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From:name withheld
Date:24 July 2003

I am contacting you with due since of humanity and responsibility,and with few awareness that you will give a sympathetic and favourable attention.

I am also very sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause you, based on the condition that we have not seen or known before. I got your contact from the Ivorian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, when searcching for a reasonable and God fearing partner who will assist me for this most valued transaction.

I am the third wife of late Mr. Jonas Wenga of Angola.I am now in Abidjan with my son kiki Wenga based on the condition that my husband owns a residence in cote d`ivore before his death.

We need your urgent assistance to retrieve some items that he kept with my name in a security company in ABIDJAN COTE D IVOIRE before his death, two boxes containing raw cash of $ 20 million America dollars ( TWENTY MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS) .

During my late husbands involvement as the leader of unita, the opposition party to the Angola government, he was in total control of the oil and gold areas in Moxico province of Angola.

My husband had four wives and so many children, and he used our names in keeping must treasures outside Angola, because he knew a fighter's life worth nothing, and that we are the architecture of our destiny. He deposited two trunk boxes containing 20 million USD in a security firm in ABIDJAN.

My main reason of contacting you, is for you to assist me in retrieving the boxes and to provide good investment plans for the fund. I want to invest this fund outside Africa, with a good partner. I will change the beneficiary to your name provided you will not sit on the fund if it gets to your country.

The investments will be under your control for seven years, during which only our interest will be shared annually, 45% for me while 55% for you annually because of incase any eventual expenses you might make on the process of retrieving this fund out of the security company to your country. I will distinguish My proposal and sincerity , by sending my picture and that of my son kiki, as soon as you get back to us. But bear in mind that since the death of my husband, no one know our where about, so you have to keep it very confidential.

But remember, this is a privilege information that we are reviling to you, so we employ you to keep it very confidential and private. You will have all vital documents for clarification. We are at the moment with a lady a member of the above mentioned church, though she does not know about our private affairs.

Tell me about investment potential in your country.

NB:I am waiting for your urgent responce please. Thank you and God bless you.

Best regards,