby Buntingb at 23/12/2016 18:54
Hello Bill. I have noted your input of late. I suppose that you are still flying the flag for British bikes. Still using the Norton? no doubt
for the first time for years we failed to return "home" to Goole. the town we still love.With the demise of so many friends and relatives
We had a good holiday in the Chilterns. But there are no good fish shops there
Posted by Bill at 04/01/2017 19:43
Hi Stuart (Webmaster), clearly our beloved site is under CYBER ATTACK. Can it be repelled??
Posted by Julia Baker at 05/02/2017 10:00
Anyone remember Colin Chessman of Colonels Walk who died in an accident in 1959?
Posted by paul campsell at 10/02/2017 21:40
To: Julia Baker - Colin was my neighbour in Colonels Walk until his death in 1959. He was a member of Goole Wheelers at the time.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 30/04/2017 14:36
I have read many of the letters on this site and also some of the history of Goole. As a former Goolie I was persuaded to write a book, largely on my life in the RAF but also on my childhood in Goole. I have recounted my memories of Goole and of the people there at the time. I hope that it will soon be in print. Look out for it "Just one Goolie" a humorous and very occasionally sad account of Goole. But the one thing that stands out and I am pleased to say has been said many times in your letters is the real true gritty people that are Goolies, friendly and hard working salt of the earth people. This is reflected in my story. Keep a look out for it
Posted by Corby Bunting at 01/05/2017 08:57
Well done Tom. I am looking forward to reading your book
good Luck
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 01/05/2017 21:55
And so do I, Tom!
Posted by Angela Mary Taylor at 17/05/2017 21:26
Re Colin Chessman he was my cousin, his mother being my fathers sister. I was quite young when he died so do not remember much about him. A sad accident.
Posted by Tribute Shirl Bassi fielder su at 21/05/2017 08:48
Rocking into Goole gig soon get that date in.
Posted by Bill at 10/06/2017 10:04
Corby, if you are reading this, I'm thinking of taking the Bonneville on a short tour of Holderness - mostly because it's intriguing as nobody goes there. Also, I've always fancied walking out to Spurn Head. Is it a part of Yorkshire that you know
Posted by Corby Bunting at 10/06/2017 15:21
`Yes Bill I am still looking in.Although I do feel a lack in subject matter this could be age related.
I visited Spurn Point many years ago. Astride my Speed Twin. with my girl friend.I have lived with the same girl for coming up 60 years Spurn point to me is one of those places never to return to A been there, done it kind of place A more interesting place close by,is Sunk Island. the history of which is similar to our Hook Island When this island came up for sale I questioned how it was not Crown Land?
Sunk Island which was formed in a similar way and has always been Crown Land. I could go on.But my findings on this subject would be boring.for some
Take Care
Posted by Bill at 20/06/2017 12:25
Hi Corby
I did see the signs for Sunk Island and if I'd done more preparation I would have taken a look. Spurn Head was not a disappointment. It turned out to be quite a long arduous 7 mile round walk to the extreme point and back. The vehicular track had been partly washed out by a high tide and was only usable by the RNLI folk in their Land Rovers. I was there when a huge refrigerated artic truck from Lithuania had arrived at the entrance barrier at the end of the single track road. His sat nave had made him think he could cross the estuary to Immingham! He couldn't reverse out and when he tried to three point he got bogged down in a sand dune. I believe a crane had to be brought in to rescue him. Why do they give one man who doesn't speak a single word of English the responsibility for making these deliveries? First visit to Hull in 50 years. They have done a fantastic job with the waterfront developments and restoration of their public spaces in the old town. Bike running well and weather good. as I mentioned before, always a thrill to ride a classic British made bike over a classic British made Humber Bridge.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 21/06/2017 10:25
Hi Bill. At least you had a bit of excitement from the misdirected Lithuanian What I recall about spurn point I believe the Coxwain and crew who occupied the RNLI cottages were all members o the same family who stemmed from the Whedrake family who used tp take Sloops out of Howdendyke I have been unable to obtain proof of this now. Simply because when I was mistakenly switched to Word 50. I lost so many files and data.
Yes I envy you touring on your Bonneville. After my speed twin I crossed over to BSA's Star Twin
and Gold Flash More docile than yours having a single camshaft as Triumphs used the twin Cam engine.
We used to go to Olivers Mount to see the Italian multi's MV Augusta and gilera Also the ultimate Moto Guzzi V8's. what a great sound
Happy memories of the old days
Take care
Posted by Tom Hardman at 02/07/2017 18:36
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 09/07/2017 09:12
Hi Tom,
No, I don't think I know you. I'm an Old Gooligan who moved away in the late 60s. Haven't been back for a while, though still have fond memories of the dear old place!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 09/07/2017 17:33
Hello Goolie-Gone I left many years before you and like you I have great memories of good times For a youngster, I believe the best of times
Possibly because I grew up during the war years..When everybody stuck together.Here are a few words which I threw together

Waxing Lyrical
I was born in 1934 Reared in the terraced streets of Goole I left Golle in 1957 when I married a Goole girl Audrey Pearce We moved to Southampton whilst I was in the RAF
Over the years we have made many friends But most years we have returned to Goole . Mainly for the cemetery run .Also visiting friends and family
I have recalled many of my memories to these people who are now becoming a little thin on the ground
A lady once asked my Why do you "wax lyrical " about a dump like Goole? This lady Enid Thompson who I consider a true native and partisan. Took me by surprise and I had no immediate answer. However when seated in my garden one day a thought came to me
Last year I counted thirty two varieties of birds flying over and in my property
Each year the frogs arrive to spawn in my pond. Much of spawn and young frogs fall prey to my fish. Then when making their exit from under the netting Some fall foul of the Heron and Grass snake
The Stag Beetle and Elephant Hawk Moth are constant visitors
The point to all this is Life has not changed for all these creatures
They still choose to return. For it is where their roots lie
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 10/07/2017 22:50
Hi Corby, I too have been back to the old stompin' ground from time to time, and my oh my how it has changed. You could say it's, er, much more multi-cultural now. In my younger days the only different accents I ever heard were from the seamen on Bridge Street on on the docks on my way to school or in to town.
I remember playing on the bomb site - or was it just demolished houses - near the Dutch River bridge in front of the gasworks, and down Albert Street (where we once found massive chocolate bars in an old railway wagon). On Saturdays, we'd walk over the docks, past the Lowther and along Aire Street to the market. Then on to the Tower, the Cinema or the Cosy Carlton for the tanner rush. As we'd stamp our feet, the guy there in the jaunty trilby wouldn't run the films until he'd sold all his packets of crisps (cruel). Laurel and Hardy, The Bowery Boys, Flash Gordon, Cisco Kid, Hopalong Cassidy, and all the rest - we knew how to live!
In Old Goole, we'd walk along the river bank past Fisons, and mess about on the tips, or get chased off his land by Farmer Dudding, always a miserable old sod. Another tormentor was Copper Matthews who uncannily always seemed to know when we were up to no good, though we'd soon scarper when word got round that he was on his way. He knew how to sort us out.
The first circus I went to was at Hunt's Corner, and just past there, opposite the shipyard was Cobbler Joy's hut, under some trees in front of Johnsons' Farm. St. Mary's used to have a rock 'n' roll hop one night a week, and the South Park had its attractions, the pool, swings and football pitches. Hard to believe now, but no shops were open on Sundays and, much to our annoyance, the gates of West Park were locked. I could go on ... but better not!
All a long time ago, but growing up in Goole weren't that bad!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 11/07/2017 16:38
Hello Goolie-Gone. Or should it be Old Goolie-Gone. I knew all the paths you took.Who knows, we may have met on the Alum works ash dump,the circus, watching Mr. England with his famous trilby at the Tower theatre or South Park I recall meeting a girl at the Stanley Street Fairground one night. She had been stood up by my best mate and asked me to walk her home which she said was near South Park. Her home was a farm ,far, far beyond the park. It took ages. I hear that she is still alive and kicking. Considering the amount of walking she did. I am not surprised
Take it easy
Posted by Bill at 14/07/2017 13:34
Goolie-gone, I remember the circus at Hunt's corner. It would not have pleased animal rights activists. I recall seeing a panther in a very small cage and a tethered llama - that spat all over me!
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 14/07/2017 22:27
Hi Corby and Bill,
I went to Old Goole CP school, and one day to bring some excitement into our little lives, our teacher led us along the track on the Fison's side of the Don to watch the Alum Works chimney on the other side being blown up. Well, we waited and waited, then trooped back to school in disappointment. Apparently it was too windy to bring the stack down that day. Of course, it was brought down shortly afterwards, though we didn't see the event.
When we were kids, we all loved the circus when it came to town. We didn't know anything about animal rights, or were aware of the conditions in which they lived or were kept. It was just so magical to see such exotic animals from far-off places that we may have heard about, or maybe knew from our stamp albums, and the circus was the only place we ever thought we'd see them. For many of us, traveling abroad wasn't at all on our horizons, though many years later I did see giraffes and a white rhino in the wild in South Africa - another story!
The past was another country back then, and things have changed big-time over the years - way beyond what any of us ever could have imagined!.
Posted by Tom hardman at 17/07/2017 16:14
In Tenerife on holiday and yep talking to a lady from goole. Another from Doncaster can't get away from us no matter how hard you try
Posted by Robert at 29/07/2017 11:43
I've just spotted that the 1975 Ray Gosling TV film about Goole was recently uploaded to YouTube - to find it search for Gosling Goole YouTube. I remember that many Goole people were appalled and embarrassed by it at the time, but watching again now I think it's brilliant.
Posted by Bill at 30/07/2017 09:46
It is brilliant. Like the bit about the wealth of the dockers. I remember when the new 50p piece came out, people used to refer to them as 'dockers' threepenny bits'!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 30/07/2017 15:32
Hi Bill. I have never heard the phrase Dockers threepenny bits. I am assuming therefore it means that it was a wealthy occupation?
As my father had been dead some two years when the coin appeared . So never even saw the coin.I know that in his time.He never attained great wealth
Posted by Bill at 30/07/2017 22:36
Hi Corby, I suspect the dockers' wages became high, relative to other workers, in the '70's due to the then strength of trade unions and closed shop policy, etc. It is interesting how the press were quick to attack those types of restrictive practices but ignored similar ones in business and the professions.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 31/07/2017 09:07
Hi Bill. We have both read our father's memoirs.Therefore you must know where my father stood re. trade unionism
they both suffered hard times. yours, the Torpedoes etc. Mine ending up injured.Both in different wars.You may not agree but coming back from the first war was far more difficult to find work.The second war,where there was far more incentive and opportunities available Your father found work for Babcocks on the Power stations. A very lucrative source of employment. Our mutual friend the late Pedro who was sent global by working for this company and did very well
Posted by Bill at 31/07/2017 10:32
Hi Corby, Although my dad was a lifelong union member I believe he did change his views in the '70's possibly switching allegiance to Mrs Thatcher whose legislation allowed him to buy his Council house - which was certainly the right decision for him.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 31/07/2017 11:24
Hi Bill At last we have something we both believe in.I also bought my council house A good move.But where she failed for me was the Pit closures The decision by her to give the order when the Argies were on the back foot .to sink the Belgrano.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 19/11/2017 09:24
Welcome back everyone. Well done Stuart.After days in he wilderness we can now return to catching up.
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 24/11/2017 19:54
Sorry about that! Back to normal now
Posted by Richard Reece at 09/01/2018 19:08
I spent the first years of my life in Goole. I am trying to find information about the demise of a young friend who died in mysterious circumstances. Her name was Susan, and lived in or near North Street. She would have been between 10 and 14 (she used to look after me, take me playing, etc). I must have been between 2 and 4 when she died - making the year between 1956 and 1958. I was the last known person to see her alive, and from memory, her body was found in a dock or canal.
It must have been in the local newspapers. Anyone know where I can start to research? I live 300 miles away now. Thank you.
Posted by G. Cooper at 11/01/2018 16:25
Hello Richard, could the Susan you mentioned be a Susan L Rawson who died in Goole District, December quarter in 1957, aged 13 ? I have no other details . l found the above information from the web site Free BMD.
Posted by Keith at 18/02/2018 11:49
Think Goole lost out when the Baths hall was knocked down. Proper swimming in the summertime and wow the big dances in the winter, Lep , Platt and Featherstone, Young Farmers, Police Ball to name but a few. Some big bands also visited Goole Baths, can anyone name them ? Then there were the Monday night Christie's dances what a great time the 50s/70s were in Goole.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 18/02/2018 16:47
Hi Keith. You've certainly jogged my memories of Happy times at the Baths. The artists were a mixture of tastes I was a staunch Trad follower and still have 78's of bands who all played in the Ken Colyer band with a line up like Chris Barber, Monty Sunshine, Lonny Donnegan who all went on to better things. Followed by Freddie Randall,Sid Philips, Ken Macintosh Ronnie Scott, Johnny Dankworth., The radical Kirchin Brothers Mambo Band. I could go on.When the Baths closed some of the bands played at the Town Hall Crowle The Mick Mulligan band who performed with their vocalist George Melly
A good time was had by all
Posted by Keith at 19/02/2018 09:08
Hi Corby, Think you got most bands that played there.
Gene Crewper ( hope that's the spelling ) Drumer skin deep also comes to mind.
Posted by Fiona Moate at 19/02/2018 12:33
To Richard:
The Goole Times isn't on line but the Hull Daily Mail and Yorkshire Post are, you could try searching around the date in 1957 she died as it's likely it would have reported in one or both of these.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 20/02/2018 16:41
Sorry Keith but I never knew Gene Kruppa would grace his presence at Goole BathsR
The only american entertainer I saw was Sister Rosetta Tharpe who appeared with Chris Barber. Before he found Ottalie Patterson.
The very last time I was at The Baths. was New Years Eve Tramps Ball 1955 Seven days later I was in the RAF. Oddly ,whilst stationed at RAF Padgate. The neighbouring Air base at Burton wood Would have Saturday night dancing. The groups that appeared there were all the ones that I have mentioned.. A good time was had by all
Posted by Keith at 20/02/2018 18:47
Yes Corby your right he was an American , but when skin deep was played by the visiting bands drummer everyone crowded round the stage to listen. Thus simulating Gene Krupper' rendering . You say the last time you visited the baths dances was 1955, well Corby, you don't know what you missed, right through to the late 60s / 70s Fantastic nights.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 20/02/2018 19:46
I think on reflection the most important thing I missed in the 60's was Northern Soul.I know I would have enjoyed that.But fresh out of the RAF I had a living to make and then the children arrived Like said, the Baths jazz experience will linger on.. Like in the Glen Miller story When all dancing stopped and all gathered around in appreciation of the sound
Posted by Keith at 17/04/2018 14:10
I think it's time the traffic lights at the junction of Boothferry Road and Pasture Road were sorted. Stopped today on Boothferry Road with a mile of traffic blocked up behind, lights at Green ....3 cars were let through before the Red light . The Pasture Road traffic started to move 8 vehicles let through. No wonder Goole is always grid locked ! ! ! Boothferry should have priority as this is the main Road.
Posted by Keith at 25/06/2018 07:37
Wondered why lots of portable caravans are being stored on the docks near to the flyover bridge. They look used to me , anyone know ?
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 22/07/2018 19:00
The website should be back to normal now. The hosting company did a recent upgrade and somehow the site got confused and pointed to an old legacy website.

