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'red cliff or bank', Old Scandinavian rauthr + klif: Rawcliffe East Riding of Yorkshire. Routheclif c.1080
'A Dictionary of English Place-Names', Oxford University Press

Welcome to Rawcliffe! The Village Church The Village Chapel

Part of a flat countryside, with Lincolnshire only six miles away, it stands on the River Aire. The busy road from Goole bounds Rawcliffe's fine park before passing through the heart of the village, where many old houses and a modern church are gathered round a spacious green shaded by trees.

It was the home of one of Yorkshire's oddities, Jimmy Hurst, who lived here in George the Third's day and sleeps in the churchyard. He wore yellow boots, a rainbow waistcoat, and a hat nine feet round, and lived in a house near the river. He made a pair of wings and tried to fly, but his most remarkable invention was a coach like a Chinaman's hat on wheels. It was the wonder of all who saw it as he drove up to London, where he met the king. For over 90 years he was one of the queerest of all Yorkshiremen, and when he died, his coffin was carried by twelve old ladies, a Scotsman with a bagpipe and a Yorkshire fiddler accompanying them.

'The King's England', edited by Arthur Mee

The Village Green A pub Another pub

Rawcliffe is one of the prettiest villages in the area and consists of pubs, nice houses and a church all standing around a large village green. There is a fair on the green once each year. The River Aire runs peacefully round the back of the village and the river bank forms a nice sign-posted walk to Goole. One of the local pubs used to a quiz which was free to enter, had generous prizes and you even got a free pie and pea supper in the process.

Visitor Comments

Posted by ROBERT HARNESS at 18/12/2007 19:47
my father leonard haeness was born in rawcliffe in 1908. he was one of the first babies to be christened in the newly built transcept as reported in thr parish magazine.he lived in bell lane and later on river side. my grandfather charles william served through the first war in the 4th battalion k.o.y.l.i. and is buried with my grandmother beatrice in the local cemertry. my uncle Eric still lives in goole and i think my cousin Boyd lives in goole does anyone remember or have any information on the family or on the 4th batt please contact me.
robert harness
Posted by Dorothy Ellison at 15/06/2009 09:44
My grandmother was born in Rawcliffe, being the daughter of Robert Rusby. Robert, his wife Sarah and her parents (Richard & Sarah Hill) are all buried in the churchyard, near the door. I visited there in 1999, hoping to find out more about my ancestors, but didn't have any luck, as I wasn't there long enough.Grandma was Kate Rusby and she married Thomas George Craven from Goole.
Posted by Cliff Carl at 22/07/2009 15:06
I was born and raised in Rawcliffe and went to Rawcliffe and Snaith schools. My first job was apprentice riviter at Craggs shipyard Old Goole. I worked for Jack Peacock who had a coal business at the west end as well as both Turners and Rostrons paper mills. I worked on the river board and Frank Morley was the foreman. I have great memories of Rawcliffe and vividly remember getting barred from the Craykes Arms by Harry the landlord for riding my motorbike into the pub. I now live in Wakefield but until November 2008 my Mother still lived in Rawcliffe at cookoo park.
Posted by Wendy Owen at 30/08/2009 15:52
I have photocopies of marriage certificates from the Registers for the following, free to anyone if interested. Goole Library have BMD details for Goole and surrounding villages on Mircrofilm along with a lot of other info, well worth a visit.

