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From:Ian Clark
Date:31 Jul 2006
Subject:That Humber Bridge Song

I was intrigued to see the Emails about the Humber Bridge Song on your site and delighted to know that your correspondants liked it.

It is now 38 years since Christopher Rowe and I first recorded the Songs for Humberside EP collection - to be followed by the rather predictably titled More Songs for Humberside and then by the Decca LP. I know there are some copies still around which haven't been turned into plant pots and a number of people have contacted me about digital copies of individual songs now that turntables are almost as scarce as the records.

I'm very sad to say that Christopher died some 5 years ago - a great loss to all his family friends and fans. I'm sure he would be delighted to know that there are still those around who sing about "going round by Goole" and remember the songs with affection. The Haltemprice level crossings, Victoria Square and the William Wilberforce statue all bring back very happy memories of our time in Hull.

Living across in Merseyside and making regular trips back along the M62 I frequently give vent to a verse or two as we pass the bridge. I think I'll have to start singing earlier - as we pass Goole!

Best wishes to all your surfers!

Ian Clark