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From:Rebecca Waude
Date:8 Jan 2001
Subject:Yorkie turned Lancie!!!

Dear GOTW,

How we laughed........

This site is cracking although I can't help wondering if it homes into that Goolie wit which could not be appreciated by any other UK residents??

I chanced across this site and not only split my sides at the way in which the site represents Goole (IT'S SOOOOOOO TRUE) but noticed my SISTER'S email is on the site back in 99!!

I lived in Goole before moving to Uni at York in 95. After graduating in 98, I moved to Preston, Lancashire for the job of my dreams......... I'm still here and glad to look back at Goole and see that NOTHING HAS CHANGED. That is what is so unique about the place, I love going back to visit the family down Clifton Gardens.

If anyone reads this and knows me (Rebecca Waude) or my b'friend (Tim Webster) send us a email for all time's sake. (Yes, that includes you Sarah!!)

One last thing, keep up the good work and we promise to travel further afield to spread the Goolie genes globally.

All the best, Rebecca and Tim.