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Posted by Sheila Marston (nee Parkin) at 29/05/2010 16:20
Posted by Barbara Pollard (Clyne) at 11/06/2010 14:45
School Reunion. As mentioned previously the reunion being organised by Pam Revell(Teale) is to take place at The Peacock North Street Goole on 3rd July 2010. This is aimed at the class of September 1962 when we all started at the Goole Grammar School, leaving in 1967 - 1969 depending whether you stayed on at 6th Form. So if you remember myself - Barbara Clyne, Pauline Bristow or Pam Teale we hope you will join us on the night.
Posted by SHEILA MARSTON (PARKIN) at 18/06/2010 15:57
modern school reunion october 23rd at vikings
the above reunion has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances sheila
Posted by Phil Gray at 12/11/2010 00:13
Hi Barabara
Have just found this site and read with interest a lot of memories from GGS. Whilst I left in 1966 to come to Australia, I still have great memories of my school years infant, primary and secondary). Obviously I missed the reunion as I was not aware of it and was 12,000 miles away.

It seems incredible that it was 48 years ago that we started at GGS. How many turned up to the reunion?
Posted by sue powles [fielder] at 21/03/2012 19:31
Posted by jo burchill at 02/02/2013 23:39
I used to attend Goole Grammar school between 1974 and 1979 are there any students around from that era and can you tell me if the school is still in use and who would I speak to discuss a tour for old time sake. I visited goole today 3rd February 2013 and a couple of years ago and the school still stands behind temporary fencing what is that all about please. I remember sitting in one of the top front classrooms with my chair on two legs and being told off for it.

Thank you for you time

Oh and can anyone tell me if richard cooper street is still standing or has it been bulldozed into the achives, my gran used to live down there.

Many thanks again

Jo from york
Posted by Peter King at 04/08/2014 19:18
I attended Goole Grammar School 1936-1942. I do expect there will be many left who there at the same time. If there is, I would be interested to here from them.
Posted by David Hunt at 09/08/2014 00:30
Jo burchill. The school was been done up and now is an Acadamy.
Posted by Jane MacRae(Chevis) at 11/05/2016 16:18
I attended GGS between 1959-1966 and would love to hear from anyone in the same year. Fond memories of my days at good to relive them..
Posted by Malcolm Blades at 05/02/2017 19:31
I was at GGS 1977 to1979 whilst I stayed at Greanawn I remember some good times I remember one girl in my class was very nice to me I can only remember her first name Victoria I seam to remember her mother had a stall on Goole market if you know who you are I would like to say thank you for making me feel welcome as not many people did.
Posted by Alan Cumberworth at 20/07/2017 07:24
I attended GGS 1940- 1945 don't suppose there are many who remember me

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