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Dyc 1234, Gilbertdike 1376. '(Place at) the ditch or dike'. Old English dic with manorial addition from a person or family called Gilbert.
'A Dictionary of English Place-Names', Oxford University Press

Goole to the left, Selby straight on The Dual Carriageway The Village Pond

Pub One Pub 2 Pub 3

Pub 4 The Village night-club The Village Chapel

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Posted by Angie at 28/03/2007 13:44
there is a picture on the board which is not in Gilberdyke it is in Howden
Posted by Rob Stott at 27/06/2007 19:51
Angie's quite right. The low, white building in the middle of the bottom row is what used to be Kilpin Country Club (many moons ago) and is halfway between Kilpin and Howden. Certainly not in Gilberdyke!
Posted by angie at 13/08/2007 14:02
The Railway Hotel inn is now closed and it has been for ages
i wish they would do something with it it's a eye sore
Posted by M.Thompson-Royds at 20/09/2007 12:17
any news of what was Charles Empson's Estate ?
Posted by Terry at 15/01/2008 11:58
The Railway Hotel or Pub has now been pulled down for new houses (So the powers that be say)
Posted by ????? at 08/05/2008 21:21
the railway pub was haunted by a girl called sarah.B. and it is knocked down now :(
Posted by Gill at 21/03/2009 17:37
Oh dear, didn't know the pub had gone, my father was born in the front bedroom of what was then the end cottage 88years ago.
Posted by John Jessop at 27/11/2009 20:55
Gilberdyke - named after Gilberts Dyke which was dug to drive a water mill, taking water from the River Foulness to the North of the area and empty into the River Ouse at Blacktoft. Our ancestors were inventive and in its heyday the water course was also used as a transport route with records showing it to have been 16 feet wide and 8 feet deep. With the coming of the railways the watercourse route was severed, the water diverted to other routes to the Ouse. The canalised section starved of water thus destroying competition to the new railway and the dyke slowly silted and abandoned. The area relies on two other ancient drainage dykes now, the Bishopsoil Drain, dug at the behest of the monks of Thornton Abbey, to the East and the Bellasize Drain to the West of the village.
There is a book by Robert Thompson available from Blacktoft Church (proceeds to church funds) which gives fascinating detail of the early history of Blacktoft but covering much of the surrounding area including Gilberdyke.
Posted by John Jessop at 14/01/2010 11:58
Gilberdyke suffered considerably during the flooding of 2007 with many houses damaged by the floodwaters and sewerage backing up in the pipes. Following the floods the Parish Council called a public meeting and set up a Flood Action Group. Central Government provided a National funding scheme and the council obtained a grant to employ consultant engineers (Mason Clark) to work with the Flood Action Group and produce a report into the drainage systems within the village.
A number of fundamental problems were revealed - lack of maintenance of the main drainage dykes from the village to the river, lack of maintenance of railway trackside dykes, lack of maintenance of riparian owned dykes, deliberate restriction/unauthorised culverting/simply filling in of riparian dykes by owners. The actions of many of the riparian owners was technically illegal but the local drainage board, despite being the enforcement agency, had ignored the problem. The various acts of parliament had been insufficiently publicised and most of the riparian deficiencies were due to simple ignorance of the law. However this is no excuse.
Following the publication of the consutants report, East Riding Council obtained further government grants to take corrective action regarding the clearing and reopening of the watercourses. As of December 2009 this work was still in the design stages. However Network Rail had cleared the main trackside dyke (first time in 30 years) immediately after the flooding, the Lower Ouse Internal Drainage Board had cleared and desilted the two main drains from the village to the river in November 2008 and studies were underway for a major scheme to improve the discharge of drainage water into the river by pumping.
When the riparian drainage systems within the village are restored to their original capacity the flood risk to the community will be reduced to a low level. If the work is carried out on time hoped for completion is during the spring of 2010
Posted by John Jessop at 31/07/2011 13:04
The anticipated spring 2010 slipped back but at the end of July 2011 phase 1 of the works is functional with just a bit of surface restoration to do. Hold ups due to access problems were resolved by the drainage board serving legal right of entry notices on the remaining obstructors. The job involved opening up the old dyke between Scalby Lane and Chestnut Drive and installing a 3 foot diameter pipe, plus restoring the open dyke between 6 & 7 Scalby Lane to its original depth. Fortunately this route was open for water to escape during heavy rain in mid July 2011.
Phases 2 and 3 are going ahead and the system should be fully operational before winter.
Posted by John Jessop at 28/10/2013 15:34
25th October 2013 was a noteworthy day for Gilberdyke children as the new play equipment installation was completed and the site security fence surrounding the plot was dismantled. The school gates opened at the end of lessons and immediately the equipment was covered by children sliding, swinging, climbing and generally having a great time. Only darkness falling brought the fun to a close for the day.
The trustees of Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall leased a strip of land adjacent to the football pitch to Gilberdyke Parish Council which enabled the council to go ahead with the much needed facilty.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 28/10/2013 17:20
First time on this page. Each time I see it.It casts my mind back to great days in the 50's When as amember of The goole Wheelers I befriended Dave Simpson of this village. We had great time in the saddle and socialy. A fun loving guy. In 2005 I attempted to unite all members with the aid of Electoral Role soft wear.No body knew where Dave had gone. But then I rememberd his initials were D.R. He sometimes went by the name of Doc.I simply entered DR simpson to cover all areas, I found him with his family in Guisborugh.We had so much to talk about.He attended the Reunion at the Blacksmith Arms in Hook Only to pass away a few weeks later. What a guy.
Posted by John Jessop at 15/12/2013 09:03
14th of December saw the Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall team host a childrens Christmas party with entertainment, food including jelly and icecream and of course Santa turned up in his red suit and white beard. It's always good to see communities holding parties such as this as it helps to bring together people who would otherwise have little contact in todays world.
