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From:Sarah Grassby
Date:16 Mar 2000
Subject:We're saying hello from Syd, Oz!


We just thought we'd let you know that we're here in nice and sunny Oz and we don't want to come back to Goole if at all possible, but I may have to as I think that I've left my iron on and it would be a drain on the council's finances for lunch if the fire brigade had to come out, but at least it would give them an excuse to increase the council tax this time!

Well we obviously visited the web site while we were browsing one day and it kept us highly amused.

Only one complaint about the site and that's that we'd like to know more on the gossip front i.e. births, deaths and marriages page of the Goole Times. Oh and we wouldn't mind knowing who's been up in court lately either but yet again I don't suppose that you've got the time to write down half the population of Goole on this site. Just worth a thought though.

We forgot Zoe Goddard has another complaint of that you could have used a better picture of her old school of Kingsway Middle and do you know that it's even got an all weather pitch (another bit for you to add to the site).

Obviously from the site we gathered that you're a frequent visitor to the Old George and Zoe has another message that she would like you to pass on to Ray (you know the codhead) and it goes like this, "Have you got my postcard yet and if you have then I hope that it's in the most prominent place in the pub because if not then don't expect a stick of rock bringing back from Oz!".

So bye for now and keep doing the web site and we may even look it up again soon to see if anything's changed.