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Barmby on the Marsh

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Posted by Ethel Brumsworthy at 26/07/2005 21:03
Barmby, what a charming, idyllic place to while away one's days of youth. How I miss the bygone era and my horse plough!
Posted by patrick horton at 27/04/2007 16:02
Does flooding now affect the houses and other buildings?
Can they still get flood insurance?
Posted by willo at 06/12/2007 22:29
My mother has lived in Barmby all her life, nearly 90 years, and she says the village has never flooded. There has been some flooding nearby, 1947 the banks broke towards Wressle but as Barmby is built on a bit of a ridge the water went on its way towards Howden, no doubt following the old course of the Derwent which originally ran through Howden.

By the way the brick built tower of the church has always been on the west end. The wells didn't seem to work that well either because in the south west corner of the churchyard that is where they buried the cholera victims or so i've always been told.
Posted by Carole at 01/02/2008 16:42
My mother Joan (maiden name Stones) and her brother Miles William were the children of Thomas William Hind Stones a farmer from Barmby. Unfortunately my mother and uncle are both deceased but I shall never forget the stories of my mother's happy childhood in the village. I understand that most of the area was farming and that the Stones family had many relatives and connections throughout the region including Goole and Hull.

Names of related families that spring to mind are Eastwood, Rockett, Everatt, Falkingham and Taylor (my maternal grandmother was a Taylor from Rawcliffe).
Posted by Graham Brown at 22/02/2008 16:04
Visited the village on 16th February and found the graves of my great grandfather and his wife Wilson and Sarah Annie Brown, and his mother and father John and Sarah Brown and son William and daughter Eliza. Wilson and his son John Chadwick were wheelwrights and painters in the village. Wilsons son Wilson Hartley Brown went on to become an engineer in Bradford and then became a farmer at Bradbury Grange Farm, Swillington Common near Garforth.
Posted by jackie rushton at 29/03/2008 17:18
I am researching the family tree, and on the 1901 have come across a ggreat aunt Emily H Douglas, wife to Aaron Douglas victualler of the Sloop Inn. Emily died in 1914, they had 3 sons, james, joseph & william (twins) I would be grateful of any info anyone may have. Is the Sloop Inn still standing?.
Posted by willo at 01/05/2008 22:53
regarding the Sloop Inn it is still in the village and now a private house. I remember as a child an old woman standing at the door and shouting at something in the distance. I used to think she was mad, Maybe she was !!!

Regarding James Douglas, in the 50s I can remember a man I knew as Jimmy Douglas being the foreman of the Catchment Board (looked after the rivers) who worked from Barmby. He also lived in Barmby in North St. I know he was a Barmby man and unfortunately I cannot remember when he died but my mother is 89 and he was quite a bit older than her. A guy called Des Streets mother married him and he still lives in the village so he may know more. Hope that is some help
Posted by Dave Eggs at 13/05/2008 20:37
I live in Barmby
Posted by Brian Faggotts at 17/05/2008 11:31
`The village is by far, a beauty to behold. Men and boys doth til the land, and fingers worked to flesh and bone doth see the sun in morning glow. With fuscia and ivy running wild in hedgerows and up on hill and vale. But all that men and boys doth crave, is beer, and cider and froth, and cows and sheep and eggs, to get them through their poor wretched, wretched days.`

Extract taken from: `Ode to the marsh`, by Sir James Saville, OBE, Leeds (and Scarborough)
Posted by David Icke at 05/07/2008 17:02
Hello everyone. My name is Dave, and i`m coming to live in Barmby on the Marsh, which will hopefully make my life easier when i get elected.

Thanks very much. `Big up` to Dave Eggs!
Posted by Norma Stits at 19/07/2008 20:51
Well, i`ve lived in Barmby for nearly 65years, and i`ve never heard of Dave Eggs!!

I`m going to the bingo tonight in the shire hall at Howden, then i`m off to the chippy to get my favourite meal of roasted mars bars with quayles eggs dipped in 2week old used chip fat and beef drippin`, then fried lightly `til golden brown and served onto a bed of goose feathers and couscous.

Then, for afters i`m gonna have diced plums with guano, served onto a bed of rock salt and crushed charcoal, with condensed milk and a current tea cake laced with wood preservative

Mmmm, mmmm, by `eck, they don`t do dinners like they used to.
Posted by Ollie Bell at 23/07/2008 10:13
Hi, i`m Ollie, and i`m a sparky. I don`t live in Barmby, But some people do.
Posted by annabell lecter at 23/07/2008 17:07
i am planning to have some people for lunch next weekend. i am writing to invite anybody local to come and join me in the pub to meet up and then join me at mine for a bite to eat. due to last years mishaps could everyone attending please ensure good hygene and possibly use some lotion. thank you
Posted by corby bunting at 23/07/2008 18:48
I would love to be invited for a meal with Norma and Annabel. That would indeed be an experience to remember.
Posted by Dave Baffs at 24/07/2008 10:13
Hey, i`m Baffsy, hi.
Posted by Adrian Colley at 24/07/2008 10:13
Hey, i`m Adrian Colley, from York. Hi back at ya.
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 28/07/2008 21:43
Dave, Brian, Norma, Ollie, Anna, Adrian, Hugh, Bob,

