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Goole in Peril

Some of Goole's buildings and heritage is at risk due to disuse, vandalism, apathy and dry rot. The proposed redevelopment of Richard Cooper Street / Phoenix Street and the sudden demise of the New Bridge Pub is starting to make people aware of what they've got and how soon it might disappear. Go on, give a hoot.

Goole in Peril


The following buildings have been recently saved or are currently being redeveloped.

The Lowther Hotel The Goods Office The Docks Office

At Risk

The following buildings are desperately in need of some tender loving care.

The old windmill on the Timms' site The Victorian Arcade The Cemetery Chapel


Missed your chance with these.

The New Bridge Pub The South Dock Bridge New Potter Grange

Should never have been?

Maybe Goole would be prettier if these had not been built.

The new 'Welcome to Goole' signs Eastgate Flats Dunhill Court

Visitor Comments

Posted by Bill at 29/11/2008 17:03
Congratulations on opening a long overdue discussion on this topic. The problem is not just the loss of important buildings but also the way you treat the ones you've got. The prime example being the clock tower - are those hideous cameras still perched on top?
ps I used to live in Burlington Crescent on the site of Eastgate flats. The flats as originally built were pretty awful but whoever was responsible for the makeover some years ago deserves credit as I think they made a reasonable job considering what they have to work with.
Posted by Fio at 19/12/2008 17:34
I understand the George public house is the next under threat. It's owners are seeking planning permission for an apartment block.
Ashfield backing onto the river bank is being converted into flats, with additional building on the lawns. the owners set off by cutting down the blue cedar that had been there for years as soon as they bought it.
No one seems to object in Goole when these things happen. Things slip through the net and have no protection, then it's too late. The tree should have had a preservation order, the New Bridge should have been listed.
Posted by mick walker at 01/01/2009 22:05
I remember one year in the 1960's that was designated as, European Architectural Heritage Year. Goole marked this occasion by destroying its only Georgian terrace, East Parade. I also remember that it was possible, then, to walk across the lock gates to Old Goole. Just before arriving at the 'Bottom House', I remember passing two early Victorian cottages on Quay Street/Bury Street. I was always disappointed as a child, that Betsy Trotwood or Mr.Pickwick were not in the garden of these picture perfect dwellings. To complete the 'hat trick' of destruction by Associated British Ports and its predecessors, I must, of course mention the total obliteration of Ouse Street. This was the heart of the unique company town that was
Goole. Ouse Street was a wide street of low early Victorian, possibly Georgian houses. It was ideal for the location of the original Goole market, where my ancestors had a stall selling home-made Ginger Beer. Ouse Street included the old 'lock-up' and the 'Crown', with its unique spitoon. which was a trough that ran the full length of the bar. I was there at the last night of the 'Crown' and also the 'Steam Packet'. I knew that something was dying even if 'Goole' couldn't give a damn. Every time I enjoyed a pint in the bar of the Royal or the Lowther, I would picture someone there with me. Having a drink before or after a performance. One of the many who entertained the good people of Goole, at the neighbouring Music Hall, before they went onto bigger audiences. Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel to name but two. Cheers Stan, Cheers Charlie. Goole was a nice place once. HONEST !.
Posted by Bill at 05/01/2009 18:14
Mick, I enjoyed reading your comments. It depresses me so much what is happening/has happened to the town in architectural and townscape terms. Because I've not lived in Goole since 1967 I am open to the criticism that what happens there now is none of my business. But I do retain a strong affection for the place, which I still visit from time to time. It puzzles me that the town does not seem to have any kind of Conservation Group or Amenity Society (like many other historic towns) that could do some constructive lobbying of the planners and property owners. Maybe you have more pressing problems to worry about? If such an association did exist I would be happy to offer what limited talents I posses (as an ex conservation planner), albeit from a distance.
Posted by Mick walker at 09/01/2009 20:52
Thanks Bill.
It doesn't surprise me that there is no conservation group or society in Goole. Aided by local politicians, developers have been able to destroy the town with the complete compliance of any and every local authority Goole has ever had. The latest is the proposed destruction of the 'Old George', it used to be called the George IV. Luckily for the current owners, the name was changed, this makes it easier to destroy a historic building, by hiding it's true age. This is/ sorry was the pub where my grandfather met my grandmother. My grandfather was a seaman on many local ships. My mother used to love telling the story of how her mother screamed when she thought she had discovered a body in a linen drawer/cupboard in the 'George', but this turned out to be a regular who had been placed there to 'sleep it off'.
We must thank local developers/politicians for grossly denying what history we had. There aim must have been to turn Goole into a soulless dormitory town. A kind a of 'mini-Doncaster'. Congratulations !. You won !.
Posted by Judy Foster at 18/02/2009 14:32
Its always been the same in Goole. No consultation with the people of Goole about buildings. I remember being so upset when they pulled down the Maternity Home in Goole where both my children had been born. Always remembering my Mum saying that when the light is on in the big window at the front of the building that another baby was being born in Goole.
They built another more modern building but not for Maternity purposes.
Now I hear after only a few short years that that building or service is going to be closed.
I know we have to move with the times but these buildings are our heritage which once pulled down are lost forever.
Posted by Reece Coleman at 16/10/2009 14:41
Goole need's a cinima,bowling,kfc,shopping center for teenagers to use as well as adults.They moan when we loiter and doss and drink beer underage,we do this as thiere is nothing for us to do.
Posted by John Jessop at 05/11/2009 19:33
Goole Gas Works - I wonder if there are any photographs of the old gasworks still in existence? As a schoolboy we were taken round the old Gasworks and watched as one of the coke ovens was discharged after the gas and volatiles had been baked out of the coal loaded into it. We then followed the route of the gas through the plant and into the gasholder.
I think this was as part of our chemistry course but it was also relevant to the engineering part of our metalwork course as well.
Its quite sad to see the site of the gasworks now with all the industrial heritage obliterated.
Posted by Bill at 07/12/2009 17:22
What is the latest news on the Lowther? Did the proposed refurbishment go ahead?
Posted by john at 09/12/2009 09:31
I understand work on the lowther stopped due to cash flow I guess the recession. I remember a few years ago the traders in the Arcade fitted gates and locked them about 6pm. This was not allowed due to its status as a right of way they eventually allowed the gates to be locked at 10pm.the present refurbishment has been going on for ages now with this right of way closed.However I have noticed some pensioners take the short cut thro Weatherspoons bar to catch the bus outside Lidl supermarket.
Posted by bob at 10/12/2009 18:39
Is Goole in peril? I don't think so, I've lived in Goole now since
2000, just as the floods were devastating Selby and Gowdall etc. Had it not been for the flood barriers completed a couple of months previous, the house I had bought may well have been under water.This led me to believe that Goole was foremost within the surounding area at security and advancement of local wellbeing of it's residents and properties.
I still live in Goole and during my relatively short time here have seen many changes, both cultural and material.
Buildings are an issue of course, and no-one likes to see our national heritage obliterated,however full restoration is not always viable and sometimes alternative usage or even demolishion (as far as listings allow) is neccessary.
I understand that Goole is a very tight knit community with lots
of family history,a lot that could be traced back to the 1800's
given time
However I believe the people of Goole are some of the most receptive and welcoming in Britain and do not differenciate progress from nostalgia.
We are in the middle of a vast recession and still Goole is moving
ahead. Good for Goole I say.
Cheers all.
Posted by Bill at 12/12/2009 21:22
Well Bob I really wish I could share your optimism. But it seems to me that development in Goole has rarely, if ever, taken account of the value or character of the existing buildings and townscape. Buildings of architectural interest have been destroyed or neglected or repaired in a cheap and inappropriate way. New buildings are, on the whole ugly, utilitarian and lacking in imagination. I blame the apathy of the residents and councillors and possibly, especially in the past, the absence of any suitably qualified professionals within the council. As I left Goole many years ago I own up to having done nothing to remedy this situation (apart from an unsuccessful attempt to get those hideous cameras off the clock tower!). Best wishes.
Posted by Shuffleton Streets at 13/12/2009 20:22
Haven't read earlier comments, but readers should know CPO for Richard Cooper Street and Phoenix Street properties now issued, objections have to be submitted before some daft date in January.
ERYC, the local authority that is, always waits for folks to go away or have other things on their minds, before it decides these deadlines.

