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From:Grant Woodcock
Date:8 Jun 2000
Subject:Feedback - 08/06/2000

As a former Goole (Airmyn) resident I found the web site a refreshing change from the norm. If I may though I would like to correct you on a few inaccuracies.

1) Goole has two types of drinking establishment those full of slappers (age wise very young, young, the experienced those over 18 and also the retired 25+) and those places that no-one goes.

2) Secondly the so mentioned Blood Alley could also be called vomit alley, Vermuyden School or greaser alley (in honour of the group of 'greasers' who loiter outside the Mac and have done for the past 20 years)

3) There are no clubs in Goole. There never has been any and never will. Flappers was not a club it was a shit hole.

4) If anyone has got a sexual disease in Goole than everyone has.

5) Everyone is related in some way, so beware.

6) Goole has the apparently the highest percentage of drug addicts per capita in the country. This is a conspiracy by the people of Thorne to try and wipe out Goole in order that they have the most inbred town in the country.

7) The people of Goole have the highest birth rate per head in the world in order to accommodate the thousands of people that have left.

Lastly I would wish to add that I am proud to be an ex-pupil of Goole. Periodically I return to the sprawling metropolis that is Goole in order to show myself what could have been if I'd have stayed. I get drunk with my friends there and see all those people that I went to school with and yes they still speak to me, because I don't go back enough to have had fights with them all.

Looking in with interest

Grant Woodcock
(ex Airmyn, Ex Goole Grammar School)