William Henry Harrison 21 to Emily Dobson 21 1885 Rawcliffe
Campbell William Kirkpatrick 35 to Jane Butterill 22 1893 Rawcliffe
Fred Spivey 21 to Mary Taylor 19 1890 Rawcliffe
Thomas Mapplebeck 28 to Harriet Chalker 22 1858 Rawcliffe
contact me on
Posted by Wendy Owen at 30/08/2009 15:57
Is anyone researching or belong to the CAWOOD and YOUNG families in Rawcliffe. In particular Hannah Cawood married John Young 1863. Hannah had several children before her marriage to John Young, does anyone know if she was married before?? Her dau Elizabeth Cawood (also known as Young) married John Clayton of Patrington/Keyingham but was working in Rawcliffe on 1881 cen living with Brookes family. They married but as yet not found the details. They then left Rawcliffe for a life in Staddlethorpe/Gilberdyke where they outlived their lives and had family. Is Cawood related to Caward in Rawcliffe??
Please contact me if you have an interest in any
Posted by Robert Ward at 30/08/2009 21:32
The people Wendy mentions are in my family tree. I have contacted her directly.
Posted by Pat Fielding at 22/09/2009 08:47
Searching for a birth of a John Palmer b 1835 in Goole Yorkshire father William and have been doing so for a number of years. Have his marriage in 1859 in Guernsey and most of his children but his birth and death (during a storm when his ship was wrecked but place and time unknown) has been very hard to establish. John was a seaman all his life and spent time in Guernsey, France and on 1871 is in Sunderland as a master mariner - he then went back to France where two more children were born so he was alive in some part of 1872. John is my gtgrandfather and really do want to find who his family are. Any help please?
Posted by ROBERT HARNESS at 08/02/2010 20:14
Hi, I'm am still looking for any information on the Harness family who lived in Bell Lane then on Riverside. If anyone has any photos of the soldiers of the First World War please get in touch.
Posted by Andrew Watts at 13/09/2010 21:25
Fao Robert Harness.
I'm the grandson of Harold (Julia's son) and am just starting to trace the family tree on the Harness side and Harold's military service.
If you have any information please get in touch.
Posted by mel at 18/09/2010 14:16
looking for details on kirkpatrick family campbell william amd charles thanks
Posted by Robert Ward at 22/09/2010 21:56
Campbell William Kirkpatrick married, first, my GG grandmother's sister Emma Ledger in 1877, and second, Jane Butterill in 1893 after Emma died. Jane died in 1894 and Campbell in 1901. Campbell and Emma had 7 children I know of: Ellen (1877) who married John WK Strachan and died in Leeds in 1946, Charles (1878) who had lupus and died in 1909, Louisa (1880) who married Henry Corner in Leeds and lived in Dewsbury, Arthur (c1881-1984), William (1885) who married Sarah E Robinson, Ann (1886) and George (c1889). One of William's children, Wilfred, became an accomplished Arabic speaker and government advisor and was murdered in Pakistan as reported in the Times 7th and 8th April 1965. There were also two articles about him in The Goole Times in July 2009 relating to the history of Goole Grammar School.
Posted by Gary Strachan at 08/10/2010 21:40
I have already been in contact with Robert Ward who has given me the Kirkpatrick detail above. I am the great grandson of Ellen Strachan (nee Kirkpatrick) who was the eldest child of Campbell William Kirkpatrick and married John WK Strachan in 1898. I would appreciate any further details on the Kirkpatrick/Ledger family.
Posted by carl duck at 20/11/2010 19:39
Hi gary, my maternal grandmother was helen strachen, her mother was ellen, married to john kirkpatrick. i am interested as i now am working in goole.

get in touch if you want to share information.

thanks carl
Posted by carl duck at 20/11/2010 19:48
gary, i have just spoken to my mother sandra duck, who knows you. you probably already know the family link. get in touch if you want more info etc.
Posted by Gary Strachan at 21/11/2010 15:06
Carl, I believe I may have been already speaking to your sister Melanie about this via It would be good to hear from you. Have a word with Mel as she has my email address.
Posted by Dave Batch at 25/03/2011 11:14

Does anyone have any information as to when the village of Rawcliffe was sewered? ie. Bona Fide piped sewerage disposal system put in the ground? I have heard rumours thats this was in the 50's / 60's but more exacting informationm would be nice to satisfy my own curiosity.
Posted by Stephanie Miller at 01/04/2011 15:41
FAO Robert Harness and Andrew Watts

I believe the Harness family are related to me too. If my research is correct I am descended from Leonard Harness (b1908) grandmother Jane Ryan. It is Janes mother Bridget Ryan (nee Calpin) that I am researching.