The artist's impression is, of course, need I say, just that - a dolly sort of gated estate but it combines homes for 4 bedded, 2 car drivers, and also the "affordable" housing usually occupied by the less needy.
Some of the comments submitted on this planning application actually spelled it out - they said it would be bringing in anti-social tenants to live alongside the better situated who could afford to live there!

Well, that's life for you in this neck of the woods. We have all sorts. Labour govt. policy. Blame the MP who stays clean.

If folks don't want such developments, want the Town of Goole, the old place we all know, to survive, where your neighbours are part and parcel of your background, or prepared to be so, then DO SOMETHING - my experience is that folks just sit back and nothing changes.
Posted by Shuffleton Streets at 13/12/2009 20:32
And while I am at it, readers ought to be told that Goole Times online is a dead duck, been ailing for ages. Supposed to be under maintenance, but strikes me it has been killed off because of poor sales of the real edition.
Perhaps it needs Goole on the Web emergency attention!
Posted by Bill at 12/01/2010 17:47
Re 'maintenance message' on Goole Times website : Note their dreadful spelling errors - doesn't say much for a once fine newspaper!
Posted by Bill at 08/04/2010 20:10
I see they've corrected the spelling mistakes but still no sign of the Goole Times online. Which is a shame.
Posted by Paul Moyes at 02/05/2010 16:31
We had our wedding reception at the now demolished New Potter Grange back in 1976. I would never have believed that it would get demolished.
Posted by John Jessop at 18/07/2010 13:13
I see there is a proposal under consideration to close the Goole Courthouse. Maybe this is a real case to consider under the heading of Goole in Peril and even perhaps save the court?
Posted by Phill B at 11/08/2010 03:33
The market has gone too, i would specualte to accomadate more ERYC buildings.
Walkers bingo has now gone.

