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From:Mark Pierce
Date:25 May 2001
Subject:Hello sunny Goole!

When I left Sixth Form at Goole Grammar I started work at CNS, now PA, in Howden.

I still visit my mum and dad in Goole now and again. I've lived down Elsie Street, Murham Avenue and Ilkeston Avenue. It's amazing the amount of people who have left! It's got loads of fond memories, but I don't think I could ever move back.

I now live in Pocklington (after 3 years in York) and work in Beverley, as Design Manager of Paradigm-ICT. I mainly work on internet education school products. I still support Hull City! I've played guitar in a few bands, and am currently recording a solo album too.

Erm, what else? Oh, I'm married to Becky! I have a beautiful wife, who is also my best mate.

That's it I guess. It'd be great if any old mates got in touch!