I'm sure you're all genuine Barmby Marshians, but your messages are starting to get too 'off-topic'.
Posted by heather hird at 19/08/2008 09:10
My great great grandfather,Edward (& Anne)Thompson lived at Westonby Hall in 1834, but can't find any record of it. Perhaps it was demolished? He then went on to live at Knedlington Hall.
Posted by Marjorie parkin at 06/09/2008 19:14
My father was a Leetham from Barmby, also on my mothers side we had a Solomon Thompson who was born in Barmby in 1824 he had been a sergeant in the indian mutiny then came back home to be a tailor and had a sacking buisiness, his daughter Katherine married my G Grandfather George Terry, she also had a brother Edward Thompson they lived at Westonby.
Posted by Andrius Pavilonis at 08/09/2008 16:01
My name is Andrius, I was living in Mr. Michael Jackson farm in year 1997 for 6 month. Was working there. Maybe somebody knows him? Is he well? Is it possible to get his emaill? Or his son email? Thanks!
Posted by willo at 17/09/2008 22:40
Westonby is the area at the west end of the village and starts where North st meets High st at the Fleet lane end. It continues all the way to the Ferry. There are some houses along the north side of the road that start with the name Westonby, eg Westonby Villa.
Posted by Linda Tittle at 07/11/2008 21:37
I am the great grand daughter of Soloman Thompson who returned to Barmby in 1866 after being in the army in India, he had I believe 13 children my maternal grandfather being the 11th (Alfred) I dont know of any sister called Katherine.My Great, great grandfather William died of cholera in1833 and is buried in St Helens Churchyard
Posted by linda tittle at 10/11/2008 14:21
My mistake Catherine Terry ( nee THompson ) was Solomans eldest child born in Kingthorpe Northants in 1856 closely followed by Robert in 1857
Posted by Paul R Orr at 12/01/2009 12:23
My Robert Hutchcroft was born here in 1670. His marriage to Ann Leaper resulted in son Robert Hutchcroft b. 1699 and then Robert's son was born in Spaldington, Bubwith in 1720.
Posted by heather hird at 02/03/2009 20:19
Edward Thompson was born 1807,(my g g grndfthr) in Barmby. His parents were Thomas (Howden 1781) & Mary (Goole 1785), but can't find any trace of the parents, or other family members. Edward is buried in Thorne. Do you think Solomon was related? Does anybody fancy a session in the churchyard to clear it?
Posted by Linda Tittle at 03/03/2009 13:27
Hello heather,
(John) Soloman Thompson's parents were William (b.1799) and Mary Noble (b.1801) but just for confusion there were 2 John Soloman Thompsons living in Barmby in the 1800s. The other J.S. Thompson was a farmer There are 13 Thompsons buried in St Helens churchyard, none of which is an Edward
Posted by Marjorie parkin at 04/03/2009 16:22
In 1851 there was a Edward Thompson lived at Knedlington Old Hall with his wife Ann and six children he was a farmer of 211 acres.
Posted by heather hird at 09/03/2009 19:03
Yes, Marjorie, thats him, my g. g. grandfather, looking for his parents & any brothers & sisters he had. Thankyou
Posted by Heather Hird at 09/03/2009 19:17
Thanks Linda, not sure if I can tie them up! Thanks Marjorie, yes, thats him,Knedlington Hall. trying to find his parents, Thomas & Mary or any brothers & sisters. I think a sister was Helen (b.1809). Thankyou!
Posted by marjorie parkin at 11/03/2009 19:20
Hello Heather, i don't know about Edwards parents but on the 1851 census he was down as being born in Goole and his wife Ann born at Scurf Hall which i think was near Drax, hope this is of some help, Marjorie
Posted by marjorie parkin at 11/03/2009 19:45
Hello Linda, it is confusing the 2 John Solomon's, it is perhaps where i have some detail wrong but i think we are descendents of the same John Solomon, i wondered if you had any information of his time in India as my cousin has a trophy presented to Serj Solomon Thompson by his brother Serjeant as a mark of respect H.M 98th regiment, Marjorie
Posted by Linda Tittle at 12/03/2009 21:19
Yes we are related we are descended from the same Soloman Thompson.I have lots of info. on his children but unfortunately his army record is held at the National archives at Kew and will require a visit.His 3rd child (William) was born in Peshwar on the North west frontier.According to Catherine,s birth cert. Soloman (then known as John) was a master tailor in the 98th regiment of Foot,He came back to England in 1866, his wife Elizabeth giving birth to their 5th child on board ship in the Bay of Biscay.I would be very interested to learn more about the trophy you mention.
Posted by marjorie parkin at 18/03/2009 11:32
Hello Linda, i have not a lot of information about the trophy only that g grandmother Catherine took it with her when she married my g grandfather george, very well respected member of the community and big church members. I do have the local paper with her obituary in naming all her family and where they lived at the time, there was a E thompson( brother) & A thompson (nephew)Asselby a lot of the family moved away from Barmby. Which member of the family did you descend from?
Posted by marjorie parkin at 18/03/2009 19:43
Sorry Linda i see you mentioned your grandfather earlier.
Posted by Linda Tittle at 18/03/2009 20:03
Hi Marjorie My maternal grandfather was Alfred (b1876) the 12th child.On the 1891 census he is living with his sister Sarah ( married name Barnes) in Accrington Lancs also on this census is another sister Mary Ann living at the same address some confusion here , cos there is a Mary Ann aged 9 months buried in Solomans grave in St. Helen,s churchyard but she appears on the 1871 census aged 4yrs.Alfred moved to Rawtenstall when he got married I presume this was because of work in the cotton mills another sister Rosetta (b 1868 married name Patrick)was also living in Rawtenstall in 1901
Posted by Linda Tittle at 21/03/2009 23:25
Hi Majorie the A. Thompson ( nephew) mentioned on the obituary would have been my grandfather.
Posted by Linda Tittle at 22/03/2009 10:47
sorry my grandfather Alfred is obviously Catherine's brother not nephew
Posted by Andrew Quackenbush at 20/04/2009 04:43
Hi Cousins Linda and Marjorie and others...I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, but have Thompson roots in Barmby. I was enthralled with the village when I visited there in 2004 and was happy to find the grave of William Thompson (buried 13 Aug 1832), husband of Mary Noble. William was my g-g-g-grandfather. I am descended through his son Edward, born 1831 in Barmby, who moved to Hull, then emigrated to Canada with his family in 1863.
Posted by marjorie parkin at 10/05/2009 19:47
Hi, Andrew, I did here of relatives moving to Canada, infact i do remember in my much younger days of a cousin Walter from Canada visiting the family at the farm where we lived in Hemingbrough, the other side of the river to Barmby. Linda and i haven't met yet but are about to were i am sure we will be catching up on bits we have gathered together.
Posted by Linda Tittle at 04/06/2009 11:47
Hi Andrew I had no idea I had relations in Canada! Edward would have been Solomans ( my g. grandfather ) brother.Can you tell me anything about him? I have just spoken to Marjorie for the first time and we are going to meet up to share information. Linda
Posted by heather hird at 22/06/2009 06:48
It is strange, all these Thompsons & none seem to be related to my g.g.g.grandfather Edward who was born there in 1807! There must be a connection somewhere you would think. Oh well.
Posted by Colin Hunt at 26/06/2009 12:12
Hi!! Linda
I married Shirley Thompson in 1964, her family are definitely the descendants of the Thompsons from Barmby. Shirley's grandad was Walter Robert Thompson (tells me that the first born male of the family was always Robert and that was true for several generations) born about 1896 who died in 1950 he was a farmer at Yokefleet. We have a very large bible and in the front there is a long list of the family, when they were born and where etc.,