Seems the CCTV in Aire St and a few others have gone (which are high risk areas) yet others stay intact (clock tower)

The place really has no future unless you either... Drink, Use drugs, work for ERYC.

people i the place want more business, sadly the only things that survive are charity shops / netto / police etc

I would put my last penny on the fact, soon some trains will pass straight through rather than stoppping.
Posted by shawn at 27/08/2010 20:46
having had an interest in the history of my place of birth, when ask to help with information about a certain area in goole that needed to be cleaned, up i volunteered to worked with a council employee from Beverley who was struggling to get people onboard she was not getting any backing from our local councilers, so, i attended a meeting at kingsway school to give her support ,this was 2005, Madaline Bell briefly mentioned the the plans they were coming up with for rc street ph street, and our cleaning up project was discussed and we got the nod of approval ,i went to two more meetings after that and our local represenatives in all three meetings, one claimed to have got cost cutters to put a bin out side the shop it must have took all of five minutes ,the other was only interested in what went on down the street where they lived, the campaign to clean up the area was slowly being pushed aside, i tried to get more people in the shufflton area to back us up but none was interested, i had to give it up because i had been diagnosed as having the big C, and the employee from Beverly who i had backed suddenly informed me the she was going to work at wales but i think there was more to it than that out of the whole shufflton area only one resident came with me to the meetings,when i explained why they should go there reply was its just a rumour if more had taken a better veiw than im alright jack, and i have not got time, and made time to attend the meetings who knows things could have been totaly different, when these things are aired dont take it for granted they are rumours, get in early and in numbers dont let these bureaucrats walk all over you ,if you dont they will take your soul and trample on it
Posted by Bill at 31/08/2010 11:21
I see (from their website) that the Lowther has finally been restored and reopened. Nice to have some good news, hope it's a success. Look forward to having a drink there when I'm next up that way.
Posted by Phil at 01/02/2011 20:44
Goole is of prime importance as a piece of history. It's one of only two or three (Stourport? Altrincham?) to have been founded as specifically canal towns. It isn't ancient, alas, which is why it doesn't attract the heritage mob. Also, because it was a company town and more or less everyone was an incomer, and there were no long-established families there used to running things, it may have suffered from a bigger division between the working population and the bosses than in other places.

Good luck with all the conservation work - Goole is much more important than many of its residents know!
Posted by mr broadhead at 18/03/2011 19:36
the old george is due to under go threats again as the owners
have put in for planning for it to be demolished in place will stand a new 24hr walk in medical centre and 22 flats with 14 car park spaces the outline plans were submitted to the council on the 28th feb 2011 and the proposed plans are available for the public to view at the council.
how ever there are no notice signs up to make you aware of this if any body would like to help save the old george public house then we have got till 6th april 2011 to object to the out line plans and then up to 30th may 2011 to object the offical plans the owners of the george and lda ltd have in my opinion used all the council back doors to keep this out of the publics eyes.
i ask you lets stand together as a community and save the building that still has the pembertons brewery water well and pump in the down stairs function room.
Posted by Bill at 20/03/2011 15:42
Thanks for the news about the Old George. I searched the East Riding website and couldn't find the details of the application. Can someone give me the application reference number? I'm assuming the building is not listed. If there is a real threat of imminent demolition then a request should be made to the Council and English Heritage to have it Spot Listed. Is anyone onto this? Even if it's not an architectural masterpiece in its own right it does have historic interest and it makes a very significant contribution in townscape terms to the immediate area. Goole is so short of decent buildings it needs to save what's left. I will do what I can do, from a distance, to prevent its demolition. It is worth fighting for.
Posted by anonymous at 21/03/2011 11:51
Too true , not only Pembertons Brewery - it still has the original waterwell inside with its pump. you cant get 14 cars on the land now , where will you put 22 flats ? drop in medical centre is that for unregistered foreigners and drug addicts , not many can afford private medical care in goole. its also in an area being focused for heritage status / protection. and 14 cars again how the hell is that going to aid traffic on a dangerous roundabout / junction for deliveries and parking when finished
Posted by annonymous at 21/03/2011 11:52
ring the goole council office the plans are available for display and photocopying if you ask
Posted by Bill at 21/03/2011 15:31
The application ref no is 11/00780/OUT. Documents can be inspected on the East Riding website.

I phoned the case officer (Anna Coldwell) in Beverley. It is bad news. The building has no legal protection against demolition, it is not listed nor in a conservation area. As far as the planners in Beverley are concerned the loss of the existing building is not an issue.

I feel that this is unacceptable because:
a) the George is familiar and well loved landmark
b) it contributes significantly to townscape of the group of buildings surrounding the clock tower which itself is the focus of the town
c) it may have significant historical interest
d) Goole has already lost too many of its original buildings it cannot afford to lose this one.

If anyone in Goole seriously wants to prevent demolition then they need to get organised quickly and launch a campaign to save the building. It may not work but its got to be worth a shot.

The first things is to get the support of the ward councillors and Goole Council. The second thing is to get some professional advice, is there no one in Goole who knows about planning law and has contacts in English Heritage? I think the building should be inspected and assessed by EH as a priority.

