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From:Richard Hetherington
Date:12 Nov 2000
Subject:Goolies - 12/11/2000

I can not really claim to be a Goolie, but I did live in Goole as a 7-year-old for one year.

My mother (Gladys) is a war bride and married a Canadian Bill Hetherington. They are retired and live in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. I am their son and have lived in Dublin Ireland for the last few years. My grandmother, Mary Hall, ran the Lowther from well before the 2nd War through and into the 60's. That is where we lived for the one year. My wife and I do visit Goole on occasion as we have long time family friends, but no family. The only family in Goole are all buried there. a pleasant experience to come across the site on the web. Much appreciated.

Rick Hetherington