The reason for the two Mary Ann's is that the 9 month old died and so the next girl was called Mary ann. Without looking it up I think the parents did this twice. The other being a boy who died young.
Posted by linda tittle at 06/07/2009 21:22
Hi Heather its very confusing ,there was alot of Thompsons living in the Barmby area all related to each other and whats more confusing is that they all called their children by the same names , there is an awful lot of Roberts, John Solomans , Edwards and Williams living at the same time so its very difficult to find out who your direct ancestors were but we must be related somewhere along the line!
Posted by Ann (nee Corney) at 11/07/2009 22:58
My great, great grandfather lived in Barmby and is buried in St. Helens Church. He was called David Clark Corney and his wife was Rebecca. They had six children and lived in Barmby High Street. One of these children was my grandfather called William Corney, born in 1898. Does anyone remember any Corney's living in the village in the early to mid 1900's?
Posted by patti sweeney at 12/07/2009 23:13
My mother, Molly Falkingham (married Elwell) was born in Barmby in 1916 and lived there until 1945 when she married my father a Canadian officer and became a war bride and moved overseas. Some of the names she remembers are Everett , Bramley & Holey. She had a brother Robert Falkingham who lived in Wressel until he passed away. She has many fond memories of her childhood.
Posted by Linda Tittle at 26/07/2009 21:35
Hi Colin,
If you can give me a bit more info. about your wifes Thompson ancestors I might be able to give you some information.I don,t know of a Walter Thompson born about 1896
Posted by Colin at 28/07/2009 17:37
Hi Linda
According to the family bible, Walter Robert Thompson was born Dec 1st 1886 and married Maria Scoffins 1911. I could email copies of the pages to you if you would like to see them. Somes of the names are difficult to read because they were originally written in pencil and the text has faded.
Posted by Linda Tittle at 01/08/2009 20:47
Hi Colin,
Walter was the son of Robert Thompson ( brother to my grandfather Alfred and also brother to Catherine ,Marjories great grandmother) so we are related to your wife!
Robert was the 2nd child of soloman THompson and his wife Elizabeth ( nee Berrill) and was born in Shorncliffe in Kent in 1857
Robert married Hannah Maria Levitt in 1866 and they had at least 6 children the oldest being Walter.
Stuart please pass my email address onto Colin Thanks
Posted by Shirley Thompson at 03/08/2009 22:05
Hello all you Thompson's from barmby on the Marsh.
(I'm not the Shirley Thompson previously mentioned) I'm a Thompson by marriage. I have been researching the Thompsons for a few years now and have met Andrew when he visited a few years back. Our side of the family are through Robert Thompson. Walter Thompson was my husbands great Uncle (his grandfather was Frederick Thompson. My father in law was Robert Thompson and his eldest son is also Robert Arthur Thompson.
Amazing to find others looking.
Please e-mail me if I can help.
Posted by Patricia Hurd at 05/08/2009 07:37
I am trying to find some information regarding my three times great grandmother Susannah Thompson who was born in 1795.
she had a daughter Catharine born in 1820, but did not marry. I think she died in either 1852 or 1853. On her last record in the 1851 census she was in the workhouse.
Posted by Linda Tittle at 08/08/2009 20:21
I'm getting very confused about all these THompsons that are turning up! especially 2 Shirleys.
Colin did you manage to get my email address if so I would be very interested in seeing whatever copies of family history you have in the bible you mentioned
Posted by Val Cook at 10/08/2009 20:41
My great great grandfather was John Martin who was parish clerk for 42 Years. He died and was buried in 1915. I am interested to know which house he lived in. I have been told that it had the village pump outside.
Posted by marjorie parkin at 10/08/2009 21:01
Hi Patricia, there was a Susannah 45 who lived with a Mary Thompson at south street in 1841.
Posted by willo at 13/09/2009 22:28
Regarding the CORNEY name I remember a Mrs Corney living in Barmby. she lived in the last terrace house on the left just after the pub. I think she died there around about 1960 ish.
Posted by Patricia at 03/10/2009 12:48
Hi Val,
John Martin, parish clerk, was also my g/g/grandfather. He lived in various houses along High Street. Do you know much about him?
Regards, Trish
Posted by Val Cook at 06/10/2009 19:37
Hi Trish.

John Martin came to Barmby from Broomfield in Somerset and was a weaver. I have family info from 1823 to 1930s. Who were your great grandparents ?
Posted by Patricia (nee Martin) at 10/10/2009 01:19
Hi Val,
My g/grandfather was John's son, John (1848) who married Jane Elizabeth Parkin. My grandfather was their son John Arthur (Arthur) abt 1887, born Sculcoates, Hull (can't find a birth record for him).
I knew John was born in Bristol, Somerset, but not which district, which has made it impossible to trace his parents. I know his father was also called John and was a weaver in 1844 when John and Mary Ann Watt(s) married. I have no information as to who Ann (1845) married, so that line has gone cold. I would love any information you have as I have only been in contact with 2 others with the same family line.
Regards, Trish
Posted by Patricia at 10/10/2009 01:31
Hi again Val,
Forgot to ask who your grandparents were.
Posted by Val Cook at 12/10/2009 20:36
Hi Trish,

I think your John Arthur was registered as Arthur in the Myton district of Hull in 1887.
G/G/Grandfather John Martin's mother was Elizabeth.
Ann Martin (b 1845) died age 21 in 1867.
My grandparents were Arthur & Mary Ann Haggitt. Arthur's father Thomas married Mary Ann, your G/Grandfather's sister.
Posted by David Hutchcroft at 19/10/2009 22:59
Message for Paul R Orr who posted about Robert Hutchcroft in January 2009. I am trying to trace the Hutchcroft family tree in the East Yorkshire area, and would appreciate any info you have.
Posted by heathher hird at 01/11/2009 19:26
Hi Patricia! I am also a Hird, what a coincidence! I think Suzannah may be related to me, but can't find out how, all these Thompsons are very confusing. Was she related to Helen Thompson do you know. Helen is my g g g grndfthrs(Edward) sister I believe. But, it would be strange because Suzannah was in the workhouse & Edward lived at Knedlington Hall. Unless she was disowned for getting pregnant. Mary was Edwards mother.
Posted by Sue Highley at 06/11/2009 16:03
John William Talbot was the vicar of Barmby for a number of years. The Census records show that he was certainly there in 1891, 1901 and 1911. His wife Eliza (nee Livesey) was my great-grandfather's sister. Does anybody know anything about him or what happened to his family?
Posted by Val Cook at 08/11/2009 11:19
Hi Trish
Did your John Arthur Martin marry Florence Foster? I am still not sure how the name mix-up occurred and am also puzzled about his elder brother George Edward, who seems to have been christened James Edward. Can you throw any light on this?