The threat of imminent demolition can only be avoided if:
a)the East Riding Council can be persuaded to declare the area around the building a Conservation Area. With professional advice I think Goole could make a very strong case for this in terms of the quality of the immediate townscape and historical associations, or
b) the building is listed -probably unlikely, or
c) the applicant can be persuaded to withdraw the application.

Only an urgent and well organised local campaign campaign can save this building.
Posted by mr broadhead at 22/03/2011 11:58
to bill i have already started to put a few things in motion regaurding the demolishioin of the george.
i have produced an objection letter and have already got several people to sign.
ive tried to organise a meeting with the julie howard partnership who have saved the lowther hotel and howard is big on gooles heritage.
ive been in to east riding yorkshire council and viewd the full plans and it is a joke the new building is 3 storeys high and will be built using red brick they are planning to fill the basement with concrete and where the pub is now that will be the new car park.
i urge all to help and lets stop this happening i am going to go in to goole town council today and seek advice also im going to pay a visit to gooles mp and mayor to see if they can help.
ive written to both papers and there has been no interest in the story. come on help save an important building.
Posted by Bill at 22/03/2011 13:18
To Mr Broadhead. First let me say I am admire you for getting this started. It will be an uphill struggle and the odds of winning are against you. If I lived in Goole I would be glad to help but I am 200 miles away. I will write to the planning authority and local papers to object to the demolition. I will give my further views here for what they are worth,some might say I should mind my own business. But I'm only trying to be helpful because it bothers me that my old town does not seem to care about its important heritage;
1. A meeting with the Julie Howard partnership is an excellent idea it would be fantastic if you could get them on board.
2. As I said previously there is nothing to stop the building being demolished and, according to the supporting info submitted with the planning application, the Design Panel at the East Riding have already agreed the principle of its loss. Therefore there are only two things that can stop it. One is enormous local opposition which ideally should have the full backing of Goole Council.
3. The other, is to demonstrate to the East Riding planners (and the applicant) that a better scheme can be designed which which retains and refurbishes the important parts of the Old George and still allows for substantial redevelopment on the remainder of the site. A tall order I know.
4. I do not think you should spend too much time criticising the design or short comings of the proposed new buildings. It would detract from the main issue which is the principle of demolition. And in any event the details of the new building can be easily resolved through negotiations and planning conditions.
5. I will ask officers of the ERYC Design Panel if they are prepared to visit the site and reassess the case for retaining the building. It would be good if local objectors and if possible Goole Council could do likewise. This is probably the most urgent tactical move.

Again, good luck to you. If you think I can help in any other way you are welcome to contact me via the webmaster.
Posted by mr broadhead at 22/03/2011 16:43
to bill ive been in the eryc today and obtained a complete photo copy of the plans.
i have been in to the courier and spoke with a women there but i dont think they were that botherd ive spoken to goole town council who last night objected the plans and i have a clerks copy of the meeting and the planning consultation they are recommending that it be refused for the following reasons.

a. inadequate parking provision
b. generation of traffic
c. overdevelopment of site
d. potential flloding of the lower ground car park.

ive spoken to the town mayor and he will back the objection and has advised we contact councilor pat 'o' neil
tel. 01405 765863.

i have also been into our local mp office
adrew percy mp and have been given an email address to get in contact with him as he is currently in london his staff said that if we email him he will respond asap the address is

i have had no response from the julie howard partnership and i have left several emails on there lowther hotel site.

eyrc told me that we should get in touch with
building conservation - stephen devey 01482 393710
01482 393632

and to get in touch with english heitage 0870 3331181

i woul appreciate any ones help as i cant do it all.

what steps should i take now ?
Posted by mr broadhead at 22/03/2011 17:49
could any one give me any information on the history of the old george public house formaly george iv inn picture maps pohots any thing from dates owners
Posted by Bill at 22/03/2011 19:00
Hello Mr B., I do hope you have some joy with the Julie Howard Partnership. They will have local knowledge and local contacts and will be able to advise you far better than I can.

From what you say things do seem to be getting a bit messy and you may want to step back for moment and clarify your ideas about what you want to achieve and where to concentrate your efforts.
There are two very different ways in which you can approach this.
1. The first is to object to new scheme on planning grounds because you don't like the new development. Ultimately this will not succeed because a) the proposed land uses are acceptable in principle and b)all the detailed objections to the physical aspects (i.e. the kind made by Goole Council) can be easily overcome. I'm not saying you shouldn't go in this direction only that in my view it wont save the George and the best that can be said for it is that it might buy you a bit of time. I personally wouldn't waste much effort on this.

2. The second is to object on the basis that there are good grounds for preserving the George IN ITS OWN RIGHT. I have said above why I think this is the case. I am assuming that a lot of Goole people agree with me and will sign petitions and write letters of objection saying why they think the building should be kept. But if my assumption is wrong then honestly you are probably wasting your time.