Please feel free to email me.
Posted by Claire at 29/12/2011 14:57
Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any information on the old flaxmill in rawcliffe? thank you,
Posted by Claire at 29/12/2011 14:59
of course it would help if i left contact details
Posted by ROBERT HARNESS at 05/09/2012 19:23
fao Andrew Watts. Hi Andrew not been on this site for a while so only just seen your message. You didn't leave your e mail address for me to get in touch. I am the son of Leonard Harness the older brother of Harold, Hope you see this message please get in touch. My address is
Posted by stephen ward at 17/11/2012 10:39
does anyone know if there was a nother churchyard besides the st james one that occupies the village square?.my family appear to originate from around that area,airmyn etc.but i noticed that the church was a relative new build.records for the church are vast,i have burial records,obviously some can not be any longer located in the churchyard...or is their another one elsewhere ? help appreciated..steve ward
Posted by Robert Ward at 19/11/2012 15:10
There is also Rawcliffe cemetery located along Snaith Road, off to the left not far after the "bad corner". Last time I asked, the burial records were still with the Parish Council and unavailable for consultation.
Posted by claire at 27/01/2013 18:43
Does anyone have any information on the fleeman family. I understand they were the owners of the flax mill in rawcliffe?
Posted by Jack Ellerthrope at 14/12/2013 19:55
Rawcliffe is the Village the Ellerthorpe family lived from 1750 to 1832,but where did they reside prior to that?? any help would be appreciated
Posted by Sharon Kirkpatrick at 16/02/2014 21:11
Hi just stumbled across this as searching for my husbands uncle Wilfred Kirkpatrick who was murdered in April 1965 in Pakistan when he worked for British government as an envoy !! My husbands father was George Kirkpatrick ( moor ends ) Wilfred's brother ...anyone have any more information on this xx
Posted by Robert Ward at 19/02/2014 20:07
The Kirkpatricks, like me, descend from John Ledger (1815-1880) and Sarah Green (1819-1896). Regarding Wilfred Kirkpatrick (1913-1965), he was Christened at Rawcliffe on the 29-6-1913, son of William Kirkpatrick, signalman, and Sarah Eliza (or Elizabeth) Robinson. Wilfred became an accomplished Arabic speaker and Government adviser, before being murdered in Peshawar, Pakistan in April 1965 (reports in The [London] Times 7-4-1965 and 8-4-1965). Two articles about him appeared in the Goole Times in 2009, one by Mike Marsh on 16-7-2009 as part of the series on the history of Goole Grammar School, and one on 23-7-2009 which was a response from a younger brother, Colin, who in 2009 was aged 79 and living in Scarborough.
Posted by Ron Butterill at 14/05/2014 09:49
Posted by Ron Butterill at 12/05/2014 18:21
Hi All,

Just found this site by accident whilst looking for something else. Lots of fabulous memories of the Rawcliffe area Bell Lane , West End etc . Just wanted to say am related to the Butterills, Morleys Foxes and Buck's from Rawcliffe and Rawcliffe Bridge also the Whittons from Snaith. My dad was George Butterill (Gud pronounced Jud) .If anyone knows any of the above it would be nice to hear from you. Sadly will be in Rawcliffe tomorrow for the funeral of my uncle, Tom Morley dad of Jennifer and Brenda.


Ron Butterill
Posted by steve ward at 18/05/2014 20:23
My 3x grandmother was born in around 1794,she was alice sykes.She was one of many children of the blacksmith richard sykes.
As far as i know they were in business from around 1800-1900.
Does the building that would have been the blacksmiths & perhaps ironmongers still exist ?
Posted by Corby Bunting at 19/05/2014 11:51
Hi Steve, Did Alice have a brother Thomas born 1910 Who went on to be the Hook Blacksmith working at the Hall.His wife was Maria His daughter Elizabeth married a Thomas Gill signalman on the construction of Skelton Bridge in 1871.They lived with daughter Lilian at Bridge Cottages where my GGrandfather Charles Cook lived and worked as engineer In the 1881 census Elizabeth and Lillian lived with Thomas Sykes in Hook I have no idea where his Smithy was at the Hall.The only connection I had with the Hall was a lad named John Leatham who was an all round sportsman and won every event he entered in
Posted by steve ward at 19/05/2014 18:44
Hi corby,nice to hear from you.The john sykes your referring to was born in hook in 1846,son of thomas and maria sykes-but no connection as far as i can work out to alice born 1793 in rawcliffe.Like the ward side of my family it's difficult to find links,as like the sykes their are so many !!!
regards steve
Posted by Adam Whitton at 15/07/2014 02:36
Hi I am a direct descendant of the Whitton's of Snaith and Rawcliffe.
I currently reside in the rural outskirts of halifax West Yorkshire.
My grandfather Robert and his wife Sheila retired back over that way to blacktoft in the 1990's and my Great Uncle Jarvis used to run the hope and anchor pub there.
I still have cousins living around there in gilberdyke etc.
Hopefully one day I'll make a visit to rawcliffe and snaith to have a look where my ancestors came from.
Posted by Ron Butterill at 15/11/2014 11:05
Hello Adam Whitton I am part of the Butterill clan from Rawcliffe and we may be distantly related . I am the son of the late George Butterill if you read my post from earlier this year maybe that will help , I am also related to the Whittons from Snaith my aunty Dollie (Ne' Butterill) was married to George Whitton . I last saw family a few weeks ago i.e. Whittons Morleys Kirkhams Bucks( sadly at another funeral which is the downside of coming from a large family)
Posted by Sharon Kirkpatrick at 15/11/2014 20:26
thanks for info Robert ward ...we are trying now to find out exactly where Wilfred Kirkpatrick is buried , can anyone help ? X
Posted by Sharon Kirkpatrick at 16/11/2014 10:47
Robert ward

