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From:Robert Ward
Date:26 September 2001
Subject:Cross Country Runs

In response to the mention of cross country runs in the section on GGS.

They usually took place in snowy or icy weather when the school pitches were unusable for alternative forms of torture. There were a variety of routes: Airmyn crossings, fever hospital path, Mad Dog Lane. We once got chased by a farmer with a gun when an enterprising student teacher invented his own route across the fields from Rawcliffe Road to Airmyn.

But as you say, people used to find ways to make it easier. Richard Jennings, who lived in Western Road, just used to pop home in his running clothes and then go back to school at around the time he thought it would have taken him to do the whole thing, taking care of course not to be amongst the first back which could have risked being selected to represent his House in some sporting event or other.

The games teacher, Ellis Postill ("you silly willy nilly"), eventually suspected something and one day greeted his return "Ah Jennings! Nice to see you. Did you enjoy your cup of tea?" The reply "Coffee actually Sir" did not help. As a result Richard then had to do a cross country run all on his own to Boothferry Bridge one evening after school. He had to report back the height shown on the plate at the top of the bridge. Anyway, he got a little way along Airmyn Road when someone, it could have been Steve Kelly, came along on his bike, so Richard just had to wait while* whoever it was came back with the required information.

(*while=local usage).

Robert Ward