You ask what to do next. This is my opinion.
a) Your strongest line of attack is to get elected members to support you. Through the Mayor and Councillors clarify if Goole Council did not object in principle to the loss of the George because they did not mind it going or because they thought it could not be saved because it's not listed or in conservation area. If the latter, ask if they will reconsider and support a further objection to the loss of the George.
b) Try to get the J. H. Partnership or some good professional advisor to work with you to make a planning case for retaining the building and producing a conservation based scheme which retains the best parts of the George but allows also commercial redevelopment on the rest of the site. And use this to support your objection to East Riding Council.

I realise it's asking the impossible of one man and it has no certainty of succeeding. But it's the best I can do. Good luck.
Posted by mr b at 22/03/2011 21:25
the address given will not work thanks any way

bill once again thanks for your advice looks like im going to be busy but i belive its worth the effort i want let this go without a fight .
come on goole you are all needed to help save the old george
for once lets stand as a community and fight.
Posted by Bill at 23/03/2011 08:57
Mr B. There's a very good photo of the Goerge pub on page 17 of 'Growing up in Goole' Volume 3, by Mike Marsh. I believe there is some historical detail in the text of the Design Statement submitted with the planning application documents. Bill
Posted by Bill at 24/03/2011 12:36
Mr B, I don't want to raise your hopes too much but I have what I think is excellent news. I have been told by a conservation officer at ERYC that they have a well advanced scheme to designate a Conservation Area in Goole and the Old George will be inside that Conservation Area. This is very important because buildings inside a Conservation Area cannot be demolished without specific permission. There is some delay in completing the conservation area designation, partly due to objections by the Port Authority (what is that about??). But if there is a serious chance of the Conservation Area being designated, and there is, then the last thing that anybody should be doing is demolishing buildings - they should be protected pending the conservation area designation. (Why didn't Goole Council know about this??? Apparently there were consultations).

So your line of argument is clear, no planning permission should be granted which allows the demolition of the Old George before the final decision on the propose conservation area has been reached. In my view this is an extremely strong planning argument. I will put this in writing to the application case officer and the head of their design team.

By the way the number you were given for English Heritage is wrong, you should have been given the York, not Swindon!, office. The right number is 0845 3010003. But at the moment they are not interested. I will ask ERYC to give them a prod.
Posted by Bill at 24/03/2011 13:38
Mr B.
for info: copy of my email to ERYC conservation officer:
"Dear Mr Hopkins

As you are aware the current planning application involves the demolition of this building.

It appears that the applicants have been advised that the loss of the building is not an issue because it is not listed nor in a conservation area. I believe this is also the view of the case officer.

I believe that a strong planning case can be made for the retention of this building based on its contribution to the immediate townscape and its historical associations. The building occupies a prime location opposite the Clock Tower which is itself the focus of the town. In short, it makes a significant contribution to the character and function of the area.

More importantly, I have just learn from your colleague, Mr Klockner (apologies if misspelt), of your Council's active proposal to designate a Conservation Area which will include the application site. This I believe is a most material consideration in dealing with the planning application. Surely it would be premature to grant a permission which encourages demolition, prior to the final decison being made on the designation of the conservation area.

In view of this I would like to ask that you to advise your development control colleagues not to determine the application in its present form but to seek a more conservation based scheme which retains the most important parts of the building while allowing substantial commercial and residential redevelopment on the remainder of the site. I am not arguing for the retention of the pub use, although that would be desirable.

Thank you for your attention. I would be particularly grateful if you would let me know if you agree with my comments and suggested course of action.

Your sincerely"
Posted by mr broadhead at 26/03/2011 10:24
hi bill

ive still not had a response from the juliehoward partnership
nor a reply from our local mp adrew percy.

however i did write two articles for both local papers and both were published and this morning one reporter rang me and told me he would like to follow the story.
i know its not much but the publicity and letting the community know whats happening from the follow up in the paper will be great it's a start .

i thank you for your help with letters and information i couldn't of done it on my own.

how soon will we know if the proposed conservation area has been enforced.

i am going to go back in to the town council and speak to them about the conservation area.

i am still in process of getting the community to sign the objection letter and so far we are doing very well.
Posted by Bill at 26/03/2011 15:57
Hi Mr B., sounds like you are doing some good work. I've been trying to dig up some hard info on the proposed conservation area. I can confirm that the ERYC Cabinet resolved to consider conservation area designation on 16/9/08 and reaffirmed it on 20/1/09. I'll phone next week and see what the latest position is. At some point I hopefully will find out what the planning officer's recommendation is and the date of the committee that will decide the planning application. If, despite our efforts, the officers are still supporting the application we will have to write to the chairman and members of the committee.Bill
Posted by mr b at 28/03/2011 09:17
hi bill
im glad you have reserched the conservation area i will write to the pappers using the info you have supplied and tell the community that they is a proposed area and the old george is in that area and that we are waiting for confirmation on this and that the planning should be put on hold untill we have an out come of there decision this will stop another new bridge from taking place.

cheers bill your information and research is grateful.
Posted by mr b at 28/03/2011 11:06
hi bill just wrote an article for both papers with the new info you gave me regaurding the conservation area.