Stuart - please pass on my e-mail address to Trish. if she would like it
Posted by Willo at 03/12/2009 15:06
Hi Pat Sweeny
If Robert was your mothers brother then so was Lloyd I think who still has a son Ken farming in Barmby. Robert used to farm at the castle in Wressle and his sons still are there.
Posted by Andy at 27/02/2010 20:39
I have fond memories of living in barmby sometime in the 70's when i was a child. I always thought of going back to visit, but the pictures on google show a place that has changed, is this so, somebody please let me know
Posted by Len Fluhrer at 28/02/2010 03:30
I'm looking for the Hord/Hurd family of Barmby on the Marsh. Left for Canada sometime around 1830. Might have been tailors or in the dress making business lived at York (present day Toronto, York County, Ontario by 1832/1834.

Son John Mark Hord born at Kingston upon Hull 10 Feb 1811 died in Ilderton, Ontario 30 Sep 1899 father was John Hord mother Martha Allinson or Allynson Step mother Elizabeth Jackson.

Likely grandparents were Nathaniel Hord and Mary Ramsay married at Howden. Family was Methodist and believe older Hords/Hurds were from Barmby on the Marsh attended St. Helens Church.

Looking for any connections to St Helens Church if records exist where would I find them?

Thank you
Posted by Elizabeth Smith at 09/03/2010 15:26
My Great Great Grandmother was Tamar Addinall maiden name Rockett,Married Great Great Grandfather John in 1859. I would be interested to here if anyone knows of this family
Posted by Vicki at 15/03/2010 00:59
My grandfather, Benjamin Rooke, grew up in Barmby. He left for America in his late teens. His father was John Rooke, and mother Emily Fleming Rooke. They are buried in the church yard. Anyone know of the Rookes from Barmby?
Posted by david wilson at 26/03/2010 14:43
Hello. I had ancestors in the Goole area. Wilsons farmed at Brind for several generations until the 1850's. Apparently the last farmer, Joseph, retired to Howden, where he died in the 1860's. His father was also a Joseph who had a brother, John. I wonder if anyone has information about this family. Best, David.
ps their farmhouse was by the railway and an inquest into the deaths from the 1840's train crash was held there.
Posted by Eleanor Fantuttlesbushquacker at 24/04/2010 23:06
Hi ya`ll, i`m Ellie from Toronto, Canada, and my family used to be holed up in Barmby on the Marsh. My great,great uncle, James Saville wrote a poem named, `Ode to the Marsh`, which was a best seller right here in the good ol` land of Canada. Just thought i`d mention it and write on the `wall`.
Posted by Rob Butler at 02/05/2010 21:39
I live in Knedlington me, but i like to pop to Barmby and have a good night out at the King`s Head pub. It`s ace, and everyone is grand, just grand. Especially after i`ve had 2 pints of strong Vimto. Really though, it`s a great place, not as good as the Swan in Asselby, but it`s ok, it really is i tell ya. King`s Head rools, well, nearly anyway, i like the swan best!!!!

So there.
Posted by Percy Twelvepencils at 10/05/2010 17:55
Now then, i`m writing on `ere to try and see if i can find an old friend that used to reside at Barmby on the Marsh. His name was Robbie Butler, and back in the sixties, he used to live in a small wooden shack down where the barrage currently sits to this very day.

Unfortunately, he was evicted on the first day of digging out the barrage in the early seventies, and never left a forwarding address, or owt??

I managed to `comfort` his then wife, as he also left her, and me and Nora have been together for the last thirty five years, living in total bliss in my hay barn in Knedlington, just down the road.

If anyone knows his whereabouts, or indeed what he is doing, or even if he`s still alive, or dead, please reply to this post.

Many thanks in anticipation, Percy Twelvepencils.
Posted by Willo at 09/07/2010 22:58
I see they still have village idiots living in Knedlington, not much changed there then
Posted by Keith Marwood at 14/09/2010 13:30
I was born in Barmby in 1953 in the vicarage, which my parents were renting a part of. We left when I was still a baby, to go to live in Boston Spa. Does anyone remember Bert and Joan Marwood? Or my older brothers Neil or Stephen? Although we weren't there for long, my dad was a Goole man, so we were almost locals.
Posted by Clive Martin at 12/10/2010 21:34
I was born in Pear Tree House north street Barmby Marsh in 1942, My parents were Arthur Sydney Martin & Blanche Martin (nee Wilson) of Cliffe nr Selby.
My father was born in Westonby House main street in 1913, His parents were Charles Arthur Martin & Mary Martin (nee Lofthouse) of Barmby Marsh.
I know some of the people asked about above as i went to school with them.
Hope this helps trish trace the family tree.
Posted by anne McDonagh ( nee wilson) at 03/11/2010 15:39
I just seen your remarks, I remeber you well Clive, do you remember me, I dont get to Barmby very often and Mum passed away this year.
Posted by R. Hutchcroft at 09/11/2010 02:08

I am looking for any information on the Hutchcroft family in this area.....anyone have anything to share? Are their still Hutchcroft's in Barmby? Thanks!
Posted by Willo at 11/11/2010 12:47
Hi Clive
My user name probably gives me away and Anne certainly has. I was only talking to Jeff Leighton the other day about your mum and dad and how long it was since they farmed at Pear Tree. I would be at the front of the house when your dad went by on his racing David Brown tractor to the field he had opposite Mrs Potters. Can you remember the old lady that lived there before them she was quite eccentric and used to stand at the front door shouting, her name evades me at the moment.
If I remember rightly you were sort of famous in the village because of the illness you had as a young lad. I also remember the Ariel Arrow you had, what I would give for one of them now
Posted by Clive Martin at 21/11/2010 14:24
Hi Anne & Willo

I remember both of you well, Pity willos memory is fading Miss Arminson lived in the old pub where potters now live.
Posted by Heather Hird at 17/01/2011 20:34
Hi Clive,
My great, great grandfather lived at Westonby Hall in 1834. Is Westonby House the same place? He was Edward Thompson.
Posted by Clive Martin at 01/02/2011 21:51
Hi Heather
I have only known it as westonby house all the time i lived in barmby and i never heard anyone call it westonby hall, Sorry i cant be of more help.
Posted by Willo at 13/02/2011 11:12
Hi Heather

I have been doing a little family research lately and certainly the west end of Barmby was known as Westonby in the 1881 census and my mother would sometimes refer to it as that and she lived there all her life.

