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From:Ronald Cutter
Date:27 July 2001
Subject:Goole on the Web - 27/07/2001

I was born in Goole in 1938 & lived in Elm Avenue at No. 12 & also went to Boothferry Road & the Grammar School, before being called up for National Service at 18. Since then I haven't been to Goole very often tho' was there for 3 days (that was enough) at the end of May this year.

Goole has changed only a little compared to most other places but from reading the Goole Times each week it seems most Goolies are frightened of change and don't want it anyway tho' I fear what has changed hasn't bettered the place much anyway. Despite all that I guess I still have an affection for the place or I wouldn't read the local rag regularly.

I have lived in Sydney since 1979 & have lived in North Bondi (10 minute walk from the beach) for the last 15 years. I guess there are more Goolies away from the place than in it so I guess another spot on the map is warranted.

Regards to all Goolies

Ron Cutter