once again thanks for your help.
Posted by Bill at 28/03/2011 12:51
Mr B, if you haven't already submitted the articles you might want to hold back until tomorrow, I have just had a long and useful chat with the conservation officer at Beverly and can give you the latest picture. Although he is sympathetic he is doubtful that the building is of sufficient quality to prevent its demolition. Will post something to you later today.
ps he mentioned the name of Rachel Walker at the Waterway Museum and a member of the Local heritage Group, could she help?
Posted by Bill at 28/03/2011 16:29
Mr B. The best I can get from them in writing is that the Goole conservation area may 'obtain final approval from the full council of the East Riding later this year.' They believe that the probability of an emerging cons area designation is not sufficient to delay or refuse the application. For technical reasons, which I wont go into, they have a point. But as I said earlier the Conservation Argument is our best bet. I still think the odds are against us. But if there is enough local opposition, especially from Goole elected members, then there may be a chance that the planning committee, against their officers' advice, will delay considering the application pending a decision on the conservation area.
If we lose this battle, the future conservation area status will at least increase the chances that we get a decent looking replacement building.
If I hear anything else I will let you know.Otherwise I will send my formal objection to the Council and let you have a copy.
Good luck.
Posted by mr b at 28/03/2011 20:21
hi bill theres always a dead end why doesnt the building have enough history its been there since 1800 and has survived the test of time when the other section of the origanal has gone the old cobles still there on the celler ramp as though your waiting for the horse and cart.
the fresh water well still there and working whats wrong with these people im all up for progress but whith no history there carnt be progress im sick to the back teeth with it all if these people want to destroy what little we have left then so be it we shouldnt even be part of eastriding goole doesnt effect beverly and to them where just a wart on there arse it would be different if the goole people wanted to demolish half of beverly.
im only in my late 20's and ive got kids i enjoy my dad telling me about the past and the stories whats going to be left for me to tell my kids and them there kids thank god im not a council worker they have hearts of stone. RIP GOOLE'S HERITAGE......
Posted by Bill at 28/03/2011 22:56
Hey Mr B stay cool, you have to channel your anger! It's not over until it's over. I suspect ERYC are not aware of the internal historic features of the the building which you refer to. I haven't seen them so I can't comment. But if they are as good as you say you should tell the English Heritage person in York about them and get him to come and take a look. Those may be important. But the main building certainly does not date from 1800, more like 1900 I would say. Seriously, I know there is a strong local feeling that Beverly does not care about Goole and I will comment on this in my objections to the Council making the point that it's time for a change. Cheers, Bill. ps should we be worried that no other locals are joining in our dialogue??
Posted by mr b at 29/03/2011 09:17
hi bill no there are plently of locals that are against as well as the jail house pub, weatherspoons, goole town council, the mayor, andrew percy mp, and ive secured over 100 signed letters against the development.
its just so frustrating half of the council workers dont even live in goole . ive been looking at dates and ive found a set of building plans dated 1891 that has a proposed change from the original look of the building so it must of been built in the 1800s
will have to keep digging and researching the area but theres not a great deal available.
Posted by Bill at 29/03/2011 11:21
Hi Mr B. Thanks for that. I've asked the conservation officer at ERYC to investigate, on site with English Heritage, the original water well and cobbled horse ramp. And I've warned the case officer to expect a petition and to confirm that the application will be decided by a proper committee and not dealt with under delegated powers by officers. Bill
Posted by mr b at 29/03/2011 16:43
hi bill the building has been there since the 1800s when i dont know but ive been in touch with the goole history museaum this morning and there going to get there volunters to research the building going back as far as they can go there going to let me know what they find later in the week.
jailhouse as far as ive been told have got solisitors involved and have had a reply i spoke to the landlord and he has invited me round to see the letter so i hope its good news.
also there is a couple interested in the building and would like to keep it as a pub and rang lda ltd and were told that it is up for sale but they would have to speak to the owner and ask what she would like to do because with the planning it would be worth a lot more money.

the council now have the planning notices up around the building now after i complained 4 times that they had not put them up.