Colin Kirkpatrick died this year on the 5th of June at Scarborough we have just found out now trying to find Wilfred's grave x
Posted by sandra duck at 30/11/2014 15:18
Hello sharon kirkpatrick my grandmother was ellen kirkpatrick williams sister our family would also like to find graves keep us posted
Posted by sandra duck at 01/12/2014 17:06
Sharon just a second thought spoke to colin last year said he had lots of paperwork regarding wilfred also a sister living in hatfield also mentioned family members/s workling at bletchley during the war were meant to meet up but never got round to it my fault
Posted by Jill Isle (Kirpatrick) at 11/01/2015 17:26
Hi I am Colin Kirkpatrick's daughter, sadly he died on 5 June this year but anyone interested in the family I have lots of stories and knowledge happy for anyone to e mail me
Posted by Jill Isle (Kirkpatrick) at 11/01/2015 17:28
Sharon I am sure we have photo's of uncle Wilfreds grave and location if not Auntie Doris is still alive (97) and I know she has contact me please, Jill
Posted by Jill Isle at 11/01/2015 17:48
Hi Sharon Uncle Wilfreds grave is in Pershawa Graveyard it is a big black plaque with his name on it
Posted by lyn allenby at 30/01/2015 22:35
my great grandfather was godfrey butterill born in rawcliff
Posted by ray Hurst at 22/02/2015 01:17
I am Canadian.

My ancestors are M. Sarah Sykes (1803-1889) and F. Henry Higgins (1798-1879) from Rawcliffe. Their daughter (my great, great grand mother) Elizabeth Higgins immigrated to Canada in the mid 1800's. Are there any surviving relatives who can identify my genealogy?

Please let me know. I will be visiting Yorkshire in March 2015.

Posted by Ron at 29/03/2015 09:43
Hi Lyn Allenby
I am part of the Butterill clan from Rawcliffe. My dad was George Butterill . My Granny and Grand-dad lived at the bottom of Bell Lane in a cottage that was joined on to the old pub that was on the corner . I am also related to the Bucks and Morleys from Rawcliffe and Whittons (from Snaith). Lots of happy childhood memories of visiting Rawcliffe as a kid .

Cheers Ron
Posted by stephen ward at 07/04/2015 18:01
Ray Hurst, If you would like me to send you the baptisms for Sykes and Higgins from Rawcliffe and what death records I have please let me have your e-mail. I too am descended from the Sykes of Rawcliffe...There are so many , but looking at church register records may help you, so I look forward to being able to help
Steve Ward
Posted by Gordon Simms at 12/04/2015 15:02
Steve Ward re Blacksmiths shop, Hi Steve I was born and raised in Rawcliffe and we used to watch the blacksmith shoeing the farm horses, as far as I know the building that was the blacksmith's shop is still standing, if you know the village it stood back from the junction of the Green and Station road, there was also a Bank next to it.

Gordon Simms
Posted by stephen ward at 13/04/2015 18:25
Thanks for your reply Gordon. I actually went through Rawcliffe the other day as we went to Snaith church to see where Samuel Ward 1789-1837 got married to Alice Sykes 1793-1874 in 1812.So next time i'm in the area I will endeavour to locate where the Blacksmith's once was. Alice Sykes was one of the Daughters of Richard Sykes 1760-1835....and she was one of abt 18 children as far as I can make he was a busy chap !!.
The church in your Rawcliffe I have to say is quite impressive, with the balcony etc and I see there are many of the Ward family and Sykes buried there
Posted by Jacqui Chamberlain at 28/04/2015 12:30
I am currently researching the Epworths (this is spelt Hepworth on some documents). If anyone has any information that would be helpful please email me on

