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Posted by Susan Singh at 13/08/2009 17:12
I am looking for Bell ancestors in Whitgift 1500-1800
does anyone else know of these people?
Posted by Pauline Stainton at 09/01/2010 20:31
How do I find out who is where in Whitgift Churchyard? I've been researching the Lindley family & I know Mr & Mrs Gervas Lindley & Mr & Mrs Sam Lindley are there somwhere - but where ?
Posted by Alan Anderson at 15/01/2010 22:19
Hello Pauline Stainton, reference Whitgift Cemetery ,If you contact Mrs. Betty Leeman,Ashtree Farm ,Reedness.She may be able to help you as she is the main 'Church Warden' for this church. I hope this will help you in your search. Alan.
Posted by Pauline Stainton at 17/01/2010 18:40
Thank-you, Alan. Your answer was a surprise. When you look at all the queries on this website & how few answers, you realise how few people use it - & it's a shame. many thanks.
Posted by patricia pitts at 25/03/2010 10:13
I am looking for any information on my ancestors who lived in Whitgift before 1800 upto 1891 their name was parrott
Posted by Joan Blackledge nee Leeman at 05/07/2010 19:52

Just to ask, is Betty Leeman one of my relations. I had a lot in Whitgift as I was born there. Her mother's name was Betty and her husband was called Fred. I was born and lived in Anchor Row then moved to Swinefleet. I now live in Devon.
Posted by Alan Anderson at 13/07/2010 18:58
Hello Joan ,Reference Betty Leeman.That is her married name, her husband was a farmer locally.I will ask her in the next few days if she can help you with any information.
Bye,Alan Anderson.Reedness.
Posted by Alan Anderson at 24/07/2010 23:00
Stuart,For Joan Blackledge,Re. Betty Leeman.Will you give her my E-mail Add.To enable me to pass on some personal information..
Posted by lighthouse at 28/09/2010 16:33
I am fascinated by the lighthouse at Whitgift when was it built etc. the church is beatiful and the whole area is a lovely hour or so drive
Posted by Jan townend at 14/11/2010 13:56
During the war lord haw haw who used to broadcast propaganda for the Germans said" we know where the clock with the number 13 on is"
Posted by Corby Bunting at 10/02/2012 10:24
I am interested in finding out anything about the following families.From the early 1800's Haddock.Walker and Woad.
Any information will be appreciated
Posted by searching at 10/06/2012 18:39
eny imfo please on a marcus knipe.born airmin 1703
I believe he was a farmer in the early 17oo hundreds
in the whitgift aria
Posted by MARTIN STOVIN at 09/04/2013 18:45
I am researching the Stovin family and wondered if there were any of that name in the churchyard?
Posted by Jose Pound at 04/08/2013 18:01
i am researching the family name MORUM and there was one possibly two or three families in the area with the surname morum in Whitgift in the 1500's. (according to the IGI) can anyone point me in right direction please. will be travelling to Doncaster on weekend so will detour to Whitgift
Posted by Wendy at 21/10/2013 08:43
I have recently visited Whitgift Churchyard to find the grave of my grandfather Thomas John Knipe who was buried in 1931/2 and my great grandmother Mary Foster Knipe who was buried 1941/2.
My mother who visited the graves until 1942 states that the graves were against the wall on the lane side but there is no longer a wall nor are there any graves.
Can anyone tell me if the graves have been moved and where to and when the wall was demolished?
I took my mother on her 91st birthday and we would love to find the answer.
Posted by Wendy at 21/10/2013 08:54
Posted by searching at 10/06/2012 18:39
Hi searching. I am also looking for more details on Marcus Knipe. I have him as being born in1701 and passing in 1761. He was married to Ann Haldenby and I would think he was born in Ousefleet. I have recently visited the family home in Ousefleet and am trying to find more info on the dates the house was owned by the Knipe family. My grandfather died there in 1931. Have you found out any more about the family?
Posted by Wendy Ray at 27/10/2013 20:23
Reference Patricia Pitts. I recently viewed a film at an LDS family history center: Whitgift Parish Registers for the years 1568-1812. I came across the name "Parrott" a lot! This included births, christenings, marriages and burials. The film number is I-64538 or 0098542. (Both numbers were on the box. I'm not sure which one is the call number.) good luck!