I don't monitor this site as much as I used to and as much as I should. Thanks for the concern of key contributors who got in touch to tell me the site was having an identity crisis!

Email may not be fully operational yet
Posted by Paul at 24/07/2018 22:58
Thanks Stuart. I have been trying to get on the website for some 6 weeks and kept getting a website in York. Very pleased you have resolved the issue.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 28/07/2018 10:56
Hello Stuart. So Glad to see this wonderful site once again up and running you must realise the concern caused by its absence.I presume others like myself were more concerned about your well being.
Please carry on the good work
Posted by Keith at 30/07/2018 17:00
The site is still awkward to find though !
Posted by Corby Bunting at 02/08/2018 10:57
On our recent visits to Goole Last year and this year .We found that there are no longer fish and Chip shops to rely on in the whole area. Due I believe to the common trend to Cook in Oil. Are there any left that still cook in Dripping?
Where is the current best fish shop?
Posted by Keith at 04/08/2018 08:59
Bring back Lilly Gunn and Waites's... hey Corby.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 04/08/2018 15:47
Hello Keith My last mail may seem like I was having a whinge
But for 60 years we have lived down south. One of the the things that we miss the most is a decent Haddock and Chips without having to go to Whitby and Scarborough Where prices are now too high Hemmingbrough and Howden have changed hands and now no longer appeal. I have not tried the Goole shops. So need direction for the next time we visit
Posted by Bill Stewart at 07/08/2018 17:20
Hi Corby, so glad the site is now up and running again and thanks to your efforts in securing its return. On the question of Fish & Chips, if my memory serves me right there is a fish and chip shop within the Black Country Museum in Dudley which cooks using dripping - indeed there was a sign on the door warning people of that fact. Which is interesting, but I admit not of much use when in Goole.
Posted by Keith at 07/08/2018 18:06
Your right Corby, fish and chips now cost an arm and a leg. Gone are the days of a 1d-to-6d of chips.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 09/08/2018 11:37
Hello Bill. To me a good yardstick for a good fish and chip. Harry Ramsdens at Guisley Magpies at Whitby but there were good ones in Goole. Three on Pasture Road Humes on Western Rd were also very good. I recall driving through to Haworth one dayand passing what I thought was a bus shelterMy wife told me to stop for a sign saying Fish and chips was on this hut.We went in and my wife asked if they sold Haddock? You're in Yorkshire,love. We don't sell out else. We hate this fish and chip in view of the Steam trains in the station.It amazed me to find a good Fish shop so far from the sea
Posted by Bill at 25/09/2018 18:44
Is there a simple way of getting a weekly copy of the Goole Times on line, without registering with Facebook - which I hate. I'm not computer savvy but I must admit I didn't find the Goole Times website particularly useful. ps it's gone very quiet on GOTW, everyone must be on holiday!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 26/09/2018 10:51
Hello Bill. Like you I am concerned about the lack of interest in the site. Gone are the days when people were interested enough to add pieces of knowledge and what went on in days gone by
Could be that there is now so much going on with the Market closing. Now the Library being moved elsewhere.Also all records being moved to Beverley. Is our beloved place of birth now living up to it's name of Sleepy hollow?
The Goole Times used to be accessible on line but it became not cost effective!
I am being constantly approached by Face book to join. But have refrained.It is not my scene.
So with almost a whole month of lack of interest what is to be done?
I am in touch directly with others of my age group and when there is a long lapse in answering my emails .I fear the worst.
Like Ed Pollard who moved away about the same time as myself I was keeping up with snippets of info to his home in New Jersey.
Then out of the blue I had a mail from his wife to tell me that he had passed away 15 months ago!!
Take Care Bill
Posted by Keith at 28/09/2018 11:12
Yes agree Corby, where did you get the info on the Library being moved. I have not heard that before.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 28/09/2018 18:07
Hello Keith because I keep my finger on the pulse and therefore hear what is happening through contacts I keep in touch with.I am amazed to hear that you are unaware
This is all about the changing face of Goole.
The market will be a huge loss to us As on each visit we would make a beeline there To be greeted by the lovely Alma A bonus The library is not such a big deal. All information we had answers to in the old library whilst growing up.Is now a thing of the past Through the advent of the internet and television
iI recall feeling sad when I saw The Baths were no longer there The place /i had spent many happy moments
Of course there are many changes which remain unanswerable
For instance I was taught that the church at Eastoft. Where if you stand in the aisle. you would have one foot in Yorkshire. The other in Lincolnshire I noticed whilst passing through this village that there is some distance covered before the Welcome to yorkshire sign appears. Can Yorkshire afford to lose such an acreage?
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 29/09/2018 15:47
Well done to Bill, Corby and Keith for trying to revive this site from its present moribund state. 'Nothing, like something, happens anywhere', according to Philip Larkin.
I'm told that the Maily Dail has on Saturdays a feature called Missing - and Found! appealing to readers for help in finding other readers' long-lost relatives and friends. Would this be worth trying out here on our Goolie site?
I can make a start: where are you now Michael 'Monty' Hodgson, and Charles 'Charlie' May, GGS stars-in-the-making, from the late 50s to early 60s?
Posted by Keith at 30/09/2018 08:07
Hi Goolie Gone, sounds like "Friends Re- United " wonder what happened to that site ? But might be an idea.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 30/09/2018 11:48
Hi Keith - I think Friends Reunited packed in when other meejah platforms like Facebook grabbed hold of the nation's er, fancy.
GotW may not have quite the numbers the Mail has, but hey! - a Lost and Found feature might be worthwhile. We'll see!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 30/09/2018 13:47
Right, Now we've got the ball rolling.Hope others join in
Don't by shy. Have your say.
Lost and found. A great theme. I have a shoe box of photos and memories. Being the youngest of a long line I have just discovered simply by spitting in a tube and sending it away.Resulting in a whole swath of lost "cousins" Speaking to some and learning of many "lost" faces which appear in my box. Two families in particular named Newman and Blanchard I went to school with a Allan Blanchard. Who knows.. He may be a lost cousin!!
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 30/09/2018 15:21
Like Goolie, I can remember both Monty and Charlie from GGS. Monty's parents had a butcher's shop in North Cave. Their back garden grew like a tropical paradise due to what was buried there. One day Monty brought a huge bull's eye to school for dissection. I last saw him when a bunch of us spent a few days at Cosh House, a remote place in the Dales rented by the school. I seem to remember vaguely he became a GP in Stornaway.
Charlie lived in South Cave, and his family had an importing business in Hull. I seem to recall him leaving a clapped-out motorbike or two littering the countryside whilst at uni in (possibly) Birmingham, and later becoming a prof. somewhere or other. I last saw him on a group trip to Patterdale in the Lakes around 55 years ago.
Posted by Bill Stewart at 01/10/2018 13:38
Okey dokey. If we are digging out long lost friends. I'll put a call out for two very good friends from my teenage years - Mike Tune (BSA B31) and Gary Armitage (Lambretta Scooter).Both of Lime Tree Ave and not seen by me for about 50 years. If anyone knows if they are still around in the Goole area I'd be grateful if you'd let me know - just in case they fancy a pint/chat when I next make one one of my infrequent visits to Goole. (hopefully on the Bonneville, which is still going strong).
Posted by Keith at 01/10/2018 14:29
Thinking about this ' Lost and Found ' is it not at ready happening on the Geneology page.
Posted by Geoff Cooper at 01/10/2018 15:27
Hello Bill Stewart.
I am pretty sure Mike Tune is now living in Doncaster or the surrounding area. I can remember Mike going to Selby Technical, and later living at Snaith.
Posted by Bill at 03/10/2018 16:22
Googling 'Goole market closing' brings up a link to a Yorkshire Post article explaining why the market has to close. Depressing reading! Not sure what the story is on the library. Someone told me it might be going into the Council Offices. I used to work for a London borough which had splendid libraries in beautiful buildings - one by one they moved to smaller premises before eventually disappearing. In those case there were plenty of alternative uses for the vacated premises, usually up market restaurants. Don't know what would work in the Goole library building . It is pretty vast. I recall it was built as a furniture shop/showroom but only operated as such for a short while.
Posted by Keith at 04/10/2018 11:08
Hi Bill , that memory poses a quiz , possibly Tony might join in.
How many furniture shops past, can you remember in GOOLE ?
Posted by Bill at 04/10/2018 14:53
OK Keith. My decidedly hazy recollection is that the furniture store was originally located somewhere near the Carlton cinema. It moved to their new purpose designed premises in their 'library' building, didn't like it (and were probably made a good financial offer by the Council who were looking for somewhere for the new library) and decided to move back to where they came from. Can't remember their name.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 04/10/2018 16:49
Flemmings was the furniture shop near the Carlton. Out of intrest Mrs. Flemming was the sister of Goole wartime hero Eric Heworth
Easthams first furniture shop was in between Stanley St, and Estcourt Street/ Mundays plumbing supplies to the left across the Road from Marshalls/Atkinsons fish and chip shop
Posted by Keith at 04/10/2018 16:53
Yeh partly right Bill , the Eddie Eastom had two shops before the library one. One next to Carlton Cinema , and one where Gotches is now on Escourt Terrace . When this shop was knocked down he moved to the library but I think he keep the Carlton one for quite a while after . How many more furniture shops can you remember ?
Posted by Corby Bunting at 04/10/2018 18:07
Hello Keith Two Schoolmates of mine. Geoff Hepworth and Dennis FosterOn leaving school in1949 started their apprenticeship for Easthams Estcourt Terrace. it was Joyce Heworth who married Flemming who had their first shop near the Carlton Off hand I cannot recall where Easthams other shop was. Maybe on Flemmings death Easthams took that shop on for Joyce became Atkinson but I don't know when