Descendants of my family were there before 1850 and history about the village tended to be passed down through the generations. I lived in Barmby (Westonby) until I was 21 or so, and no one ever mentioned a Hall and I never saw any remains of a structure that I would identify as a hall. Could it be that the census information is wrong and it should have been written as Westonby House?
Posted by Heather Hird at 28/02/2011 20:18
Hi guys,
No, Westonby Hall wasn't on a census, it is in a book that Edward signed. + Westonby Hall, Barmby, Sept 9th, 1834. It definately says Hall, but suppose he could have just called it that to be posh. Also, I have his maths book 1856 - Knedlington.
Posted by Eve at 16/04/2011 22:12
ARMINSON - Members of my family once lived in Barmby, I think. John Henry ARMINSON and his wife, Annie HAYES, had two children there or nearby, about 1893-5 (births registered in Howden?) - John Lancelot and Hilda May.
Posted by Peter Harris at 18/05/2011 18:23
Hi Elizabeth

I have a fairly detailed Addinall tree which includes Tamar 1839-1888 and John 1828-1859.

widow Tamar married Robert Douglas 1871.

I am happy to help.

Posted by John Richard Starbuck at 29/05/2011 16:20
Hi my sister in law used to run the village post office in Barmby late 1970/1980's her name was Wendy Johnson and we all became friends with Neil Lofty Lofthouse, Rowley and lots of lovely village people, Carol & Ian and family who emigrated to Australia
Posted by hayley at 01/06/2011 16:36
We've just moved into what used to be the old pub, The Bull and Butcher. Anyone have any tales or even better photos??
Posted by Vanessa Firn at 04/06/2011 22:53
I am also Great Great Grandaughter of Tamar and John Addinall and would be interested in any information you have about the family please.
Posted by Graham at 28/06/2011 14:54
My father had the Bull & Butcher in the fifties
Posted by Brian Barmby at 18/08/2011 11:13
Blimy, my name is the same as this village! Just thought i`d say so.
Posted by Ian Bayle at 04/09/2011 09:49
Did anyone go to the Barmby Beer Festival this year? I sadly heard that it was largely un-attended and that the playing field is now closed to the villagers, which is a shame.

Anyway, hopefully there will be a great feast next year run by the cricket team and at the `new` cricket ground, which will be much, much better in my opinion anyway as it will be run as an independent festival, superb idea.
Posted by Clive Martin at 26/09/2011 20:25
Hi hayley
My earliest memory of the Bull & Butcher are of the landlord called Teddy Goundrill who used his kitchen as the bar in winter sitting round his table he would fill your glasses with beer out of a big jug. sorry no photos.
Posted by hayley at 02/12/2011 21:58
Yes Clive, poor old Mr Goundrill, he was flattened in an horrific bailing accident you know.
Posted by Linda Rockett at 05/12/2011 11:25
Posted by Willo at 09/12/2011 22:48
Posted by hayley at 02/12/2011 21:58
Yes Clive, poor old Mr Goundrill, he was flattened in an horrific bailing accident you know.

I can remember Teddy living in Barmby during the 1950s and he was an old man then. Don't recall any bailing accident happening to him though?
Posted by Elizabeth Smith at 06/02/2012 14:57
Linda Rockett

Vanessa & I would be very pleased to hear any information you have on the Rockett/Addinall family our great grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth who married David Abbott
Posted by paula rodwell at 26/02/2012 20:38
My mother Gretchen Salmon and my uncle Rodrick were, along with my Grandmother Vera, evacuated to Barmby during the war. They both went to the primary school. Does anyone remember them?
P.s Hi Heather!
Posted by Martin at 06/03/2012 11:42
I am researching the Leighton family in Barmby, No mention in the above comments. Apparently five Leighton families were in the area but very confusing as many Christian names the same across what appear to be different Leighton families.Any help greatly appreciated. Martin
Posted by Heather Hird at 26/03/2012 18:28
Hi Paula!
Didnt know that!
Posted by willo at 29/03/2012 22:37
Somewhere in the deep and distant past I recall Rod Salmon. I feel sure that the family was known by my relatives. But, something makes me think he went to Drax Grammar School and possibly lived near there in the late 50s, possibly at Drax or Camblesforth.
Posted by willo at 18/04/2012 09:00
Hi Paula

I asked my sister about Gretchen and she clearly remembers the family living in Barmby. They lived in the end terrace of three houses just past the Kings Head. Perhaps your mother will remember Anne who was next door at Clarecott living with our Grandfather Joseph Eastwood during the war. Anne's husband is David Mcdonagh who was from Langrick originally and who knew your mother from her time in Drax.
Posted by paula rodwell at 25/04/2012 12:08
Thanks very much Willo

I will pass that info on to my Mother.

Posted by Hayley at 01/05/2012 21:22
Graham/Clive/Willo - thanks for your responses, it's really interesting to hear about previous owners of our house. Graham do you have any old pictures by any chance?
Posted by MAXENE rooke at 06/05/2012 00:06
Benjamin Rooke of Barmby on the marsh was my uncle
Posted by MAXENE Rooke at 06/05/2012 00:13
By the way John Rooke is not buried with Emily in the churchyard he was buried in hemmingboro I believe
Posted by Willo at 01/06/2012 10:20
I've just read the comments by Eve (16/4/11) and realised that I knew Lancelot Arminson or Lance as he was known by. He had a farm at Asselby and two sons, I believe, John and Colin. Col I used to come into contact with later as he farmed at Hotham near North Cave. I do have pictures of all three together outside their house from around 1950 if they are of interest.
Posted by Stephen at 04/07/2012 22:35
Hi, stumbled across this interesting website by accident. During the mid-1970s my family owned the post office in Barmby, which was my first home as I was born there in 1976, before moving in 1978.

Unfortunately I am too young to remember what the post office looked like and have been trying to find pictures of it but can't find any (take it that it has long closed) unfortunately too young to remember!