there is still hope bill and ive plenty of fight left !!
Posted by Mr Ed at 01/04/2011 10:29
the well in the Old George can be accessed on Google search typing in Pembertons Brewery artesian Well , the initial page called up refers to the well being artesian and a depth of over 65ft but no reference to the depth of spring water at the well base. incidentally if you searchartesian wells east yorkshire there are a significant number but all are outside and not internal to a building , this must be a strong case for English heritage and for saving this unique historical artefact
Posted by Mr Ed at 01/04/2011 10:30
Couldnt access anything further perhaps Bill might have better luck , seems to have some good solid contacts and advice
Posted by mrb at 01/04/2011 11:31
cheers mr ed i will look in to that ive got a date as early as 1860 for the building and then in 1881 it was the george inn it then became the george iv inn then hotel and then old george.
any information that any body can supply me with regaurding the building even when it was houses i would appreciate it.
Posted by mrb at 01/04/2011 12:08
i cant find any history on pembertons brewary in goole.
Posted by Bill at 01/04/2011 15:24
Mr B & MrEd, I also couldn't google anything useful on Pembertons. But ERYC are treating the possible historic significance of these internal features seriously, here is an extract from a reply I got from the conservation officer " I have contacted Hannah Coldwell, who has written to the applicant requesting further information about the well and horse ramp, she has also passed my details to the applicant if they require a site visit from myself. If we receive any information, or I find anything on a site visit, I will of course update you."
At the moment I am trying to obtain a copy of the conservation area appraisal report and a more specific indication of when the conservation area will be considered by the full Council.The officer dealing with this will be back in the office on Monday, so hopefully I'll know more next week. Bill
Posted by mr b at 02/04/2011 01:30
hi bill the water well is not an issue as i have just been to the old george and the owners this week have destroyed the well and the pump its all laid at the bottom of the stairs in bits i am going into the council first thing monday to report what has happend. i hope they dont get planning and then they cant sell it as they have destroyed the history.
what they have done is unacceptable
so bill where do we go from here ??????????????????????
Posted by Bill at 05/04/2011 19:36
Hi Mr B. Just to say I have sent my objections to the ERYC. I expect that they will eventually appear on their website. As they run to three pages I'm guessing it would not be appropriate to post them here? I can send them to you if you are happy to post your email address. (If you are, to avoid spammers I suggest you substitute the @ bit with AT). Regards, Bill
Posted by BigMac at 05/04/2011 20:46
I think you need might need to check your facts with the local history group about the actual location of Pemberton Brewery. As far as I am aware, Pemberton Brewery and the artesian well were situated in North Street which is now the council built Gibraltar Court site. The Brewery was sold to Icon Heppenstall in the 1800s who had links with Sotheron Arms in Hook and which still belongs to the Heppenstall family. The actual brewery is in living memory and there a still a lot of people around who will remember it well.
Posted by BigMac at 05/04/2011 21:04
Posted by Mrs J at 06/04/2011 08:03
Posted by mr b at 06/04/2011 10:27
to mrs j i think you have the wrong mr b my parents are no longer here and im interested in gooles history thats all.
granted there mybe more then one person with b as a surname. but as you can see above most users of this site post comments with a nickname or there real name.
i do however drink in the pub and i think its an interesting building with lots of history.

i hope some one does buy the building however because it is one of gooles national treasures......
Posted by mr b at 06/04/2011 20:14
thank you mrs j for the link to the history of pembertons.
Posted by Bill at 07/04/2011 21:17
Posted by Severina Faniello at 09/04/2011 23:01
It would indeed be a great pity if The Old George were to be demolished but it is my understanding that the property has been on sale for several years but the owners have been unable to find a buyer. It seems they have reached a stage in life where they want to retire, and running a pub has become too much for them so selling for demolition is their only option. How about if a conservation group was to be formed and raise enough money to buy it?
Posted by BigMac at 15/04/2011 15:11
An excellent and valid point Severina.....

So, those of you who are interested in keeping this building intact for posterity. Here's your golden opportunity to put your money where your mouth is....!!
Posted by Bill at 27/05/2011 19:46
It all seems to have gone quiet on the Old George issue. Also no objections from Goole residents sent to ERYC, or at least nothing on their website. Strange.
Posted by mr b at 14/06/2011 09:47
hi bill sorry its been so long im just trying to find funds to hopefully buy the building and i am in talks with the owners.
Posted by Bill at 14/06/2011 23:24
Dear Mr B. Wow I hadn't realised you were that serious. The very best of luck with that ambitious endeavour. Bill
Posted by Bill at 28/06/2011 15:09
I was pleased to read Stephen Walker's cogent and forceful letter of objection to the Old George planning application. (on ERYC web site). It was also very good to see that Goole now has its own Civic Society.
Posted by mr b at 19/07/2011 19:25
hi bill just an update me and the wife are working on hopefuly buying the pub and keep it as is a pub.
i dont know how long it will take or if it will happen but fingers crossed.
Posted by Pippa at 23/07/2011 18:40
After a wait of 42 years The Lowther canon again sits on the portico over the front door. Howard and Julie have had a replica canon made as close as possible to the original. Makes a change to see something rebuilt for once.
Posted by John H. at 11/09/2011 17:38
Does anyone have information about the bombing of Goole in August 1915? How many lives were lost, which areas were affected? My Grandfather always said his 2 young sisters were killed during the war and while researching some familt history I've found 2 young girls with his surname who died aged 6 and 4 around Aug/Sep that year. Unfortunately my Grandfather is no longer with us and I don't live in the area so am unable to visit Goole to view any archive information. Any info would be much appreciated :)
Posted by Robert at 16/09/2011 20:14
Re: John H
Try googling Goole at War-The Goole Experience where there is information on a zeppelin attack on 9th August 1915.There were 16 deaths, aged 8 months to 74, due to bombing in the Axeholme Street/Aire Street area.
Two children aged 6 (Beatrice Alice Harrison) and 4 (Florrie Harrison) are mentioned and their father,George, a marine fireman,died 2 days later.Hope this helps.
Coincidently my cousins have the name Harrison and live in Goole.
Posted by Bill at 13/01/2012 18:12
The planning application on the Old George has been dormant for a long time. But I notice on the EYRC website that the Council's Conservation Officer has just posted his observations on the scheme. He argues strongly against demolition.
Posted by Mrs J at 20/01/2012 17:01
Posted by Bill at 20/01/2012 20:07
Dear Mrs J, Nothing of what I have said is intended to be a personal criticism of you and I understand and sympathise with the difficult financial position in which you find yourself. My only interest has been an affection for what remains of the traditional and historically important buildings of Goole. And some fond family memories associated with this old pub. Alas, I can not offer a solution. I just hope that a developer will come forwards with a conservation based scheme scheme that retains the important elements the building whilst allowing a profitable commercial development of the rest of the site. Best wishes. Bill
Posted by Bill at 19/10/2012 18:39
Are the CCTV cameras still on top of the clock tower? I'm thinking I might have another attempt to get them removed. I've got a bit more info about them from ERYC who indicate that the final decision is down to Goole Town Council. Any support for such a campaign??
Posted by Steve at 29/11/2012 14:47
Regarding the CCTV on the clock tower try contacting the Goole Civic Society to see if they are interested in the case.
Posted by sparkle at 22/10/2013 16:26
Just like to say New Potter Grange was only empty for 5 months when the 1st fire took place the second fire which resulted in its demolition was in January 2009 not neglected for that long
Posted by Bob Watson at 16/01/2014 15:35
Do you have any information please about the factories that lay on the north side of the Goole Knottingley canal after Rawcliffe Bridge, going west. Was one of them a CRODA plant? What was the other?
I think they remained until the mid seventies.