Posted by Keith at 04/10/2018 19:42
Hi Corby, I remember when attending Alexandra St school in the 1940s/50s as stated where Gotches is now, there were two shops nestling under a wrought iron and glass canopy. One of these was Easthams the other I can't remember who owned it. These shops were pulled down to make way for the building that's there now originally a garage and workshop, now Gotches electrical shop. Easthams other shop in the 1950s and later was joined
to the Radio Relay shop next to the Carlton picture house . Flemmings as I remember was at the corner of Montague St about the same time. This shop has had many tenants since and is now a Polish supermarket. Can you think of any more furniture shop now not there ?
Posted by Bil at 04/10/2018 23:20
There was a furniture shop down Carlisle St. Can't remember the name
Posted by Keith at 05/10/2018 06:29
Hi Bill,
There were two, three if you include the library ( Easthams )
Posted by Bill at 05/10/2018 08:10
yes that's right, one somewhere between Burlington Crescent and Argyle St and the other somewhere opposite the Tower or old library
Posted by Corby Bunting at 05/10/2018 08:19
Parishes furniture shop opposite Old Library The one where Two Wellington bombers collided over Goole. Causing this shop to be destroyed Apart from the office which was on a mezzanine floor at the back Which became our Gang headquarters.
Posted by Keith at 05/10/2018 15:26
The only Parishes I can bring to mind Corby , was a gents outfitter on Boothferry Rd. The furniture shop opposite the library used to belong to Mr and Mrs Robinson.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 05/10/2018 16:34
Keith and Bill I appear to be getting too old for this game Having had a severe reprimand from my wife.
It appears Easthams other shop was near the Carlton.It was Robinsons opposite the library Flemmings was on the corner of Montague Street The furniture shop opposite Sutton St. was where she had earmarked furniture for our new home. If we had stayed i Goole. But I whisked her away. The rest is history Please accept my apologies
Posted by Keith at 05/10/2018 17:01
No worries Corby , it happening to us all . But what was the name of the Sutton St furniture shop. A clue it begins with B.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 05/10/2018 17:09
Dunno, Still looking for my marbles
Posted by Keith at 05/10/2018 18:51
Hope you find em soon Corby, but to put you out of your misery the shop you nearly bought your furniture was Butlers. But there's still a few more that used to trade in Goole.
Posted by Paul. at 08/10/2018 15:06
As well as the Eastham shop near the Carlton they also had a warehouse on Jackson Street opposite nos.47-49 where my relations lived.
Posted by CARLOS VALINHAS at 10/10/2018 02:00
I am in Portugal at Monte Abraão - Queluz.
I never visited the place when I was traveling in England.
I know the place because I had a penfriend girl in the 60ths that was living there in her family house.
The single name is Margaret Simpson.
I think that she got married and maybe she changed the name to the married name.
Live was changing every day and we stopped our mail contacts.
I got my engineering degree and then I had my Army Service and the stupid African Colonial War.
By that time, we had not, internet, facebook, or whatever.
I do presume she is alive after all these years.
My place in facebook is "Carlos Valinhas".
I hope she take aknowledge of these message and if she wants to contact me, I will be very glad.
Anyhow I hope everything will be all right with Maggie.
Posted by Hayley at 22/10/2018 12:03
Hi. I am the Librarian for Goole Library and would very much like Keith and Corby, who have been commenting above, to come and see me at the Library please. We will be celebrating our 50th birthday in November and want to capture people's memories of the building. Sounds like you two have some memories worth recording!! Anyone else who has some memories to share is also more than welcome. Thanks.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 23/10/2018 14:51
Hello Haley Thank you for the invite. 50 years,how time flies
But I'm sorry to say that I was never a member of the "new" library
although I do recall fond memories of the old one.
When the museum appeared up stairs at the present library we did visit on occasions I even contributed photos and text of older times which were welcomed However in recent years.All info I sent to the team that now run it, was discarded! Last year I took the trouble of going up there and asked them why. I received no explanation
So, Why should I bother?
Posted by KEITH at 24/10/2018 12:09
Hi Haley,
I did call to see you on the 22nd but was informed you were at Hessle . The lady I spoke to did not know when you would be back at Goole. Maybe you could list the days you are at Goole.
Posted by keith at 24/10/2018 12:14
Haley, Forgot to mention, in the past ,I like Corby have had a similar experience with the museum.
Posted by Keith at 30/10/2018 15:36
Hi Haley,
Still not heard from you , Cannot be too important then.
Posted by Bill at 04/11/2018 15:04
'Mischievous Night' - does that mean anything to anyone? In the 50'' and early 60's, in our part of Goole it was Nov 4th and it meant that us kids could do mischief - pretty tame by today's standards, e.g. knocking on doors and running away, maybe lifting off garden gates. By contrast, as I may have posted previously, Nov 5th was anarchic. Kids built big bonfires on any bit of open land, e.g., the open triangle corner of Queensway and Limetree Ave, on the Riverside Gardens. These were often wholly unsupervised by adults. On the run up, rival gangs would go on 'bonire' raiding parties to steal wood from other gangs' fires. Of course the sale of fireworks was practically unrestricted and young kids would run around with 'bangers, in their pockets. I think it got more civilised (and safer) with the organised community bonfires, the first one I attended was at Victoria Pleasure Ground.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 04/11/2018 18:40
Thank you Bill for that nostalgic trip back in time. Al I recieve is a blank stare when I mention Mischievous night
The Bonire raids also important part. To create the largest Bonfire and guarding it from raiders Pedro and I used to recall this for his bonfire and ours were quite close Ouite often could be seen a discarded piece of furniture on one fire. Then for it to be seen on the other fire and so on
Our's was on the point of land opposite the Burlington Hotel Between Alexander St. and Stanley St.
That point of land had history.A boarding house before it was knocked down.Then A Anti Aircraft Battery Which was not their when the bombs dropped One of three Air raid Shelters in the area. the two smaller ones were great for the kids to gather with candle in jam jar evenings We would play games like Truth, dare or promise With forfeits being Kiss, love or torture.The torture usualy being a Chinese burn or a face slap. It was amazing how many plumped for torture.Rather than the more romantic option!!
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 05/11/2018 10:11
Hi Bill and Corby, All that takes me right back to when we lived in black and white - except at Bonire time, of course. Yep, how times have changed with this elf 'n' safety business. And I hadn't heard the term 'bonire' for many a year.
Them were t'days!
Posted by Keith at 06/11/2018 08:45
More memories waiting for the ashes of the bonire, to throw in large potatoes . raking them out an hour later looking like pieces of coal and actually eating them..UUUUHHH. Yes them were the days.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 06/11/2018 11:32
You hit the nail on the head with that one Keith
The kids in our area couldn't wait.Scoffing the lot. nowadays people buy Charcoal tablets for stomach problems Whats the difference? All that was missing in our feast was a little butter and salt. Kids now, don't know they're born? I don't know where that phrase came from
May be Harold Macmillan
Posted by Corby Bunting at 06/11/2018 19:15
Sorry, It was not Harold" you've never had it so good" Macmillan
It was Tony Capstick See" Capstick came home" on You Tube
Posted by Corby Bunting at 08/11/2018 15:07
Throughout my time on this site I have enjoyed the banter and found many friends who I have mailed direct.Finding many friends Some have which have passed away I still go back and read the mails One in particular still haunts me..In August 2008 she opened our friendship by sending me the photograph of a wedding iIt wasa friend that I knew in Edinburgh St. Cyril Law was the groom and Jacky Collins the best man She was a bridesmaid then aged 9 Her name was Janet Wheal nee Oldridge.Mother a Guest family member For two years we exchanged mail and photos Her husband had passed away two year prior to this friendship.She lived alone in Somerset
The penultimate message read. Corby,I;'e had a stroke!!
After answering and showing my concern. She replied with
I'm clutching at straws Corby After which,No response to my mails As I have had no other way of knowing anyone who knew her.I am now hoping to have a response from this mail from anyone who knew her
Posted by Denise Smith at 16/11/2018 20:39
Further to the furniture shop debate, there was also Robinsons down Carlisle St, when my girls were babies they loved going past in the pushchair and shouting because it echoed down the deep doorway.
Posted by Keith at 17/11/2018 08:53
Hi Denise, Took some time but yes Robinsons was the remaining one on Carlisle St . Others were the Co-op, Jacksons, Alan Wales and a bit later Hargreaves. Any more ?
Posted by Tim Harness at 19/11/2018 22:07
The furniture shop in Carlisle Street was Butlers,Owned by Vin Butler who employed his two brothers and a small number of staff.
They had a lot of contracts with local offices and reknown for quality.
Posted by Keith at 20/11/2018 08:54
Yes quite right Tim we have already established Butlers, but do you know any more ? I think another could have been Mr Wroe who was on Aire St but could be wrong
Posted by Corby Bunting at 21/11/2018 08:58
Hi Just when recently things were looking bleak with shops closing down Giving the appearance Goole is going to sleep When yesterday i read of a huge injection of work by a factory covering 64 acres giving work for 700 . to be up and running in a very short time.To me this seems like a breath of fresh air. But has anyone any thoughts on this news?
Posted by Keith at 21/11/2018 19:43
Yes Corby, great news GOOLE was hit hard years ago with the two major players Shipyard and Burtons both closing down. These were the employers of many/ most residents of the town. Goole never seemed to pick up after this. So yes great news for the town and for local employment.
Posted by Bill at 15/12/2018 13:43
Just received a pre Christmas present of the DVD 'Reflections on Goole' made by Goole Civic Society. Highly recommend. You'll find it very interesting.
Posted by Arthur Kendall at 26/01/2019 09:46
What's happened? Why the sudden torrent of brief messages, and no more Goole chat?
Posted by Paul at 06/06/2019 21:01

