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From:Carole Proctor
Date:9 May 2001
Subject:Yet another ex-Goolie...

Hi to all current Goolies and ex-pats

I've just read your website and found it very amusing and witty. Especially reading some of the comments from the ex-pats of Goole. But then it's easy to laugh when you no longer live there isn't it...Ha Ha!! For my sins, I was born and bred in Goole but escaped by the skin of my teeth in the early 1990's to Univ. as a mature student. Please put a red dot on your map for me in Stockton on Tees, UK, Goolie world-domination is only a matter of time away...

I attended Alexandra Street Infants and Juniors (late 60's early 70's)and Goole Grammar School between 1972-1977. My maiden name is Needham and my mum and brother still reside in God's Little Acre (mmmm??). I worked for Croda Chemicals Limited, Cowick Hall, between 1979-1989. If anyone out there knows me then I would welcome your messages and will try to respond accordingly.

Keep up the excellent work on the website.