Posted by Angela Banks at 02/02/2014 00:26
Posted by Judith Gorbutt at 21/06/2014 12:41
Hi my husbands family came from Reedness and are buried in Whitgift cemetery has any body any info on the Foster Family John Foster was a Wheelwright in Reedness and he married Maria burtwistle from ousefleet
Posted by Cindy Whitwood at 09/08/2014 15:10
Hello I'm trying to pinpoint my brother,s unmarked grave in Whitgift church yard his name was Robert William Smith 19month old son to Robert & Irene Smith he was buried there on the 24th September 1949 by a Methodist minister by the name of Lawson. On a micro film I have seen is the no 864 which I am hoping is the plot no but I need to see a map to locate & verify this . As a small child I was brought to the churchyard to tend to both my grandma & grand dads grave along with my brother,s & know them to be very close to each other.I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could point me in the right direction.
Posted by Jo Gale at 15/07/2015 10:10
Attention Patricia Pitts. William Parrott was present at the death in 1884, of my great grandfather, Edgar Oswald Hart, who was the vicar of Adlingfleet Church. I think William may have been the sexton of the church. He certainly was living next door to the vicarage in 1881.
Posted by Martin Gibson at 16/06/2016 09:48
Hello I'm trying to find out more about my 4th great grandfather Richard Gibson born in 1802 in Whitgift died 28 September 1842 in Leeds. He was a tailor and married to Sarah Bullass born 28th March 1808 in Reedness and died in Finningley in March 1844(?). Where would I be able to look over the parish records please to check, dates, family members etc? Thank you, Martin
Posted by Marilyn Callaway at 19/01/2017 17:25
Hi, are you the same person who has an ancestor called Joseph Alfred Beeson 1850-1924. If so, he was my great grandfather. I have a family photo and would love to identify the children.
Please get in touch.
Posted by Alison Southward at 25/09/2017 21:32
Hello. I am researching my grandmother's family, she was Laura Bullass (b. 1897 in Sykehouse) and was a descendant of the Bullasses of Reedness. I have traced her line back through William (b 1824); George Gilliard (b. 1799) William (1769) and then to William of Hatfield. My mother and I visited the churchyard recently and found a couple of Bullass graves and wondered if there were a list/plan of where others were in the graveyard. We would also like to know any further details about the family if any stories are known.
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 17/12/2018 20:27
East Riding of Yorkshire Archives, Ref. FMG/393/3: Certificate of Primitive Methodist Chapel as a place of Religious Worship, 18th April, 1860, Whitgift. Ref. EMG/396/6/7: Photographs of the laying of foundation stone of Whitgift Primitive Methodist Sunday School, 15th May, 1924. Reverse of postcards annotated with details of the ELLA family, 10 pieces/items. EMG/396/1: Primitive Methodist Sunday School Union report form, year 1931, relating to Whitgift, 5 teachers, 47 scholars, secretary Mr. Henry Ella. Other documents in collection.
Posted by Raymond & Marie: at 20/12/2018 13:55
East Riding of Yorkshire Archives, Beverley.
Ref. DDX1898/19/(12?), part of Ref. DDX1898/19/1: 12th May 1785. Articles of Agreement for Indenture of John Ella. Parties: 1) William Metcalfe, carpenter, Halton, Lincolnshire. : 2) Thomas Ella, Whitgift, West Riding, Schoolmaster, father of John Ella. Term: 4 years. Witnesses: John Sowerby, Edward Nayler, George Ellwood.
Posted by Raymond & Marie. at 20/12/2018 20:03
Thomas Ella was also documented Schoolmaster of Ousefleet, both Whitgift and Ousefleet having an annexed boundary.
Posted by Raymond & Marie. at 20/12/2018 20:19
Regarding the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitgift/Ousefleet:
The unification of various Methodist groups, e.g., Primitive Methodists, Wesleyans, etc., was year 1932. To read a brief history of the PM Chapel of Whitgift/Ousefleet go to "My Primitive Methodist Ancestors" website and select Yorkshire Chapels, then go to Whitgift.

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