I’m responding to a lady called Anita who was trying to find Dave Fallon from 1960’s Goole based band The Blueberries. I’m one of Dave’s sons, and he now lives near Middlesborough Teesside

if Anita reads this message, she can contact me at the above email address,

Posted by Liz Gelder at 10/06/2019 16:18
Hi, haven't looked at this site for ages but many of the comments have made me laugh. I don't know any of the contributors as far as I'm aware but have enjoyed reminiscing with the messages. As a born and brought up ex Goolie (now living in France since 2008)it has brought back many memories of my childhood and growing up and the changes that have taken place over the last few years. I put a message on Facebook about Whit Monday with a photo of Boothferry Road taken in 1957, a time when it seems that everyone turned out to watch the procession of Sunday school floats and asked if anyone had good or bad memories and photos of themselves and we got talking about what Goole was like. Keep up the comments and messages and I'll have to keep having a look at the site. It has brightened up my day as we've had heavy rain interspersed with grey clouds, blue sky and sun a real mixture
Posted by Keith at 13/06/2019 09:01
Oh yes the Whit Parade, when your shoes stuck to the running Tarmac. Your Sunday best got covered in the stuff. Those days were when Goole was a Close community......good old days.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 13/06/2019 09:20
Whit Parade. I recently had a major shock down here in Southampton When I met a gentleman and his wife.They came down at the same time as us over 60 years ago His name is Tommy Robinson He is a Captain in the Salvation Army He showed us photos of when he carried the banner on the Whit Walks ahead of the floats.What memories we recalled of happy days
Posted by Bill at 16/06/2019 17:42
If, like me, you are intrigued by the variety of Yorkshire accents you might want to catch a programme that was on Radio 4 this afternoon at 4.30, called Tongues and Talk:The Dialect Poets. One word I had forgotten was 'croggie', which when I was in Goole meant giving someone a lift on the crossbar of your bike.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 17/06/2019 10:02
Hi Bill I've given many Croggies in my time also being Croggied
A word that springs to my mind and it may only apply to Goole
Is the word Mawngie It may be spelled wrongly But as you may know, Miserable
Posted by Bill at 17/06/2019 13:00
Hi Corby, your quite right. Our mum was often telling us off for being mawngie. And Goole is the only place I've heard it used.
Posted by Bill at 17/06/2019 13:02
'you're' not 'your'. I'm losing my grammatical touch!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 17/06/2019 18:31
WElcomr to the club
Posted by Tony Clyne at 07/07/2019 10:53
Hi guys, How about nithered, one that is definitely Goole a saying going the long way round Round by Hook to get to Airmyn. Like you have given many croggies but you had to watch out for a copper
Posted by Tony Clyne at 07/07/2019 11:00
Used to do the Whit Parade in the mid 60s when I drove for LEP usually did the church on the corner of Humber St. was it St. Marys
Posted by Bill at 28/07/2019 23:20
There's some footage, on the BBC news app,of the demolition of the cooling towers at the Ferrybridge C power station. Quite a lot of Goole men worked there, including my dad as a steel erector.
Posted by Keith at 29/07/2019 11:53
Yes Bill, I have memories of Ferry Bridge coolers . I used to park my car in the middle of them and use the conveyor shut as entry to the main conveyor room . The day they fell I was between them trying to retrieve my car , what an unbelievable day ...the clouds were wiping all over due to the high wind speed, the cooler sides were rippling, I was panicking , and stalling my car when the nearest one started to fall .. Luckily they are designed to fall inwards or I wouldn't be writing this today.
Posted by Bill at 29/07/2019 13:02
Wow,Keith what a lucky escape you had. I have my own horror story. Concerns the time when my dad, through a friendly engineer at Babcox, got me a job for the summer. I was supposed to be a fitter's mate. Carrying his tools on high level scaffolding (Health and Safety much laxer then!). I put a hammer in what I thought was a black box between the scaffolding and the face of the boiler(?). It wasn't a box but a gap. The hammer fell to the ground five levels below. The scariest bit was being sent to retrieve it and incurring the wrath (& colourful language) of the men down there I had nearly killed.
Posted by Keith at 29/07/2019 15:29
Hi Bill, I could relate many a tail whilst working 25+ hrs on power stations. So it was you that dropped the hammer .......baaaaa
Posted by Tony Clyne at 31/07/2019 09:03
H&S whats that, I worked for Tighes at Ferry swinging poles and 9in girders 200ft up in the turbine house roof. Don't forget the coating at the top of the chimnies.
Posted by Keith at 31/07/2019 09:11
I think Tighes men were issued with a rope and grappling iron, is that tight Tony?
Posted by Tony Clyne at 31/07/2019 09:28
Don't remember luxuries like that but you had to have strong finger nails, regards to Bill's hammer I dropped a gallon tin of red lead landed on a tractor seat we were stopped working above
Posted by Tony Clyne at 05/08/2019 23:31
Tighes still on the go, park in Paradise Place today, two guys with Tighes on their high viz painting at the Junction
Posted by Dave barkham at 02/10/2019 05:29
Hi not been on this site for a while and I don't know you Corby but as a kid I seem to remember Tommy Robinson he had something to do with the Old Beaulah church in Old Goole,I think he was the guy to get myself and my mate Dave Blanchard on the Whit parade dressed as angels lol
Posted by Bill at 03/10/2019 16:29
Dave -dressed as angels - you were lucky! I had my face blacked up to play the part of an African child being preached at by a missionary. Took days to get the stuff off my face. But that apart, the Whit walks were a wonderful community event.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 12/10/2019 11:11
To Dave Barkham. Having just returned from my annual visit to Goole. Place of my birth.This year being my final visit. Having visited more of friends and family, than usual.
Many have recalled Tommy Robinson as a child in Stanley Street as a prankster.A member of the Salvation Army when he carried the banner on Whit Walks Living only two doors down from me in Stanley Street.He was married at the Salvation Army in 1955
He and his wife now reside here in Southampton and still a member of the Salvation Army where he became Captain.I met them only a short while ago. When we recalled many happy days of our childhood
Posted by Corby Bunting at 12/10/2019 14:30
Hi Bill I had a great time last week Met Jack Collins who worked with your Dad He told me of his dad who's ship was torpedoed The Dorrington Court in the Indian ocean He survived by swimming ashore and making it to Durban When I showed him the photo of the Burlington Pub outing. He pointed his Dad out to me. I learned so much in such a short time
Take Care
Posted by Corby Bunting at 15/10/2019 16:58
On a recent visit to Goole. Possibly my last.It was saddening to me tto see how run down Ir has become With all the crosiers that have taken place.I visited many of my old friends who I have missed for many years. Some have lost their partners Although inevitable;It makes me think.Who next? So many memories of times when Goole was good
What concerns me now is news of a sinister trend in the sale of treasured memories of these good times.
People who are running rough shod in the sale of my personal memories.As I own the originals and gave no permission that they would be used for personal gain
I did give freely to the Goole museum .But had to prove where they came from and who should be credited
But there are those who disregard etiquette
I recall, when a member of the Goole Action Group Donating a photo of the Burlington Trip In which my two favourite uncles are in the foreground This photo was received with thanks Not for the cheery faces. Some of which had survived the Great War
But because of the reflections in the windows of the chimneys of the terraced houses.which had survived the two wars Also the wonderful people who lived there
I had no desire to see my memories bandied about. Willy nilly by people who were not Goole born .Therefore never true partisans
But money grabbing individuals.Some day I hope that they will be revealed for what they are
Posted by Corby Bunting at 15/10/2019 17:57
Further to my recent mail
I needed to get it across in haste therefore a few miss spellings
Also Partisan a little string. Please substitute for Patriot
Posted by Bill at 16/10/2019 11:30
Hi Corby, Disturbing news. I'm curious as to who is profiteering in this way. Is it Goole museum - to whom my family have made donations in the past. (ps maybe reply direct to avoid a libel action!) Thanks, Bill
Posted by Bill at 17/10/2019 09:12
Thanks for the info Corby. I'm glad it wasn't the Museum.
Posted by Keith at 17/10/2019 14:37
Shame but suppose the Ferry Bridge coolers had to go. Wonder what will take there place
Posted by Corby Bunting at 17/10/2019 16:26
Hi Keith Beautiful scenery, no doubt
Posted by Keith at 18/10/2019 08:51
You could be right Corby, but there has been a Ferry Bridge A, B, C, think there could be a " D " yet.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 18/10/2019 10:59
Hi Keith Was in Egg borough last week All that remains of a cooling tower there is the ring of concrete at ground level.Still visible
Posted by Keith at 18/10/2019 17:38
Hi Corby, Didn't know a cooler had been knocked down at Eggborough PS. Learn something every day .
Posted by Julie roberts at 19/10/2019 09:27
This is a message for Corby can you email me on above email address as I have info about my dad Ronnie's brother Alan,I had contact with you years back when I was trying to trace Alan in NZ.thanks
Posted by Julie roberts at 19/10/2019 09:28
Posted by Dave Barkham at 25/11/2019 20:57
To Corby glad to hear Tommy is still around funny how these things stick in your mind as kids eh
Posted by Corby Bunting at 26/11/2019 21:51
To Dave. Which Tommy do you refer to?
Posted by Corby Bunting at 27/11/2019 08:20
Hi Dave after realising who you are. I added quite a lengthy reply Which for some reason was declined
I have noticed for some time how the site setup has changed and wondered if Stuart is still running it.
If this is so I must now bow out
Posted by Bill at 18/12/2019 10:21
Happy Christmas Corby and all our readers!
I know this site struggles at times but it is pretty amazing and interesting. I trust it will continue successfully through the coming year. Personally, I would like to hear more about Mechant Navy stuff (especially WW2 and in the 1950's)) and any new developments in Goole,e.g. is the big factory to build trains still going ahead?
Posted by Keith at 19/12/2019 16:08
Hi Corby, travelled past Eggborough PS the other day . All coolers are still in situ.
Posted by Keith at 19/12/2019 16:20
Hi Bill, Talking about the 1950s in Goole, Goole used to buzz at that time.lots of good shops , good roads , and fantastic people . I remember when M&S and Woolworths were the major players , but lots of good small businesses about also. The main Boothferry Road ran straight through, lined with proper pavements and the odd cars parked either side . Unfortunately IMO the town has gone backwards. Could go on but maybe there's some more memories out there.
Posted by Keith at 19/12/2019 16:22
Sorry , Merry Christmas to all .
Posted by Philip Waring at 09/02/2020 12:38
I am trying to research Smith Brothers, the Goole shipbuilders and their vessels. As you will know, the Waterways Museum has closed and Hull Maritime Museum is not responding to enquiries during its refurbishment so I am not making progress. Does anyone have any information about this company and its ships and boats?
Posted by Keith at 09/02/2020 14:53
Think you want Corby on this one !
Posted by zigger at 11/02/2020 08:15
Can someone please give the site an overhaul and keep it updated? It's looking as tired and neglected as the town!
Posted by Steve Armitage at 27/02/2020 08:55
Hi Bill Stewart,