Posted by Nick Blanks at 05/03/2014 21:01
Hi. I was just wandering if any one has any idea what the howden country club is now. It was a nightclub in the 9th any information would be great
Posted by John Jessop at 11/03/2014 09:15
The Kilpin Country Club is presently closed down. I was in the building a few years ago to do some work and it was mostly ok and with some investment would be reopenable. It possibly still is?
It underwent various changes during its period of business and the local papers made much of drug problems. There was also an incident with a girl going missing for a long period having left the club to walk back to Howden. She was eventually found dead in a tree, apparently having climbed it and become stuck.
The venue closed not long after the incident but if the local economy picks up who knows - it could be viable to reopen?
Posted by Phil at 10/08/2014 00:39
Don't suppose anyone has any idea just when Kilpin Country Club closed its doors for the last time?
Posted by John Jessop at 05/06/2015 19:56
The Wards Hotel in the photographs above is no more. It was demolished last month to make way for residential development. Gilberdyke now has only two public houses, the Cross Keys and the White Horse.
Posted by Sailor at 06/06/2015 12:20
The Rose and Crown no longer a pub is in Eastrington
Posted by John Jessop at 03/12/2015 19:47
Gilberdyke now has stone built name signs at each end of the main road through the village. These were built in 2015 by a local craftsman using stone from Walworth Castle. The castle is the ancestral home of the Hansard family of which a member Gilbert Hansard gave his name to Gilberts Dyke.
Under the concrete foundation slabs of the signs are time capsules for future archaeologists to discover.
Posted by Alan Robinson at 24/07/2016 10:51
I was sad to see Wards Hotel demolished. Does anyone know the history of the pub, as my dad, Les Robinson used to tell us that it was built or owned by an ancestor of ours (his mother was a Ward, originally from Howden) but I've never been able to confirm this.
Posted by John Jessop at 02/04/2017 08:09
Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall is now protected from the elements by a new insulated roof to replace the corrugated asbestos over the dance floor area. This was phase 2 of a project to improve the thermal performance of the building. The first phase, carried out a couple of years ago by C & S Page of Newport, was the removal of the flat roof section of the hall, which was leaking during rain, and replacement by insulated and sealed deck.
Phase 2 was the sloping sections described above and was carried out speedily and efficiently by Chatham and Jackson of Howden during March 2017.
Phase 3 is planned as lining the thermally inefficient single brick thick North wall of the original part of the building.
Additional improvements are planned or already underway to ensure the hall is an attractive and welcoming facility for the benefit of the community.
Thanks must go out for the income generated by hall users plus the contributions from various funding bodies that provided grant assistance to the hall committee to commission the works.
Posted by John Jessop at 11/07/2017 07:50
Gilberdyke Gala was held at the Gilberdyke and District War Memorial Hall and Playing Field on Saturday 8th of July. Volunteers from the community and Hall Trustees organised the arrangements, served refreshments and food plus staffed the bar which was very busy due in part to the sun making a welcome visit and staying all afternoon. Many local businesses supported the event with donations of prizes or attending with displays.
All in all it was a most successful day and the income from the event will be used towards funding the running of the hall and the continuing improvements presently planned or in progress.
Thanks to everyone who came along to support the event. The trustees hope you enjoyed your visit and look forward to the next time.
Posted by Keith at 02/09/2017 13:55
Reply to Alan Robinson, I heard years ago the ward Arms was built and owned along with the row of cottages at the side , by the Ward Brewery Company. Hope this helps.
Posted by John Jessop at 15/04/2018 04:13
Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall has undergone further improvements. We have had new kitchen units donated and installed by Howdens Joinery, members of the committee have installed new kitchen ceiling tiles and lights. A new kitchen floor covering has been fitted. The North wall has finally been insulated, lined and plastered. The North wall works carried out by local tradesmen, resident in the village K Maitland, (Plasterer) and S Potter, (Joiner). The insulation of the North wall means the last significant heat loss area of the building has been dealt with. This project was made possible by energy efficiency improvement grant funding from the Sixpenny Wood windfarm.
Posted by John Jessop at 14/05/2018 23:28
Further improvement work to Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall. The rotten window frames and broken windows at the East end of the hall have been replaced with UPVC double glazing. This was carried out to a high standard by Pacific Windows from Goole. The hall committee try to use local companies wherever it is possible
Posted by anna j dixon at 15/06/2018 08:31
kilpin's country club ex lords disco and many more names distruxtion closed in late 1995 after drugs were planted for the police to find, I was Dj here from time to time and after over 20 year living on the site as security , and his mates have been back to see the place for old times this old building is in not that bad a oder and can be a gold mine with someone as a right investor and the right attitude to music .i have been a dj since 1973 so 40 odd years dj-ing and still have my old dj gear
Posted by John Jessop at 15/02/2019 21:06
Further improvements to Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall have been carried out aided by hall fundraising events plus grant support. A collapsed drain under the car park has been renewed so the lake which formed after every rain is no more. This work was carried out by 1-2-Clear based in Gilberdyke. Also the leaning gate post at the entrance to the car park was dug out and refitted vertical by ASK, another local business. This enabled the gate to be closed after hall users finished at night. This has stopped antisocial behaviour by youths in cars gathering late at night causing noise and nuisance to neighbouring residents.
Cctv coverage has been improved plus new pvc rainwater gutters and fascia boards fitted. Further improvements are planned but we now have a warm, dry and welcoming hall for our community. It keeps getting better.

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