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From:Ian Bowie
Date:20 March 2001
Subject:Movers & Shakers - 20/03/2001

You have a erratum in your text or a fly in your ointment or whatever.

"Thomas Hamond" should read: "Thomas Hamond Bartholemew" -- the father of WHB, in fact. It is good that you give him a mention because he is often eclipsed by his famous offspring. However, to say that "he was responsible for the building of the canal" is an overstatement as he did not come into the picture until 1825. He did contribute a lot in his time with the Aire & Calder but George Leather (one of the big names of the canal age and whose biography shouldn't be too hard to find) did more on the initial construction side, based on early plans prepared by the great John Rennie just before his death. (Vol. 1, "The Canals of Yorkshire and North East England" by Charles Hadfield, pub. David & Charles)

It was a bit mean of you to take your web-cam photo of Goole on a flag day.

Ian Bowie

(former resident of Dunhill Road who used to watch the football from the window).