Gary Armitage is my Dad and he’s still in the area and doing great! Please get in touch and I’ll pass on your details to him. My email address is

Posted by Bill Stewart at 27/02/2020 18:07
Thanks Steve, I've emailed you direct. Bill
Posted by Jessica Stone at 02/06/2020 04:19

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Looking forward.


Jessica Stone
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 17/06/2020 18:19
When nobbut a lad my daily trip to secondary school involved walking the length of Bridge Street in to town, and along Boothferry Road. On the way I passed the top of Doyle Street which had the Cape Of Good Hope pub on one corner, and Kenneth Work's chemist's shop on the opposite one, just before Tommy Dunderdale's butcher's and Donoghues' cycle shop which were on Bridge Street itself. (There may have been another shop or two there as well!) At the bottom of a shortened Doyle Street stood the gasworks and office. The Cape and all those shops, along with all of Doyle Street seem to have gone long ago.
Does anyone recall how these places came to be demolished?
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 22/06/2020 18:58
As a Goole Town AFC supporter in my early teens in the mid-50s I had a young mate called Kenny Masterman, who lived in Dempster Avenue. We used to collect football programmes and autographs, though our collecting extended way beyond the Pleasure Grounds. I had all the Busby-era Manchester United autographs, including a signed photograph of Duncan Edwards in that famous throw-in pose. It was Kenny who called round one cold evening in February 1958 to break the news of the Munich air crash.
Not long afterwards I decided I was too old for autograph collecting, and without thinking much about it, ended up just handing over my collection, including the Manchester United stuff, to a friend of Kenny's who he called Glock. What can I say?
Glock (me, neither) was a friendly guy, though I never really did get to know him.
Anyway, in time Kenny and I lost touch somehow, and I can't remember when I last saw him, though it would have been in the late 50s.
Wonder if Glock is still around, and still has those United autographs!
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 25/06/2020 14:28
It seems, KP, that there's not much interest in keeping this er, platform? (will that do?) going, nor in your anecdotage or my old ramblings.
Maybe we'll just have to come up with something or other about the dear old place to stir up a bit of interest.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 26/06/2020 15:06
Hi Keith, if you are still out there, or anyone else who can comment.
I'm not sure if this is the best heading under which to post this, but there ain't one for local churchy items as such.
Do you know what happened to the Tin Tabernacle on Bridge Street after its heyday? I used to attend regularly on Sundays - well, I got sent there - as a kid in the late 40s and early 50s. I just assumed that the TT reference was a local witticism, or light mockery, but found out later that it was the term used for a common type of prefabricated church building construction, made from corrugated iron, that became popular in Victorian times.
Were there any other tin tabernacles in our area?
Posted by Bill at 26/06/2020 23:33
A section on Church stuff would be good. I have tails to tell about the choir, church lads brigade and youth club associated with the parish church in the late fifties early sixties. Did the occasional joint service with the Methodists at Christs Church and was amazed how big it was inside.Did not have much to do with non conformists' tin tabernacles but I think the Labour Party had a red(?) corrugated metal headquarter near the steam laundry -Victoria Street (?) Or was it the Toc H - whatever that was/is.
Posted by Bill at 26/06/2020 23:34
A section on Church stuff would be good. I have tails to tell about the choir, church lads brigade and youth club associated with the parish church in the late fifties early sixties. Did the occasional joint service with the Methodists at Christs Church and was amazed how big it was inside.Did not have much to do with non conformists' tin tabernacles but I think the Labour Party had a red(?) corrugated metal headquarter near the steam laundry -Victoria Street (?) Or was it the Toc H - whatever that was/is.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 28/06/2020 09:37
Hi Bill,
As a kid I remember hearing the term Toc H but like you I'd no idea what it meant. In time, I can recall people, occasionally me, being referred to as 'dim as a Toc H lamp', not a compliment of course, meaning being slow on the uptake or having said something stupid - and not a reference to the light of the day.
The Toc H lamp was, it seems, an Aladdin-type oil lamp with a dull yellow glow, and a symbol of the organisation.
Years later I found out that the Toc H organisation was a Christian charity dating back to the First World War, which provided places for ex-servicemen, mainly soldiers, as an alternative to less salubrious haunts and their temptations. In the 40s and 50s there probably was one in Goole somewhere intended to keep our old soldiers from the delights of certain establishments. The Bridge Street area and Aire Street, in particular, had a number of inviting and interesting places of temptation and merriment, where a lonely soul could meet up, if so inclined, with a local 'dock fairy' or two.
No doubt that old Toc H place did offer some, at least, an alternative for of comfort and perhaps salvation!
Posted by Keith at 28/06/2020 19:57
Hi GG, regards the tin church on Bridge St. Think the one you mean was originally “ All Saints “ run by Mr& Mrs. Barrett. Later the frontage was altered to brick and taken over by the “ Seaman’s Mission” hope this helps.
Posted by Bill at 29/06/2020 00:03
Hi Goolie-Gone, as I've probably mentioned in a much earlier post,the public bar of the Sydney Hotel in Aire St was such a place of temptation and merriment. It was also very conveniently located for those of us who would pop out from the Parish youth club for little bit of underage drinking - being careful to avert our gaze from dangerous looking foreign sailors and accompanying 'dock fairies'.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 29/06/2020 09:21
Hi Keith,
Thanks for the information about the TT. Yes, it was the All Saints place I was on about. So basically, the old place is still standing, though with a different frontage, and is now the Seamen's Mission?
By the way, do you know any more about the Barretts?
Hope you are keeping well in these strange times!
I remember the Sydney too. Small but cosy. Incidentally, 'dock fairy' is a term I've never heard anywhere else but Goole (not that I've been asking around!). I can just see those little two-line entries in the Goole Times of B/W vintage: 'Molly Malone, aged 26, was fined £2 at Goole Magistrates Court for trespassing on the docks.' Another regular little snippet in the GT would be something like: 'Charley Farley, aged 47, was fined £2 at Goole Magistrates Court for cycling down the subway.' It really was a good read back in t' day!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 01/07/2020 13:27
Cycling down the subway! My My
We used to use The Crown or The north Eastern. simly because of the turns that used to stand up and entertain us
My good friend Frank Nicholson was approached one night and warned not to use his Norton Dominator in the Wee small hours.By tearing around the Street around the Railway Station and seen exiting from the subway on his machine
As all this was denied by him
What Happened was. Someone had "borrowed" the "Domi" from Franks back yard in Montague Street Without his knowledge
I last saw Frank at his home near the Woodlands.I hope he is still around.He was one of the good ones
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 01/07/2020 14:59
Corby - like me, you may have been under house arrest for the past three months or so. Oh for a wheelie down that old subway! These days, though, they'd probably get us with CCTV.

