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From:Elizabeth Wheldrake
Date:25 Jun 2006
Subject:The Jolleys and church connection with Greenawn

My grandfather was Richard Jolley and my Mother and Stepfather were Charles and Kathleen Watmough. They were all Sunday school teachers at the Parish Church and all taught The Greenawn boys. ( Question from John Singh on your pages)

Greenawn was on the T junction,at the very end of Boothferry Road, while The Grammar School and Secondary Modern Schools faced each other, 100 metres away on Boothferry road it self. Greenawn was a very big house, with a brick wall at the front, but nothing like the size of The Grammar

The boys from Greenawn walked down the full length of Boothferry road in a group to Sunday school every Sunday afternoon. Mum had very fond memories of some of the boys.

I hope that helps John Singh to remember a little more of the time he spent in Goole.

F. Elizabeth Wheldrake ( Nee Chevis)
Adelaide, South Australia