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Heafuddene 959, Hovedene 1086 (Domesday Book). 'Valley by the headland or spit of land'. Old English heafod (replaced by Old Scandinavian hofuth) + denu.
'A Dictionary of English Place-Names', Oxford University Press

The derelict part of Howden Minster Howden Minster It could be the Shambles!

I don't propose to go into any detail about Howden, as that would require a whole website in itself. Instead, this mural will explain everthing - or use the righthand links.

Howden Town Mural

The Town Mural - Part 2

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Posted by Fiona Moate at 11/06/2007 20:48
Does anyone know what happened to the statue of John De Hovedon that once stood in the niche on the Shire Hall? Its mentioned in Arthur Mee's Kings England. My Mother said it was there when she moved to the area in the late 1940s
Posted by John C. Wraith at 13/07/2008 12:50
I would like to contact any Wraith relatives living in the Howden, Eastrington, Portington area. I have lived in the Philippines for almost nine years now, so would really be interested to hear what various family members are doing. My e-mail address is - thankyou!
Posted by John Jessop at 20/09/2009 21:12
I don't have any information about the the statue of John de Hoveneden but my father went to school in the old Grammar School built into the corner of Howden Minster. I believe the schoolrooms are still there and used for Sunday-School nowadays.
Posted by John Jessop at 19/12/2009 16:34
Can anyone recall the town in the 1950s or around that period? I can remember the old National School at the end of Pinfold Street adjacent to the dyke which ran from the area of the big Willow Garth and past the cemetary then alongside Treeton Road to townend corner where it joined the drain from under Hailgate and ran down to Howdendyke. The school had three big classrooms and the one at the back was also used for school dinners which were brought in containers via Eric Powls Taxi from the cookhouse at the Council School in Hailgate. There were outside toilets and a garden at the rear of the playground.
When I first started there the headmistress Miss Joyce was a terrifying sight to us and was reputed to have a slipper for chastisement which we dreaded despite never seeing it!
Discipline by psycholgy!
I travelled to and from Howdendyke by bicycle every day, rain or shine. No warm, dry buses for us!
The market place had space in the centre around the market cross for cars to park, there were two deeply eroded wooden pillars of fantastic age at the end of Churchside next to Kitwoods shop, to stop vehicles entering. Between the Shire Hall and the exit to the market place there was a closed shop which older folks told me had been a butchers (Draycotts?) and on the corner was a fish and chip shop with a cafe above. Hilda Clarkson used to fry the fish and chips. I think it was called Ideal Fisheries.
Allens provisions faced this corner and next door was the Midland Bank. Next to the bank was a small shop which in its time has been a chemists, and opticians, served as temporary newsagents whils Butlers was renovated. Lastly the Spar shop (now a hairdressers)
My memory is hazy regarding the shops from Kitwoods towards the Co-op corner but a few names come to mind without recall of exact location. Miss Whiteheads wool shop, Gallons provisions, Harry Burwell, Howdenshire Gazzette, A G Rae MPS, Ward Bros outfitters, Jack Moore butcher, Geoff Winn, The Board Inn, The White Horse Inn and Vals hairdressers in the Shire Hall building.
Can anyone add to this list or give some more details of location?
Posted by H.M.D. at 24/11/2010 18:21
Be interesting to know how the town (?) Howden near Hobart Tasmania Aus.came to be. The Derwent river is also there.
Posted by H.M.D. at 02/12/2010 19:06
Next time the Aus. Eng. test matches are played in England how about the Ashes playing field in Howden ? (Stated with tongue in cheek)... By the way, is Howden show still there ?
Posted by margaret boldan at 04/01/2013 18:16
Posted by Corby Bunting at 30/08/2013 17:16
To anyone with Thoms Chester 1770 of Howden on their tree.I can supply a direct route to Edward III and beyond For free Email me
Posted by keith at 26/01/2014 10:30
Anyone know how the gates in Howden got their name ie .Hailgate , Flatgate etc
Posted by trev hardwick at 08/12/2014 19:23
hi i am trying to trace the graves of my g-parents they were herbert hardwick died 1948 & emma hardwick died 1946
mrs cox the church warden at the minster has kindly checked there for me but found nothing there
they lived in northholmby street where i went as a child
but i dont know which cemetary they were buried in ( how many are there in howden ) any help would be great
regards trev hardwick
Posted by John Jessop at 21/01/2015 16:20
There is the town cemetery on Knedlington Road that you could investigate. I imagine this might come under a local burial board, possibly connected with the town council. The clerk to the council could probably point you in the right direction.
Posted by John Jessop at 06/10/2016 06:49
Sad to see the demise of the Cross Keys. Demolished to make way for yet more houses. Howden is still waiting for a bypass to take the heavy traffic away from Flatgate where the residents suffer a daily nightmare of noise, vibration and lorries mounting pavement immediately in front of their doors.
Posted by Keith at 01/03/2018 09:10
Anyone know where / what were the Gates in Howden. i e. Hailgate, Flatgate, Bridgegate ?
Posted by Keith at 02/05/2018 07:44
Tour de Yorkshire goes through Howden May 3rd. Take a look.
Posted by David Hutton at 18/06/2020 15:36
Hi Trev Hardwick
A tad late responding to your query re. your g.parents They resided at 46 Northolmby St. ( nxt door to us at No 44 ) throughout WWll.
He worked for Ward Bros, outfitters shop Market Place. I believe their son worked at a timber creosoting works nr Gilberdyke.
The house ( on the corner with Applegate) was later occupied Ronald Powls's parents.
Afraid unable to help with place of burial.

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