Keith - can you still get over the docks and into town from Old Goole, down South Street, through the docks and past the Lowther into Aire Street? A trip to the tanner rush back then was over the docks for the Tower or Cinema, or along Bridge Street heading for the Cosy. Flash Gordon, Cisco Kid - and the rest - in glorious b&w.
Posted by Keith at 02/07/2020 09:29
Hi, Regards Mr Mrs Barrett unfortunately I don't know much about them , my wife gave me that info ,which is all she knew . The docks walk, I think you could still use that route , but don't think your allowed to now. I used the George back room or bottle bar for my nip out from CLB. Nice to hear from all in this uncertain time .
Posted by Willo at 02/07/2020 16:47
Hi Corby
It’s good to see that you are back on the Web and still going strong.
I write regarding Frank Nicholson and wonder if the one I knew who worked for Butlers as an upholsterer and carpet fitter With my father is the one you refer to. This Frank did live near where you describe and he would have been born in the thirties I believe. Unfortunately Frank died some years previously, not sure how long ago but certainly more than five.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 02/07/2020 17:52
Hello Willo Although known s frank his real name was joseph Born in Old Goole Served his apprenticeship as Shipwright at the Shipyard Last place of work was at Smith Bros. Timber Pond
Although every vehicle he owned had to be Red A Bob Mathews Track Bike, The Norton Dominator andA Vauxhall Victor.which indicates that he loved to be seen.The fact is he was or is a very quiet guy A member of the Wheelers. Not known as a drinker Which was a good thing for me When one Christmas eve Five of us set off in a challenge to have a pint in every pub in town.I was awoken in our outside loo.Where Frank had left me.But told no one !
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 03/07/2020 14:33
Keith, thank you for the information about the Tin Tab.
It's good to reminisce about the long-gone past, we just need to live with it, not in it. There's a line on Willie Nelson's recent album that laments until 'youth at last ran out/ I never stopped to think what life was all about.' Me neither. Whilst I'm waxing on I should also reflect on that old line: If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself!' Hm.
Off out to shop, first time since March. Face-nappy on already.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 10/08/2020 10:28
Hi . I was born in Goole. West Yorkshire. nothing can change that.Over the years I have used these pages to meet similar minded people who wish to know all about this place which was once my home.I have never stopped loving Goole or the people who live there I have made friends with many who share knowledge Many of these old friends have fallen by the wayside.Others I have been able to speak to direct.Covering many subjects. some of which are personal Two years ago I arranged to meet one of these friends at the Viking We should have wore a red rose to signify who as who But together with our wives we enjoyed the moment The same last year when I declared it would be our last visit
These pages which once brimming with information are now in the doldrums. Why?
could it be that Facebook has taken over. Or that people can no longer rely on what they read about our fair town
For instance one of my favourite places as a child was Wezzaks aka West Field Banks aka Hook Island and now Howden dyke Island!! I recall A pasture fenced off with a five bar gate To keep the cattle away from the stream
Posted by Corby Bunting at 10/08/2020 10:30
Hi . I was born in Goole. West Yorkshire. nothing can change that.Over the years I have used these pages to meet similar minded people who wish to know all about this place which was once my home.I have never stopped loving Goole or the people who live there I have made friends with many who share knowledge Many of these old friends have fallen by the wayside.Others I have been able to speak to direct.Covering many subjects. some of which are personal Two years ago I arranged to meet one of these friends at the Viking We should have wore a red rose to signify who as who But together with our wives we enjoyed the moment The same last year when I declared it would be our last visit
These pages which once brimming with information are now in the doldrums. Why?
could it be that Facebook has taken over. Or that people can no longer rely on what they read about our fair town
For instance one of my favourite places as a child was Wezzaks aka West Field Banks aka Hook Island and now Howden dyke Island!! I recall A pasture fenced off with a five bar gate To keep the cattle away from the stream.Who is providing these stories?
Posted by Keith at 10/08/2020 14:55
Do you remember the pond on the Wessacks Corby? Quick dip on a hot day whilst searching for Willow for bows and arrows, or a catty stick. I spent hours on there during school hold .
Posted by Corby Bunting at 11/08/2020 08:33
Hello Keith This news has left me in a dilemma. Can you explain to me where this mysterious pond was?
It has been mentioned on Google.Saying it was dug out in the 1920's All the children that skinny dipped in the river, with it's problems . would not have done so.If there had been access to a pond.
At the moment my thoughts are with an ex contributor to this site
Gary Masterman who now lives in Australia. In a part that is now suffering from a resurgence of Covid Fingers crossed Gary
Posted by Keith at 11/08/2020 09:17
Hi Corby, The pond directions ( if still there ) access bank opposite old Fever Hospital, turn right towards Hook proceed about 200yds along the the bank .Then down into the Willows towards the river, around that area. Must admit I didn't know it was there only found it in the early mid 50s. As I remember a fairly large pond about 3 ft deep . Hope this helps .
Posted by R at 11/08/2020 11:52
Corby - yes, there is an awful lot of activity on Facebook in the group All About Goole. The benefit is that people there can post their own photographs and there are some amazing ones. I mention that despite liking this website very much.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 11/08/2020 12:33
Keith. I started work in 1949 so never returned to the place we speak of for many years
There is another island named Kilpin pike island which seems to be located midstream If you click on Villages on the introductory page A drawing of a map with names and places did the artist have foresight
Hello R. Yes ,i knew of the facebook site. Over the years I have parted with many of my photos. Who later came up for sale So the rest of my collection are for people I trust Thank you
Posted by Geoff Cooper at 11/08/2020 17:06
Hello Corby, correction to one of your recent posts. If my memory serves me right, Goole has never been in West Yorkshire. Surely you meant to say West Riding.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 12/08/2020 10:25
Hello Geoff.Of course you are correct. Thank you for pointing this out. I am not in a position to knock East riding folk As my Maternal tree stemmed from Asselby.and my paternal side were Norfolk immigrants.But I was born in the West riding and proud of being a Goolie
Posted by Corby Bunting at 13/08/2020 19:02
hi. After doing more research into the the Island with many names I am now convinced it is not the place colloquially called Wezzaks.This place was the place many children spent hours living out their dreams According to a 1910 map of Hook It shows the river comes around the Hook headland.Taking a southerly course narrowing where the island was.Howdendyke Island to the west of which Sand and mud It is just south of this that the Grove/Wood of giant Willows were I believe they outgrew their roots Wind and tide were their downfall We all witnessed this.As we played in the river on the fallen. I was eight years old on my first visit.I also cannot remember seeing an Island I apologise for creating doubt on those who knew
Posted by Bill at 16/08/2020 21:37
Hi Corby and others. I'm another non Facebook user so I will continue using this site for as long as it survives. I've just returned from a visit to Goole, the first in the last ten years. My impressions were these. The decline and decay of the many shop units in Aire Street was sad to see. Similarly the Arcade is boarded up. The old Post Office is in a ruinous state. And the Conservative Club is closed and boarded up. I guess there is no economic uses that can save these premises and they are doomed. Hopefully however something will be done to save and find a use for the closed Market Hall - surely a building with great potential. On a positive note, things along the Rawcliffe Road appear to be booming with construction on the infrastructure for the planned train building factory. Will this be the 'new shipyard' that restores the town's prosperity? I was told it will employ 700 people.Also a massive new housing development on the other side of the road. Two recommendations - The Premier Inn at Glews, Airmyn was excellent. And an exhibition on the 1970's in the museum above the Library is definitely worth a visit. Finally, the public toilets on the Estcourt Street car park were open, state of the art and clean - someone needs to be thanked and congratulated, not many towns get this right. p.s I think I remember the pond on Westfield Banks, never swam in it but did make and sail a raft on it.
Posted by Bill Stewart at 16/08/2020 22:10
Also noticed that the old Labour Exchange is now a bar and the Burlington Pub is a Gym/Health Club!
Posted by Keith at 17/08/2020 12:14
Lots of changes Bill , old Yorkshire bank now a pub. In fact most banks have gone. Means either on line banking or going to another town for any banking probs ( a pain really )
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 17/08/2020 15:18
Hi Bill,
I haven't been to the town for a few years now, so it's interesting to read your account of what it's like now. Very sad, really. Of course, I remember well all the places you mention, and yes, the market hall could surely be put to active use. Many of us will remember a very busy market - outside and in - from when we were kids. Saturday mornings, most, if not every week for me. I remember there was a butcher there, the name Joss Slowen comes to mind, and some time later there was a bookstall holder called Rawnsley. I think he came over from Leeds.
After leaving school I used to visit the Cons Club in Carlisle Street fairly often with a friend whose dad was a member there. We only went there to play snooker, and have a drink. I remember being fascinated by how some of the local businessmen would robotically feed the slot machines with tanners, time after time after time. Put me off that game for ever!
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 17/08/2020 16:01
There's been mention lately of one or two local lakes and ponds, often so vivid in childhood memories. If you were an Old-Goolie, the ponds you'd perhaps remember were the ones by the side of the Dutch River.
On the Cottingham Street side there was a track alongside the river, past Fisons, past Chantry's farm, under the railway bridge and then a hundred yards or so further along the river bank. I'm sure it was used for fishing, though I was never a hook-slinger myself. I did once pull a moorhen out of the pond by its beak. A bit of a shock for me too. Not sure what name the pond was known as.
On the other side of the river, somewhere about opposite Fisons, was the timber pond. Some of the logs were fastened together to form a type of raft or platform. Leaping about, on and off them, could be slightly hazardous for a kid as they were apt to float about a bit, as I found out more than once, and fell in the pond.
Doh! The first splashing about should have been a lesson enough.
Posted by Albert Pina at 13/09/2020 05:00
Listen: You know I have a fundamental belief that people are good...

However, I’ve seen stress, fear and the mob mentality push people over the edge and make them commit violence they would never otherwise consider...

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Go to to find out more.
Posted by Keith at 11/10/2020 14:17
Hi Corby, Did'nt know Stuart no longer ran the GOTW sorry about that. Who's in charge now ?
Posted by Corby Bunting at 11/10/2020 16:22
Hi Keith. As yet I have had no response from Stuart. He always kept things above board There has been a change in the format One of which is the inclusion of Goole Action Group of which Stuart had no interest in.I signed the pledge in that Group for it was a worthy cause I also provided the Burlington Crescent Pub outing as a logoNot for the happy faces. but for the reflection in the windows whih shoed the chimneys of the Terraced houses in my street This photo was taken and appeared up for sale Creating such a furore the sale was removed Of course the action failed but now the photo.Of which I have the original is back up for sale.So,I have my own suspicions who has taken over.
Posted by Transportman at 18/10/2020 11:58
Hi Corby,