With best wishes and thanks

Bob Watson
Posted by Anon Old Codger at 01/05/2014 19:18
All the people who made all the comments on trying to save the Old George, please help by keeping it now by calling in and having a meal and just see what as been done to the Pub.
My wife and I have had several meals at the George all meals have been spot on,don't take my word go and see for yourself,The food will speak for itself and guarantee you will enjoy your meal,I'm a new reader to this site all what was said about the Old George that it had to be saved I thought I had to have my little say by recommending it.
Anon Old Codger.
Posted by Keith at 16/05/2014 12:04
Whats happening with the Arcade in Goole, its been gated now for a very long time. When is it going to be opened once again to the public? Who owns it ?
Posted by Tony Clyne at 17/05/2014 11:53
KEITH, wholeheartedly agree used to buy most of my records from A to Z Electrics, there was a cafe,Cleggs Salerooms,Arcade Electrics, Arcade Gowns, bought my girlfried a dress there, she`s been my wife for 51years now, she made a similar comment to you when we drove past the other day. Bye TC
Posted by Tom Hardman at 07/04/2015 19:51
I don't visit the place much but a recent visit to the cemetery to put flowers in the garden of remembrance for my mother & father I could not help but notice that this once proud town looked tired and scruffy. Bill Styring once borough surveyor took pride in keeping the town clean and especially at Christmas making sure the lights were spectacular. Roads clean and well maintained. The port was always busy. The town busy with people and the Saturday market thriving. What has happened to the town I knew. It has lost its sole and character. The council needs a good kick in the preverbal. Get it back to what it once was. The young deserve better
Posted by Yorkshire Pudd at 04/09/2015 22:57
Goole can now be proud that the Courthouse and Zeppelin Memorial have been given listed status mostly through the hard work of the Goole Civic Society and Goole First World War Group
Unfortunately the Civic society were just too late to save the New Bridge Hotel as English Heritage were due to assess it for listing status on a Wednesday and the demolition men turned up on the previous Sunday early in the morning !! MayBe the developers of the land where the New Bridge once stood should be made to build a replica of the original or ar least a building having similar features to original even if it will now have a different use . Fortunately there are people in Goole who do care about our Towns heritage and will continue to do so . Yorkshire Pudd.
Posted by Bill at 10/02/2016 13:46
I was wondering if it was only me that continues to be outraged by the ugly camera on top of the clock tower. Apparently it is, as the Town Clerk advises me that mine is the only complaint in 17 years. Also that the Council doesn't have the money or inclination to replace or remove them any time soon. It is a shame that one of most significant historic structures in the town has to be disfigured in such a way. Especially as a much smaller less obtrusive camera could do the crime watch function just as well.
Posted by Fiona Moate at 26/04/2016 09:42
A great advert for the town to the new visitor
Posted by carrie at 16/05/2016 00:03
Eastgate isn't that bad. It's a bit rough now but it was nice when my brother had no 60 in 1993-2001.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 17/04/2017 13:10
The town seemed to have missed a great opportunity. A statue of the man who wrote "Last of the Summer Wine" hailed from Goole. Yet no recognition of this. Oh how you fail to make the town a noticeable landmark. Come on council wakey wakey
Posted by Neil McKay at 03/02/2018 21:24
Anyone following this thread, or interested more broadly in conservation, may be interested in the petition, which can be reached via the link below. This now has over 7000 signatures, and is designed to bring pressure on the government to change the law to ensure that buildings are given temporary protection while under consideration for listing. I would be very grateful if you could sign and share it as widely as possible. Thanks.
Posted by Bill at 21/08/2020 22:54
Anyone know if anything is happening on the campaign to find a use for the Market Hall. The Civic Society's website seems to have gone quiet on this (and other ) matters?

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