Regards, Steve
Posted by Angela at 05/07/2012 20:57
Hi Clive,
I live in Pear Tree House now and would welcome any information you could give me about the house and/or the village. My husband is especially interested in getting hold of photos of the old railway if anyone has any.
Posted by marion sykes at 06/07/2012 09:31
hi im trying to find some history on westenby house barmby on the marsh (old photos if possible) does anyone know if it was ever a pair of cottages rather than 1 house?
Posted by Mark at 22/07/2012 17:25
In process of buying a new build house in Barmby (Kirkside Cottage). I moved from the Midlands 9 months ago and currently living in Howden with my family. Anyone have any information about the area. Thanks
Posted by Edna Turpentine at 12/12/2012 11:07
Ahhhh, i do love Barmby, such a very quaint and quite village. My horses do love the paddocks and i love the pub, The King`s Head, which was all `done up` a few years back. I also like the new Irish pub in Asselby. My `manfriend` Robbie Butler also likes it too, more than the King`s Head, as they allow him to `dance with the Devil` on a Thursday night.
Posted by trev hardwick at 18/12/2012 20:40
hi can anyone help - my dad ( kenneth hardwick ) was born in howden and i remember him telling me that he used to cross on the ferry at menthorpe when he was young i have found it on google but are there any old photos of the ferry ? regards trev ex goolie in somerset
Posted by trev hardwick at 23/12/2012 13:21
hi tricia thanks for your feedback i think it would be before your time when dad lived in howden he lived in north holmnby st and my g parents passed away in the early fifty/s but my mum is still well at 106 years - regards trev
Posted by Tricia at 24/12/2012 23:26
106 years young WOW!! My own Mum was 94 last week and I thought that was good going. We are so lucky to still have them and long may they reign. Best wishes.
Posted by Tracy D at 17/02/2013 19:47
We are looking at properties in and around Barmby on the Marsh but do have some concerns about the possibility of flooding. Is it something that still happens even with the barrage in place and also how do you go on for house insurance against flooding? Any comments would be gratefully accepted.
Posted by willo at 27/02/2013 23:16
Re Flooding
My mother lived in Barmby all her 91 years and never knew it to flood. She always said that the village is built on a highest ground, a sort of ridge and any flooding would run towards Howden. I suspect she maybe was right, because as you travel towards Barmby if you look to the right the land does slope considerably towards the Derwent. It also appears to be lower towards the Ouse if you venture down Station Lane or Bankfield Lane. Of course if the bank burst at the bottom of your garden then I reckon it might just cause some a problems.

The Derwent did break its bank around 1947 at a place locally known as the Gyme and the water never came into the village. The remnants of that are still evident as the small pond next to the larger one that was dug to raise the banks some time later. I spent many happy hours fishing and swimming there as a youngster as well as in the river when it was still tidal.
Posted by Myrtle Bogs at 01/03/2013 10:36
Yes, the small pond is a lovely place, although these days it has become swamped with algae, but this does tend to stick to your skin and keep you warm in winter. Robbie Butler told me this and it does seem to be true.
Posted by Vanile Schnoog, Knedlington at 20/03/2013 16:02
The pond on the marsh is actually not covered in algae, but in marsh moss which is different and not as slushy as the algae would be. You can actually consume this if cooked properly, although i wouldn`t recommend this as i did see some dogs `doing their business` in the pond earlier today.
Posted by Balthezar Zebulon at 04/04/2013 11:10
The pond that you refer to was once owned by the Gigglesby`s from around these parts. Now, basically the growth of pondwart livermoss begins in early June and declines through July and August causing a very deliberate smell and noxious hue to the veranda. It was turned into a boating lake in the 1960`s when sold by the Gigglesby`s, but alas it never took off, due to it being a very `arid` summer which dried the pond out. It was then used as a general park for the locals to sell theie wares every summer at the `party on the pond`, although the folowing year it flooded and the party was no more and the dead and lifeless pond remains. Hope this is of interest to local people, and indeed pond lovers.
Posted by Casper weinberger at 25/07/2013 18:57
Yes, the small pond is now dried out after 20 days of temperatures above 28 degrees, which is a shame. I wonder if someone will buy it and turn it into a steakhouse?
Posted by Letherington Schnizel at 06/09/2013 15:03
Does anyone know if Paul Ellerington still resides in the village? I have some time to kill on an afternoon and would love a nice chat with him again.
Posted by Paul Elleringsford at 09/09/2013 13:38
Hi letherington, i am indeed back in the village. Just tell me when you are free for a nice `chat`, and we can hook up. I talk for England i do.
Posted by Vicki Kulze at 23/09/2013 14:02
MAXENE, was your father Max? If so, I met your brother, John, when he came to the US. Thanks for the tip on the burial sites. I think there is a daughter buried with Emily in the church yard. Hoping to visit England in the next couple of years. A visit to Barmby is a must!
Posted by willo at 28/11/2013 12:55
Hi Maxine

I can remember John spending some time in Barmby in the early sixties and we were quite good friends for this short period. I cannot remember if he used to stay with relations or just arrived for a day at a time. I do remember that Max was his dad although I never met him. Of course Laurie and Phil and families were residents at that time.

