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Some of the questions you've asked throughout the site are best answered with a picture. The following answers have been provided by some of the regular visitors to the site. Your prize Goole-on-the-Web T-Shirts will be in the post very soon.

Where were Duckle's Buildings?

Corby, who is a minefield of historical Goole information, has provided this map, this map and a photograph of the street

Where were George Street and Couper Street?

These Old Goole streets can be seen on this map kindly provided by Janet from Goole Museum. The streets disappeared during the slum clearances of the 1960's. They can also be seen in the slightly earlier map from the previous answer.

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Posted by corby bunting at 25/11/2008 09:18
To Rachael.Questions 19/5/07. I have tried email address given with no response. Are you now using a new one?
Posted by Pat Fielding at 20/08/2009 10:04
Long shot but have to try again. My gtgrandfather John Palmer was born in Goole in 1835 - only other info is that his father was named William. His life was spent sailing the seas and he obviously left Goole as a lad to go to sea either perhaps with a family vessel or more than likely on one of the ships leaving Goole. His first sighting was married in Guernsey in 1859 and at one time was a pilot probably on a Guernsey vessel? His travels took him to France (Dunkirk) and Durham to name a couple and his family appeared to go with him. No vessel name has ever appeared. On 1871 he was living in Durham (master mariner) and then 1872 back to France where he may possibly have met his death - ship wrecked in a storm and he died apparently (no other info)...can soneone please suggest where I can find John Palmer connected to a vessel - talk was he had his own at some point. He may have started out on a ship going from Goole to France and met up with his in-laws to be then (LeMaitre from Vale in Guernsey). He is a mystery except that he left behind many children!!!!
Posted by peter wright at 04/11/2010 23:06
jackie neale
re wilbe/tasker
Please contact at above email address. I have info about Wilbes
Posted by Jayne Ward at 31/12/2010 14:50
any info regarding Michael Reynolds , Kittleston, welhams, renton and clayton would be of interest
many thanks
Posted by Keith at 29/01/2011 21:58
Surely the Duckles Buildings photo is Humber St . Not Duckles Buildings.
Posted by Dennis Wombell at 18/03/2016 10:23
For Hilary 19th Feb. 2015 Rev William Wombell was my 5 times great grandfather. If you would email me I will supply you with family, tree details etc.
Posted by Dennis wombell at 18/03/2016 10:25
For Hilary. My email address is

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