Hannah Epworth 1857-1920 married John Waters in 1876
Charles Epworth About 1825-1861 married Ann Stainton in 1853
James Epworth About 1801 according to census records his wife was called Sarah
Posted by Helen Lloyd at 07/06/2015 00:38
Hi Steve Ward, just been reading the comments on here, I'm descended from Samuel Ward & Alice Sykes son Thomas. nice to see someone else is looking at the family. N yes I agree the Wards & Sykes are huge.
Posted by stephen ward at 08/06/2015 18:44
Helen, which of the 16 children of Thomas do you descend from ?
Posted by lyn allenby at 22/07/2015 15:53
hi ron...i believe your george butterillmay be connected to my 3rd greatgrandfather was godfrey butterill...his daughter sarah was my great grandmother
Posted by lyn allenby at 22/07/2015 16:05
i believe your george was the son of robert butterill, he was my great grandmother sarahs brother and he married his wife mary on the same day as mysarah married...robert was a witnessat the marriage
Posted by Patrico ranalde / Patrick barker at 17/08/2015 11:13
Hi I used to live in Stubbs villa next to the station I am looking for old school friends from back then does enney one remember me and my family there was David Shirly Julie mareen and me the youngest Patrick
Posted by Helen lloyd at 30/08/2015 00:38
Hi Steve, I'm descended from Thomas' daughter Emma to his first wife, she married George Pepper. Just having a look at the ward family tonight while ancestry is free
Posted by Steve ward at 30/08/2015 11:58
Hi Helen, I think we may have been in contact before, but yes I know a small bit about Emma, but like most historians I lack photos !!. However if you look at Ancestry website you will see the large wedding pic that I have attached to thomas. Our emma may well be on there. Keep in touch
Posted by Steve ward at 30/08/2015 12:21
I remember , I asked which of the 16 children your descended from.We come from Jane Isabella Ward. Look forward to hearing from you, steve
Posted by Steve ward at 30/08/2015 13:06
Helen I remembered something that I know you would be interested in..Ada who was baptised on 20 july 1866 at airmyn, her mother Ann (perhaps known as Hannah/ Anna ) was buried at Airmyn on the 31st july 1869. I was shocked when I saw this as it means she must have had complications after the birth of which she succombed....small world as his 2nd wife is from whom I'm descended
Posted by Steve ward at 30/08/2015 13:18
Also I could put you in touch with a descendant of Paul Pepper, if you wish as I have been in contact with Emma who is descended from Paul..I guess your line is from one of Paul's brothers ?
Posted by d. owen at 26/11/2015 11:13
has enybody got eny ifo of the weston family
living in rawcliffe in the early 1900 hundreds
Posted by Adam Whitton at 06/01/2016 02:08
I posted here before to say my family hailed from the area.

After some research it seems I have even more ancestry from other families including the cawoods and butterworths from the area.

If anyone wants to see the family tree I've got to so far then send me an email.

Posted by Ron Butterill at 01/05/2016 10:20
just a viewing update for me really , but if anyone knows the Butterills ( bell lane as was ) the Morleys ( Jen and Brenda ) the Bucks, all Rawcliffe or the Whittons fro Snaith ( Brenda , Sandra etc ) would be nice to hear from you .


Ron Butterill ( Sunny Cleethorpes ) just kidding about the sun lol
Posted by Richard Rowley at 23/07/2016 04:33
My great grandfather (Robert, parents Thomas and Sarah)
was born in Rawcliffe in 1828. He moved to the U.S. in 1848,
served in the Union Army in the civil war, lost a leg, but still managed to farm and raise a family, and legend has it, walk to town for a beer daily. My daughter and I will be visiting Rawcliffe in early October. If this message gets to anyone related to us, we would be very happy to meet you.
Posted by Craig Butterill at 15/08/2016 21:13
Ron Butterill

My Grandad was Ernest Butterill originally from the Goole/Rawcliffe area and late of Pool in Wharfedale and was married to Lily (nee Webster) they had three children Joyce and Twins Colin and Keith. Colin was my dad. I remember visiting relatives over Goole way as a child but unfortunately cannot remember any names. Perhaps we are related?
Posted by lynukk at 23/02/2017 18:52
hi ron
im also in cleethorpes
Posted by Frank at 05/06/2017 12:03
Hi, could anyone please tell me where "Clarence Grove" is/was situated in Rawcliffe, it shows on my Grandmothers marriage certificate as her place of abode.
Many thanks in anticipation of any kind reply.
Posted by Kirsty Downing at 11/06/2017 20:11
Does anybody know of a John Butterill? Lived in Barmby on Marsh in the early 1970s? I'm trying to trace my father. Thank you xxx

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