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From:Helen and Elizabeth Collinson
Date:16 August 2001
Subject:Some thoughts about Goole for you...

Thank you for many entertaining hours looking at this brilliant site. We appreciate the information and the presentation. Please do keep it up! We are 2 sisters who spent our "formative" years in Goole and send you the following memories:

1) If you were born in Burnley but brought up in Goole from being very small, lived abroad (Aden, Germany, Australia) and then came back again, does that count for the Gene Pool? Now living in South Cave and Headingley.

2) When they were building the Ouse Bridge over the river the top section at the Goole side fell off and had to be stuck back up again.

3) We went to the Whitsuntide Parades through town in the early 1960s. Always got a new dress, white cardigan & shoes.

4) Nowhere on the site does it mention the prostitutes. Good for the Goole economy. We remember them bringing foreign currency into the NatWest bank on a Monday morning to change it into sterling and going to try shoes on in Curtis' shoe shop when they weren't wearing knickers.

5) Cod liver oil pills were dished out at Alexandra Street primary school.

Unlike many I would be happy to live in Goole again. I know that several of my contemporaries are in Goole as my mother tells me so but despite visiting at least once a fortnight for the last 15 years or so the only person I've ever seen in the town is Voirrey Booth. (once!). Where do they hide?

Thanks again.

Helen and Elizabeth (both nee Collinson)