Nice to see you posting again. I know the photo you mention you sent me a copy a few years back. I noticed quite a few photos for sale where copywrite was incorrectly claimed. I must agree with Keith about some of the recent postings needing to be deleted. They are adverts, and not very good ones at that.
Posted by Tom at 25/10/2020 13:00
I recently had cause to visit the old place to the cemetery and was very disappointed in the state of the town. Run down and looking very tired. Yet there is much for the town to celebrate, but no evidence of it. Many places have statues of former residents who have made their mark. Goole has a few as well. To recall the Dunderdale Sisters later to be the Dale sisters, Tony Melody, Jimmy Mann Professional footballer. The writer of Last of the Summer Wine. The cook Mulligan yet there is not a single sign of them anywhere in the town. Come on council do something about it. And for goodness sake put some money into the Victoria PG its awful state. The West Park was the pride of the town now not so attractive. The main street in summer was a blaze of colour hanging baskets Don't even get me started on the Market pityful
Posted by Keith at 25/10/2020 16:09
Hi Tom,
Agree entirely as I stated earlier Pasture Rd looks like a shanty town . But so does Boothferry Rd, there should never have been a Precinct. Goole has lost all it character.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 26/10/2020 10:42
Well said, Tom and Keith,
And Tom, not forgetting John Kaye and Gav Bryars. I remember John completing his apprenticeship at the Shipyard before going fully professional.
Posted by Bill at 26/10/2020 16:49
I too bemoan the continuing decline, with I hear more shops closing daily. It's not unique to Goole, I live in a small town which is pretty affluent, but even here we have lost a lot of shops. But with Goole having so many original shopping streets to start with (Aire/Pasture/Boothferry/Carlisle) the visual impact of so many closures is much more noticeable and widespread. Interestingly, whilst all five of our branch banks have closed, I believe Goole is still hanging on to a few. As I've said previously, we can only hope that the planned train building factory with its employment opportunities will act as an economic generator. In the meantime it's all very depressing.
Posted by Keith at 29/10/2020 11:45
Agree above, but also Goole Hospital seems to now have not many clinics, no A & E cover. Now any probs and it’s a trip to Scunthorpe,even though Goole is in the same Trust. I think we are now treated like 3rd rate citizens
Posted by Paul at 30/10/2020 17:56
I've been looking at an OS map for the late 1800's and was surprised to see a recreation ground bounded by the the workhouse Jackson Street and Charter Lane (now Pasture Road) and the rear of properties in Pasture Road with foreshortened Widrop and West Streets.Subsequently Amy Street , Laura Street , Adeline Street and extended Widrop Street and West Street etc. were constructed. Does anybody know anything about this recreation ground? Would have been very useful when I was at Boothferry Road School rather than having to walk to West Park.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 02/11/2020 14:06
Goolie gone how on earth did I forget John Kay My dad was a fitter at the shipyard and J Kay was an apprentice with him Getting forgetful in my old age.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 15/11/2020 10:26
Hi Tom,
Yes, John lived in Kingston Street, so, not far from the Shipyard! I knew him by sight, though not personally. He was (is!) a bit older than me. I'm sure he would still have been a star player in the modern age.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 19/11/2020 15:19
my wife and i were reminiscing of our childhood and we discovered something we both looked forward to some saturdays. For her a very special treat was a banana milk shake which in Russia in the 1950's was virtually unheard of I two enjoyed the same at a cafe on Boothferry road almost opposite Northern Can anyone remember the name of this cafe.
Posted by Keith at 19/11/2020 16:46
Think the cafe was the Copper Kettle Tom. But never heard of the other one across
the road you mention
Posted by Keith at 19/11/2020 16:48
Did you mean Northen Clothing Tom?
Posted by Tom Hardman at 21/11/2020 18:39
Correct Keith Northern Clothing and the Copper Kettle. Dad bought my first pair of running spikes from northern Green Gola spikes. Thought they were the bees knees.
Posted by Bill at 22/11/2020 00:39
OK as we are in Northern Clothing, my recollections from around 1966 is that they were the only store in town which sold the must have fashion item for young lads. Namely, tight fitting, denim jeans of a particular colour - ice blue. (very light blue). Strangely, the fashion did not last long and, as far as I know, has not returned!
Posted by Keith at 22/11/2020 12:06
Hi Bill,
Don't know about Ice Blue , but all kids today wear the tight jeans.So really that fad is still around ,maybe not light blue. But.🆒
Posted by Rod Lumley at 22/11/2020 12:56
The Boothferry Rd cafe certainly was 'The Copper Kettle'.
Probably the first place we kids had access to a juke box?
Posted by Thomas at 30/11/2020 14:37
Thanks to all for bringing back the memories of the Copper Kettle the jeans reminded me of chisel toe shoes which my dad would not let me have(They will ruin your feet.) But athletics was ok now aged 70 I have spondylosis of the lumbar arthritic knees and ankles all down to running, along with numerous other sports ie football track athletics rugby and 17 years as a PTI in the RAF. so probably the shoes would have made no difference to my present state.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 07/01/2021 15:58
I left Goole many years ago for work reasons, and it's some years now since I've been to the town centre. I do log on to this site on a regular basis, and love to read about what is going on in the town - or maybe, isn't.
Having been fortunate enough to attend GGS I look out for any postings by people I know, though these are rare these days. I'm beginning to get old.
One thing that's so clear in this strangest of times is how much we tend to take for granted. Just the little things that matter and count for so much: those memories of the town, the walks to school, over the docks to town on Saturday mornings, the old market, the VPG on a Saturday afternoon, and such.
When the new normality gets here, whatever it looks like, I must get back to wander around those old haunts again.
Until then, you Goolies and Gooligans - take care!
Posted by Bill at 07/01/2021 19:45
Ah Goolie Gone, I've followed your postings in the past and it seems to me that as you're 'beginning to get old' you are becoming even more sentimental (in a good way) and nostalgic than me. Whilst I endorse the point you make about taking things for granted, we now can only be grateful for those good memories and be thankful for them. If you do get around to' wandering around those old haunts' as I did recently, try to pick up on the positive points - of which there are a few. Without doubt there is much to be sad about, but in some strange way the town in which we grew up still retains a charm which draws us back to it. Almost time for my cocoa, no let's make that a few glasses of wine.
Posted by Keith at 09/01/2021 13:10
I believe the demise of Goole really started with the making of the Precinct. Gone went the days when you could walk right down Boothferry Road let alone drive, and park. Shops like M&S, Woolworths, Currys, Meadow, Maypole, Home & Colonial, Burtons and the two public houses, The Tavern and North Eastern to name but a few, are all now gone. Since the Precinct was formed IMO Goole lost its individuality.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 09/01/2021 17:04
Hi Bill, you're right, of course, about the nostalgia. Comes with the 'becoming old' business. Though, as that guy Proust kinda said about: 'Remembrance of things past ... (and such)"!
I should have included the delights of the tanner rush on Saturdays in my ramblings. The Tower, The Cinema, and The Cosy, with all our silver screen heroes up there. (You know, a friend of mine once met Gene Autry in Nashville many years ago.)
Keith, there is so much in what you say about the Boothferry Road area. It's all so different now. Like the future, the past isn't what it used to be.
Posted by Keith at 09/01/2021 19:51
True Goolie Gone, But the future could still have been same as the Past.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 10/01/2021 12:41
Yes Keith, it really could have been!
I suppose pedestrianisation seemed to be the thing to do at the time, but the town centre doesn't 'flow' any more as a result. Let's hope that after all this Covid business the town centre is somehow revived around the Clock Tower, and some of those great old buildings around there. Including bringing back to life the market hall and The Arcade, of course.
Well, here's hopin', anyway!
Posted by Keith at 11/01/2021 13:35
Yes too true Goolie Gone
Posted by Corby Bunting at 12/01/2021 17:34
I recall in day's gone by The art of "Eyeing up the talent" Or looking for a prospective partner. Along the length of Boothferry road
Was known as the Monkey Walk. A derogatory term for many used to spend hours at.
Posted by Bill at 13/01/2021 00:48
Corby, that's right. My mum used to call it the monkey walk. I think the term had fallen out of use by the time I reached adolescence. But, of course, we were still eyeing up the talent -as no doubt were the girls.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 13/01/2021 10:42
Hi Corby and Bill,
In the late 50s/early 60s, on most Saturday mornings, a friend of mine and 3 or 4 of his teen mates would head for Peter Hall's music shop in The Arcade, where, after about half an hour's browsing, one of them would buy a new, promising 'single' on 45 rpm. The gang would then slowly mooch along Boothferry Road from the market end, with the new record enticingly held by the lucky buyer at around shoulder level, inviting an 'Oo, what've you got there, then?'. Hopefully, mostly from girls rather than the other lot. Mostly, it worked. They would cross the road when opposite the North Eastern, then mooch slowly back towards Maynard's.
Seems like this rite of passage carried on for a few decades, in one shape or another!
Posted by Keith at 13/01/2021 17:32
I remember Peter Hall at the corner of North St and Ouse St. Then Arcade, then Pasture Rd.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 13/01/2021 18:24
When the big bands hit the scene at the Baths It opened a whole new world for the circles i moved in I bought an old wind up record player Taking it to the river bank Of course it only payed 78's but when I play my few remaining ones. My favorites being Ken Colyer's. "Going home" Ed Pollard who used these pages new Ken Personally When he jumped ship in New Orleans. To soak up this "new" sound and the making a name for himself over here On the death of my good friend John Appleyard His request for his send off were "The Pearl fishers and also Fats Domino's Blueberry Hill. I like to think it was my constant plying of that 78 sank home.
Happy Memories of a Happier life spent with good friends who are no longer with us
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 14/01/2021 11:35
Corby, those nights at the Baths must have been great, though a bit before my time. I’d have been up on the balcony listening to the band, as my legs always seemed to lose coordination on the dance floor. I did get to see Count Basie in York in the 50s, though.
Ken Colyer got it right when he jumped ship in New Orleans.
I’ve had the great good fortune to spend time in ‘Nawlins’ soaking up the music in the French Quarter. Quite a gumbo!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 14/01/2021 15:52
Hello Peter'The Trad bands came and went. The Banjo replaced by thr Geetar' It is not for me to knock progress For I loved Freddy Mercury and the Queen .I also love the music of Willie Nelson For they play from the heart'
For some time now their has been a resurgence by a group calling themselves The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys Which I enjoy
My current favourite which never fails to bring a tear is Davy Arthur and the Furies rendition of " When you were Sweet Sixteen" A properly plucked Banjo
Posted by Keith at 14/01/2021 17:53
Baths dances, wow The Big dances ....Lep Ball, Young Farmers, Police Ball, Burton's, Round Table and Platt & Feathersons to name few .Allways a big band at these dances ....gone are the days !
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 15/01/2021 08:37
Hi Keith, was Peter Hall's shop on the corner of North Street painted red and white, or have I imagined that?
More or less opposite, on the other side of Aire Street, was an ironmonger's place, Bevan's, I think. One of those treasure troves that seemed to have anything and everything you wanted. The staff would climb a ladder to get stuff from a drawer just below ceiling height. A bit like that Two Ronnies TV sketch 'Fork 'andles'!
Posted by Peter Kirkpatriick at 15/01/2021 10:24
Corby, it seems we go for some of the same type of music. That old rascal Willie is still turning out great records, and it must be over a hundred original albums by now.
In Nawlins there is a Fillmore venue at the river end of Canal Street, and local hero Trombone Shorty was due to play there - about a week after I left. I would have loved to see Shorty and his band play.
Posted by Keith at 15/01/2021 16:17
Yes Goolie Gone , Peter Halls was opposite Bevan's.
. But can't remember the colour it was painted. It was next door to the Vets which stood right on the corner point. Bevan's was just as you Discribed. Can you remember the shop next door to Bevan's, or as you look at Bevan's on its right ?
Posted by Corby Bunting at 15/01/2021 18:19
I agree about our taste in music My wife and I use Alexa It usually
starts with "Alexa, Play Willie Nelson singing Angel flying too close to the ground. Or, New Orleans Swamp Donkeys playing " Tonight, you belong to me". When I played Jazz music on the river bank I was joined by others who brought records Alan Gledhill and Kenny Elliot who would also attempt to sway me with Gerry Muligan. Also present at all times was a girl who became my wife!!
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 16/01/2021 16:49
Keith, you continue to be a mine of information for some of us ol’ Gooligans. I’m not sure about the next-door shop to Bevan’s, but there was a place a bit further along that had hares and other game hung up outside for sale (was it Hopley’s?). Also, along there, was a wine shop where my aunt would send me for her bottle of QC. Happy days (or daze)!
Posted by Keith at 18/01/2021 15:24
Yes Goolie, Hopleys is as you described but on the left of Bevan’s. I wonder if anyone else can answer?
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 18/01/2021 17:28
Corby, ah, them were't days! But it's all so different now. I still have lots of vinyl albums (no 78s left!) in the garage, and still buy CDs. My daughter once asked me why?, when Alexa can find anything I might want instantly. I suggested that Alexa wouldn't have most of the ace stuff I would want to hear, but when I then came up with 6 songs as a test, Alexa found 5 of them without delay, and a great alternative version of my other song that I didn't even know about. Doh!
Posted by Paul C. at 19/01/2021 12:44
Keith, surely you can remember Heath's cycle shop on the right facing Bevans and I think it may have been taken over by Bevans when Heaths closed down.
Posted by Keith at 19/01/2021 16:05
Hi Paul, yes I can remember Heaths bike shop . Which I remember was the next door but one to Bevan’ . So what was next door , yes Bevan’s did take it over .
Posted by Corby Bunting at 19/01/2021 18:39
Hello Peter. Just for the record. (not a pun)
I first set of on collecting my records from Shephards. Between the subway and Montague Street They were always the first to find new releases. So much so. That two of my purchases were banned.
Of late I am hearing from many in my age group. Some of which have being unlucky to have lost their partners So sad, yet uplifting to be able to talk about Good times
Take Care
Posted by Bill at 19/01/2021 21:27
Hi Keith Goolie Gone and Paul, I'm looking at a photo of Aire Streeet in the 1950's. Walking towards the town, you have Barclays Bank, Hopley's, Bevan's and then Glew's (drapers) and then Heath's (cycles). [photo and info in Susan Butler's 'Goole - a pictorial history']. There is also a reference in the text to a wine merchants run by H&E Armitage - but its location is not clear.
Posted by Paul C at 19/01/2021 22:02
Hi Bill, if my memory serves me right Tom Cooper, the gents outfitter, was in that area, before he moved to Boothferry Road, and he had a wine merchants licence.
Posted by Keith at 20/01/2021 12:36
Correct Goolie, Glews, people seem to forget that shop. See Paul not quite right.

