Goole on the Web
This site is meant to be taken tongue in cheek

From:Jon Patrick
Date:13 May 2001
Subject:Re: Gene Pool

Love the site.

As an ex Goolie, I still have family in the town so do get the chance to keep in touch.

I left in 1984 for the Metropolis of Leeds to work with a firm of leisure surveyors, Christie & Co. Stints in Newcatle and London followed and I'm now back in Leeds (still with C&Co) and live just outside York, with wife Joanne and Patricks junior (Laura 7 and James 5).

For those who recall my ( free from violence) days on the Rugby field with GGS or the rugby club, these are long gone now due to total body fall out and over use of the Goole Kiss.

That boy band of the 70's "Dry Ice" also featured on my CV and I'm happy to report the four of us (Ian Walsh, Mark Denis and Terry Fenton) had a 24 year reunion in February - Thank fully we didn't strike a chord in anger!

I still like the way so many people have heard of Goole - it's a great "Ice Breaker" - maybe it's the fact that we can laugh at ourselves that sets the Goolie apart from others.

Great Web site whoever you are.


Jon Patrick