I do recall something being said about the USA and assumed that he had emigrated shortly after.
Posted by John Rockett at 02/12/2013 20:26
my gt cketgt Gandfather was Joseph Rockett borther of John rocket would like any further info of the familt
Posted by Maxene Rooke at 11/01/2014 00:51
John was my brother and he sadly passed away in 1980. He loved visiting his Rooke Family but only for the day He settled in Bridlington mainly because of Mary Rooke/ Foster whom he was very close to. She was the eldest of that particular set of brothers and sisters.
If u do come over Vicky we will have to meet up. I have met some of the American Cousins ie Dody Raplee and Anne I must say I have never found the Barmby Cousins to be warm. I have seen them at my uncles funerals but they never bothered to make an effort and say Hi to me...So consequently I do not know them.
Posted by Maxene Rooke at 11/01/2014 01:22
Vicky wasn't Benjamin, whom I met just once your, step grandfather? Aunty Bernice married twice didn't she?
Posted by Maxene Singh at 16/01/2014 22:26
Willo u don't know the daughter Max produced with a local girl born end of 1947 beginning of 1948 do u?
Posted by Willo at 20/01/2014 19:36
Maxine it would not be prudent of me to name anyone on here, but surely John was born around this time I think. Are you also sure that you have the correct year?
Posted by Maxene Singh at 29/01/2014 01:27
Max's son John died in 1980. His cousin Also John Rooke died a few years before him.
Posted by Maxene Rooke at 30/01/2014 00:59
She was born only months before him maybe six.
Posted by Kathryn at 10/02/2014 22:50
Hi, I am researching relatives from Barmby. Thomas Hatfield born 1777 in Barmby and his son George Hatfield born about 1826. I got the impression that Barmby would have only had a few houses in the 1770's and consequently a small population. If anyone could help with info or suggestions on how to find parish records for Barmby around that time I would appreciate it. Regards.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 15/02/2014 21:31
Hello Kathryn. Although I was unable to locate a Thomas Hatfield 1777 on the Barmby registers.I did find Three children of a George Hatfield Hannah 1772. George 1774 and Mary 1778.
In the Howden registers I found a George Hatfield Labourer of Bubwith married a Elizabeth Stephenson in 1771
Posted by Corby Bunting at 16/02/2014 08:17
Hi Kathryn Further to my findings. There are a few more Hatfields availble on The Howden lists of which Francis and William are shown. but no Thomas!
Posted by Doug Marsden at 18/02/2014 13:56
Hi I am researching the Rocket family Wilson rocket 1813 mother tamer rocket does anyone Know his fathers name or the name of any siblings
regards Doug
Posted by Kathryn Garbutt at 19/02/2014 13:10
Hi Corby, Thank you very much for that info I will have a look to check it against my 'tree' as soon as I can. Emergency vets visits at the moment! I am retired and not enough time to do anything!!!!
Regards Kathryn
Posted by Kathryn Garbutt at 19/02/2014 14:32
Hi Corby,
Looking at my tree details, in the 1851 Census it states that Thomas Hatfield was born in Barmby on the Marsh and that must be where I got the idea from. I don't think his birth date 1777 is wrong. He married Mary Bland and they had :- Eleanor 1815,Hannah 1818, Thomas 1821 and George 1823. All of these were christened in Barmby on the Marsh. George 1823 is my 2nd great grandad.
Regards again
Posted by Corby Bunting at 21/02/2014 12:11
Hello Kathryn. MyParish records are from 1542-1812 As I said there is no mention of a Thomas
I have found on my tree the censuses can be unreliable as to place of birth I have one family all born in Selby when I know that they were born in Howden
I suggest that you contact the Treasure house at Beverly On them about Thomas.The staff there are very helpful and you will be surprised at what extra info they will come up with.
Good Luck
Posted by Kathryn Garbutt at 23/02/2014 14:49
Hello Corby, Thank you again for the reply. I will certainly give the Treasure House a try. It would be good to sort the mystery, then I can start on the rest.
Kind regards Kathryn
Posted by Doug Marsden at 27/02/2014 14:33
Posted by Kathryn Garbutt at 28/02/2014 20:57
Hi Doug, Thank you for that, because I was sort of convinced that Thomas was born or christened in Barmby as every census he is on it states Barmby as place of birth and I realise that people in the past would change places of birth and quite often use christening dates when asked for birth date and ages to help gain employment. Mary Bland I have as his wife and mother of george 1823? it is difficult before 1837 and no certs to get clues from. Why on earth my ancesters moved from Barmby/Skipwth/Howden areas to live in Batley I don't suppose I will ever know!!
Kind regards
Posted by john rockett at 02/03/2014 20:32
Would anyone know if Tamar Rockett was the stepdaughter of a farmer named Bond any info would be of interest

John Rocket
Posted by Doug Marsden at 05/03/2014 12:20
Hi Kathryn glad to be of help parish records can be a nightmare in Yorkshire

Good Luck
Regards Doug
Posted by Caroline Dixon at 11/03/2014 23:47
Hiya Corby, nice to speak again, I was the lady doing the Sprakes family and are now doing the BROOKSBANK family of Barmby Marsh. You mentioned you had records for Barmby and I was wondering if there is anything for a Thomas Brooksbank born 1786 who married a elizabeth Noble in 1810.Trying to find his parents. Also if anyone else out there knows anything about the family this would be great. I know Thomas was a farmer and so was his son William born 1812. William was also an "overseer for the poor of Barmby", not sure exactly what this was so any info there would be good.
Posted by Kathryn Garbutt at 13/04/2014 15:44
Hello again, I have put aside the Hatfields of Barmby Marsh for a while until I can arrange a visit to Beverley and have now discovered that a member of my grandmothers family was, according to the 1901 Census, a farmer in this area. I was wondering if he had been heard of Joseph Jesse Moor. His wife had an unusual name of Zillah and they had quite a number of children. I would again appreciate any information.
Regards Kathryn.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 13/04/2014 23:09
Hiya Caroline I could not find Thomas's birth but the mariage in 1810 was witnessed by John Brooksbank,Hannah Brooksbank, Robert Noble and Thomas Tyas. My only other findings were
4/1/1775 John s to Thomas Brooksbank
11/5/1775 Hannah d to John Noble
9/5/1776 Sarah d to Thomas Brooksbank
24/9/1776 Ann d to john Noble
7/5/1778 Michael s to John Noble
Posted by Corby Bunting at 14/04/2014 07:33
Hello again Caroline Whilst going through your ancestors tree I felt that I had trod this path before
I looked at my tree and found my GGGrandfather's second wife Elizabeth Noble 1801-1868 was the daughter of John Noble and Elizabeth
My GGGrandfather Joseph Auckland 1811 Shipwright born in ThorneLived in Howden with first wife Martha Chester After Martha's death he married Elizabeth in Hull Became a ship owner and both Joseph and Elizabeth died at their home in South Street in1868 They were buried in St.Johns graveyard Goole
Posted by caroline at 20/05/2014 23:16
Thank you Corby I will look into that and add it on to my tree.So we are related on both sides of my family.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 26/05/2014 10:30
Hello Caroline. you are the second lady who I am related to in two directions. I find it strange sometimes when a person finds that I am related to them .I never hear from them again. Perhaps there is a darker side of my family that i should know of!
Posted by Caroline Dixon at 14/07/2014 22:49
Hiya Corby, it just goes to show that its a small world really.To be related on both sides of the family is amazing. Take care.
Posted by Linda Tittle at 03/08/2014 00:44
Does any one know anything about the Noble family?My great great grandfather, William Thompson ( sacking manufacturer from Barmby ) married a Mary Noble in 1821, she was born about1801
Linda T
Posted by Heather Hird at 13/08/2014 23:14
Hi Linda, think my g.g. grandfather was William Thompson.
Posted by Heather Hird at 13/08/2014 23:16
Message for Marion Sykes, I have a book with Westonby House written in the front cover, beloning to my g.g. grandfather, but cant find out where the house was.
Posted by Linda Tittle at 14/08/2014 11:50
Hi Heather
who was your grandfather? , great grandfather?I know that when my g.grandfather ( John Soloman THompson ) came back from India in about 1866 they lived in WEstonby near to the Sloop Inn
Posted by Paul at 14/08/2014 20:20
Westonbury House I believe is on High Street. Facing the property Sycamore House is to the left. Google DN14 7HU and you'll get an ordnance Survey Plan showing its location.If you keep enlarging the map a yellow person will appear.Click on the figure and use the compass to rotate the screen to find a view to of the property.
Posted by Wilf Brown at 17/08/2014 11:28
Heather, I've just put Westonby House into Google and one of the titles produced was Westonby House High St Barmby on the Marsh.
Posted by Willo at 26/09/2014 11:12
Hello again Heather,

The last time you looked for Westonby Hall you said it was definitely not House that was in the book.