Cooper's gents outfitter was further down on the opposite of the road, not far from the Macintosh Arms
Posted by Keith at 21/01/2021 11:01
Hi Bill , Sorry above post was directed to you not Goolie. The Wine shop you refer to was on the same block as Bevan’s at the end of that block next to Barclays Bank ( forgot the name of the merchant) hope this helps.
Posted by Keith at 21/01/2021 11:05
Hi PAUL, Yes Cooper’s did sell wine for a short time, around the mid to late 1950s 🍾
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 21/01/2021 11:39
Corby, Yes, I remember Shephard’s in the mid-60s. I’d met a really lovely girl who worked there, and asked her out, as we used to say. Unfortunately, I was suddenly laid low with acute appendicitis, and ended up in hospital for a few weeks. Sadly, that was that. No little romance! But the music has kept me going.
Like you, I am losing friends and acquaintances with the years. One of the costs of living.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 21/01/2021 11:53
Thanks Keith, that would have been the wine shop, next to the bank. My aunt was partial to the sherry wine, and I was her little helper. They did sell me the stuff, so must have believed it was for a responsible adult, and that I wouldn’t be downing it myself round the corner.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 21/01/2021 16:56
Peter. Appendicitis? I've never met a girl that had that effect on me
you say the mid 60 's? I had two Ankle biters by then. In a land far away(Southampton) But I still carry the memories of my youth and this site brings them back
Posted by Keith at 22/01/2021 12:34
Peter, If it was the mid 60s it wasn't Shepards music shop. It was D&F electrical , who took over Shepards in the late 50s.
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 22/01/2021 15:28
Hi Corby, and Keith - thanks again, Keith. I was about to ask Corby whether that shop would still have been Shephard's in 1964, though it was the one with the pretty girl I fancied. (And was it Coggraves there, on the corner? - if in doubt, ask Keith!)
I called in there that time on my way to the hospital, but they kept me in. I'd been youth hosteling in North Wales with some school friends, and had a dizzy spell at the top of Snowdon, in the mist. I was a bit feeble really. A girl my age had the same operation on the same day, and whilst I was tottering around the next day, doubled-up, she was dancing around her ward which was on the other side of the corridor.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 22/01/2021 18:55
Hi Peter and Keith considering that I left Goole in1956 Returning the following year to marry and then leave. So, I'm not surprised about the changes. I do recall a girl named Mary Stubley who worked in Tippins Newsagent.Pasture Road A cathoic girl who went o school in Old Goole she was a fountain of knowledge in the music scene Possibly after reading NME and MM I never saw her at the Baths or Copper Kettle I believe she now resides in California
Peter, my Brother in law was rushed into hospital. down here for Appendicitis Whilst there he had a heart attack Resulting in a Quad bypass He had no idea he had a heart problem!!
Posted by Keith at 24/01/2021 16:50
There was also a Phamacy on Aire Street ,can anyone name it and its position ?
Posted by Paul C. at 24/01/2021 18:50
Hi Keith, I could be wrong but I believe it was Timms , where the carpet shop is now, near to the bank
Posted by Keith at 25/01/2021 10:33
Hi Paul, you have the correct location. But I think it was Kaye's Pharmacy, but you could be right . Think this needs more research 😨 Could be an age thing .
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 29/01/2021 10:09
Corby, let''s hope Mary is still doing well in sunny Cal - maybe a bit more exciting music-wise than dear old Goole! Her school in Old Goole would have been St. Thomas's.
As far as I know, generally the appendix serves no useful purpose (in modern times, anyway), but in your brother-in-law's case, I suppose it did!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 29/01/2021 11:52
Good morning Peter The Appendix.Therebye hangs a tale! During the war when Apples were scarce. My Mum used to tell me. Do not eat the pips for they will get in your appendix and start to grow !Of course this was scare mongering . I recall that if a boy was seen in the school playground eating an apple He would be pursued by many with the cries of "Save us your core"
Now we are told the appendix is the remnant of our digestive system that dealt with the eating of Grass. This has to be taken with a pinch of salt for we did not develop from ruminants
When I eat a Coxes that I enjoy I will quite often leave only the stalk
I knw many of the Catholic girls for they were a fun loving group and still in touch with a few
Posted by Keith at 30/01/2021 11:22
They are at it again 🥶 ...baaaaa
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 06/02/2021 10:31
Corby, it's over 50 years since I left Goole, minus appendix, and a few years more in your case. Yet clearly we retain a close affection for our old home town. In our day Goole seemed to be a thriving place, though perhaps not so for some years now. Many of our fondest and earliest memories recall our upbringing and schooling and friendships there. It's interesting how those attachments persist.
I notice that the Goole Town Deal Board are seeking Government funding from its Towns Fund to revive and regenerate the town centre, with a decision on their £25 million bid due in spring.
Let's hope we can all look forward to an imaginative redevelopment for local people that will also attract folk from the huge surrounding areas into the town, and see it thriving once again.
Posted by Corby Bunting. at 07/02/2021 18:39
Hello Peter Although a member of The Goole Wheelers for only two years Memories stayed with me so much so that on the 50th. anniversary I decided to organize a reunion.I obtained software of Electoral roles.with which phone numbers became available.I placed all the names in Mike Donaghue's lap .At first he was unhappy with me but afterwards John White was there also.They chose the venue and it was decided after all that time our names would be on our lapels Over 65 people turned up and it was a great success
As far as I am aware Dave Simpson was the first to pass away and the most rent death was Mike Donaghue.I am still in touch with Derek(now George) Cutts from W, Sussex.Happy days
Posted by Keith at 09/02/2021 18:17
I remember Derek Cutts at school albeit he was older than me, but he always had presence, so he stood out in a crowd. Didn’t he advertise cigarettes on TV whilst also being a male model? Also I may be wrong but did he marry a Princess? Now known as George his sculptures on line look magnificent.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 11/02/2021 09:46
Hi Keith. Yes never a dull moment with Dfrsk
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 11/02/2021 19:40
Corby and Keith, though I was never keen enough (nor fit and tough enough!) to be a Wheeler, back in t' day I did know both Norman Walsh and (was it) Don Sweeting, even if not really that well.
Wasn't Mike Donaghue, along with John and David from the family that had several successful bike shops in the town?
Posted by Bill at 02/03/2021 15:49
It's a shame that our site is attracting the kind of nonsense above, and hopefully it will be cleared away soon. But it is the first time I've seen this stuff in detail and I must say it's quite a shock to know that there are idiots out there who actually believe this false news. The existence of such people makes the world a more dangerous place.
Posted by Keith at 02/03/2021 17:18
Too True Bill, I have complained about this problem before. Surely the guys that now run Goole on the Web are aware. 😡
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 13/05/2021 13:24
It's a shame that this site is being plagued by idiots and their pointless postings. Let's see if a few of us can keep things going by just ignoring their crappy listings.
Anyway, I've got a query about the old town centre, prompted by something I read recently.
When I was a kid, the clock tower stood above the town centre 'public conveniences', offering relief to one and all. Does anyone know if the site was in use before the stalls were installed - for trenches, perhaps?
Posted by Bill Stewart at 13/05/2021 15:31
Hi Goolie -Gone, To get to the bottom of this I think you'll need to find a photo or map of this part of Goole showing what was there before the Clock Tower was built in 1927. None of Susan Butler's pictorial histories have such. A very good and detailed history of the development of Goole was emailed to me by a John Griffiths in 2004 (is he still around). This does not help but suggests that the land now occupied by the clock tower roundabout was just open land in front of the original market hall (destroyed by fire in 1891).
Posted by Keith at 14/05/2021 12:07
Hi , Goolie Gone, don’t really understand what you mean with regard to trenches . Surely the toilets were built and the Clock Tower built above at the same time ? Anyway keep up the posting.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 14/05/2021 18:30
Thanks, Bill, I'll have to follow this up.
Keith, I was just wondering if what you suggest is just what did happen back then - that the 'pit' that accommodated the public conveniences was just dug out at the time, or whether there was already a big hole there, say, containing old WW1 trenches for shelter. Or who knows what?
Maybe there is no such story!
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 17/05/2021 09:27
Keith, Bill, and Goolie - during WW1 there was a real threat of invasion, and a network of trenches and defensive fortifications were constructed at strategic locations near our eastern and southern coasts. I seem to think that Paull, near Hull, was one of them. Many other towns built trenches for practice and training purposes, though maybe not in Goole. During the '20s and '30s many of these would have been filled in or converted to other purposes and, yep, in some towns, these included below-ground public conveniences!
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Hope so .
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Posted by Corrine at 02/09/2021 16:38

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Posted by Bill at 02/09/2021 21:33
Ah, possibly Stuart (?) is no longer managing GOTW and no one is. So we we are doomed to suffer these idiotic advertising postings until we become extinct. Alas. it was good while it lasted .
Posted by Anon viewer at 05/09/2021 09:31
Can't believe how people who reside and was born in goole have had no contact with certain members of the a family,yet when a particular person has died,none turned up for his funeral,no flowers or cards,no messages to rest of family, yet once they found out the deceased had quite a substantial amount but left no will,these grave robbers come crawling our of the woodwork wanting to know how much has the deceased got,and putting in a claim for money,from this person who I know you've never even spoken to etc etc,shame on you lot wanting some of his money.yes you know who you all are.
Posted by Amelia at 05/09/2021 20:59
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Posted by Gary Worton at 13/09/2021 05:08
One of my rare visits to the site. I too am disheartened by the way it seems to have been hijacked by pirates. It was a good site at one time and I shall continue to visit every once in a while. A few of the old regulars seem to be still around and it may rally yet. Meanwhile, it's been a blast guys. Tony, Bill, Transportman, Corby. Not forgetting those who have crossed the bar. Pedro, Hamish et al.
Posted by Annika Wells at 14/09/2021 22:51

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