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From:Paul Clarke
Date:30 Mar 2000
Subject:Goole, now in London


I couldn't believe it when I was surfing for a florist to send some for mothers day and found this amazing site I too left Goole as soon as I got the chance, I worked in Hull for a few years in the what was then Fosters Menswear (used to be in the Goole shop) I then left the North to search for a higher standard of living, which I'm glad to say I've found in London

I really enjoyed reading the feedback page and some of the opinions of people who no longer live there One thing I will point out to readers of my mail, check out fame claim and click on Dave England (cricket Player) and amusing hyperlink to a porn site (what does that say about Dave?)

I want to go down on the record to say I loved life in Goole, even though getting a regular head kicking down Blood Alley wasn't a highlight I hope some of the girls still remember the Chocksta with fond memories, (I wish) good to see the photos and keep up the site, it's pretty cool

Paul Clarke