The house is situated on the right immediately after the farm that is at the junction of High St and North St. West end. (This is where Westonby originally began I always have been told). Opposite it is a two storey house, the only house that lies to the south of the road. Next door to Westonby House there used to be a chapel which was demolished in the 60s
Posted by Dottie Sommerville at 28/10/2014 14:10
Does anyone know the history of the barn, which is for sale?
Am looking to convert a unused barn.

It seems Barmby on the Marsh is a delightful place to live.
Posted by Vicki Kulze at 16/11/2014 03:10
Maxene Rooke, I'm sorry for not checking back on this site. I would love to communicate with you. I am on Facebook as Vicki Miller Kulze. Not sure if you are. I don't want to post my e-mail here. To answer an earlier question...Benjamin, your Uncle Ben, was my father's stepfather. Bernice (Bernie) was my grandmother. My father's name was Victor Miller. He passed away in 2010. My mother, Flossie, passed away 8 months ago. We all got to meet your brother, John. The only other UK relatives that we met were Aunt Mary Foster, and cousins Philip, Rosemarie, Dibs, and Marg and Marg's 3 boys. My parents did get to meet Gran Rooke (Emily). My husband and I are coming to England in August 2015! We are first doing a bus tour, and then will come to Barmby and the area. I am so excited! Do you live near? Hopefully, we can meet.
Posted by CP at 19/11/2014 12:22
For some years least from 1950/1 Clifford Penistone and his wife Vera lived in Riversdale house here. They had one son and he moved eventually overseas. Clifford served as an NCO in the RAF 6 or 7 years earlier before returning to Reg Timms flour mill.
I remember well the disused rail complex at Barmby...signal box , platforms , weighbridge , gates and the very famous ouse crossing bridge. this was all viewed from Riversdale house. CP.
Posted by Les Dennis at 30/01/2015 10:08
Yes Dottie, the barn was first built on the land in the Viking era, when the village was named 'Barnebic Un-Da Marsh', as the old Norse term means 'Underground Dwelling'. The Viking's had an underground living area that stretched out to the river bank and from the barn they'd stock all their essentials such as fish, eggs, straw, twine, etc, etc. imagine an olden day Waitrose if you will. There was also an old Norse 'pub' housed there too, selling wine, mead and various mixers to the weary local workers. It's very interesting indeed, and the whole story can be found at Rob Butlers house in Knedlington, as he keeps a full transcripted copy in his van at all times.
Posted by Dottie Sommervile at 08/04/2015 19:39
Hi Les, thankyou for that information, it's very much appreciated. Now, I've spoken to Rob Butler about the map, but unfortunately he told me it went up in flames recently as it was placed on his bonfire, which is a shame. Anyway, I've changed my mind now, and won't be moving to Barmby. im off to Basingstoke!!!!! Goodbye.
Posted by June at 30/08/2015 17:11
Hi Sue Highley. I too am researching John Wm & Eliza Talbot. They are my husband's Great Great Grandparents. Their daughter, Ethel Maud, was married at Barmby in 1913 to her first cousin Richard Edm Livesey.
Posted by Brian Thislethwaite at 31/01/2016 09:19
I hear that the cricket field in Barmby is being sold off and planning for an upmarket steak house has been submitted!

Can anyone shed any light on this please, as I live nearby and am a little concerned.

Thank you.
Posted by Allison Agar at 16/07/2016 16:09
I've just found this thread and, like Heather above, I'm researching Edward and Ann Thompson of the Old Hall (Edward is my great, great, great grandfather). If anyone has any details, I'd be really grateful. Many thanks.
Posted by Heather at 19/02/2017 21:24
Thank you Paul & Wilf.
Sorry, hadn't been back on for a while.
Posted by Heather Hird at 14/03/2017 11:39
Hi Alison, I appear to have mislaid your details. Sorry .Heather x
Posted by Jo at 23/08/2017 17:46
Hi Carole nee Stones
I am descended from the Taylor family - my grandmother was Miles and Joan's cousin.
Posted by nee D Sheppard at 11/09/2017 21:29
Looking for family born to John Sheppard, John Cornelius Sheppard, Cornelius Sheppard
Posted by Jenny Holmes at 10/10/2017 09:45
Hi, I have just come across this site while researching my family tree. I am related to the Ellwood family who were farmers in the village, having moved there from Asselby, but it is the story of George Ellwood that intrigues me. I have discovered he went to Drax Grammar School, now The Read School, and I wondered how he would have got there each day, as I cant see a local river crossing. Does anyone know if there was one in the early 1920's? Thanks
Posted by Willo at 27/11/2017 21:31
Regarding getting to Drax I reckon there could have been two possibilities.
1 use the ferry that was in existence across to the Ship Inn
2 go across the railway bridge on the Hull - Barnsley railway line

The second was certainly used in the fifties as I used to go visit relations in Langrick regularly. The only thing I’ve not done is check when the bridge was opened.
Posted by Willo at 27/11/2017 21:34
Just checked and the railway opened in 1885. So George may have walked across just like we used to
Posted by paul at 28/11/2017 23:11
Jenny. Found this on a website about the village "There were ferries to both Drax and Hemingbrough and regular 'market boats' to both Hull and Selby.
Posted by Sam Peckinpah at 07/11/2018 20:13
The cricket pitch at Barmby on The Marsh may be being sold to provide the village with an upmarket pitch and putt golf palace! Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this please.
Posted by Willo at 21/06/2020 09:09
I recently visited the churchyard and was dismayed to see even more gravestones/ memorials had been knocked over and some even smashed. This seems to have originated around the same time as the council took over the grass cutting which leads me to wonder if they are responsible under the much used title of H&S.

I was told that when the church closed the graveyard became the responsibility of the Parish Council, which leads me to wonder if they are being consulted before gravestones are toppled?
Posted by Keith Marwood at 26/09/2020 11:31
Hello all. I was born in 'The Vicarage, Barmby-on-the-Marsh' in 1953 but left as a baby. I have been back once, in the early 90s and had no idea where to look. Is there only one Vicarage in the village? By the way, I was born into a RAF family, so the accommodation was rented. Any information would be gratefully received.
Posted by Carol (Myers) Larsen at 07/01/2021 23:33
Appreciate any info on the 3 sacking manufacturers listed in the 1829 newspaper as follows: Jno Thompson, Senr of Howden, Robert and William Thompson of Barmby on the Marsh. Were they related to one another, and if so, how please? Many thanks.

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