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From:Peter Leeman
Date:20 October 2001
Subject:An Ex-Goole Dude Downunder

I was just surfing and came across your website.

I attended GGS between 1959-66 and have never lived there since!! I joined the Brit Army, emigrating in 1981, and the closest I ever got to Goole again (except for visits) was a two year stint at Kirton-in-Lindsey near sunny Scunny.

I have lived in Australia since 1978 and cannot ever imagine returning to Goole except to visit my Mum and sister Sue. I now live in the Dandenong Ranges just outside Melbourne.

Every time I have been back I have never seen any of the old school gang, which is disappointing and I often wonder where they all are. From the other gene poolies, it seems that they will be spread far and wide.

It was interesting reading the other e-mails and reminiscing over some of the teachers - I remember Miss Potter, Mr Petch, Arnie Chappel, Boilerhead, Mr Hutchinson, Mr Townsend and Lennie the Head, who once saw fit to give me the cane.

Goole appears to be largely unchanged and it is difficult to draw a parallel with anywhere else I have ever been, but then I have never been to Zlotov.

Love to here from anyone of the same era who remembers me.

Regards from Down Under

Peter Leeman