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The Clock Tower

Panoramic view of the Clock Tower Roundabout

The clock tower was erected in 1927 as part of the Centenary celebrations of the opening of the docks. It has the dates 1826 and 1926 inscribed at the top of the tower. It replaced a large gas lamp that had been there previously

The Clock Tower and CCTV camera The clock was later moved a few metres to stand it in the middle of the clock tower roundabout. Originally there were public toilets at the base of the clock. In the last 1990's it was defaced by the addition of a huge CCTV camera, although curiously standing by the tower is the only place in Goole out of sight of the cameras.

Goole had a reputation of being the easiest place to pass a driving test because there are no dual-carriageways or hills. However the first part of any driving test was to negotiate the busy roundabout.

This part of Goole was always a focal point of the town, either for the unemployed to congregate in the 1920's and 30s or for drunken New Year revellers.

Visitor Comments

Posted by Robert Ward at 23/05/2005 22:24
What roundabout? It wasn't there when I did my driving test. Nor were there any traffic lights for that matter - the first ones appeared at Greenawn Corner around 1970. The hill start was in Mariners Street where it joins Stanhope Street (which I think is one of the original roads raised above ground level using the spoil from digging out the docks, creating a 3 or 4 foot hill), although you also had to use the handbrake in (possibly) Manuel Street which had a particularly nasty camber for the three point turn. Bill Campbell taught us all the tricks and made sure we were one step ahead of the examiners.
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 24/05/2005 08:18
Thinking about it, there is a dual carriageway in Goole (between Airmyn Road and Shaftesbury Avenue), but I've never seen more than one car on it at a time.
Posted by Andy Scott at 03/05/2006 10:46
I like the clock tower its a big tower witha clock on it! =] when i was young I used to think a man lived inside.
Posted by Robert Ward at 03/05/2006 17:22
Does anyone remember using the toilets that were underneath the clock tower before it was moved?
Posted by John at 28/06/2006 00:18
Strange request re clock tower toilets. But since you ask. They were clean but a bit smelly. The fittings were very substantial. There were not, as far as I know, frequented by dubious characters.
Posted by i luv stevo at 07/10/2006 19:45
goole is ace
Posted by Some Random Bloke at 06/12/2006 23:18
if u notice, the clocks in the picture shown are showing different times!
Posted by D Holt at 09/12/2006 00:19
So when were the toilets closed and the tower moved to create the roundabout
Posted by Hamish at 04/02/2007 20:26
The toilets in the clock tower were a life safer at times, they were just around the corner from the pool office and just across the street from the Leeds bus stop,and after a two hour bone jarring bus ride from Leeds ,they were the first port of call before going to check in at the pool, then if one stopped for a "couple" before the bus trip back to Leeds, one was in agony untill one reached Selby, and many a bus I missed in Selby!
Posted by pete at 31/03/2007 17:05
And then they stuck that ugly cctv camera on top
Posted by Bill at 01/05/2007 19:46
Pete, couldn't agree with you more. I did talk to the planners at Beverly and suggested it was time for an alternative location for the cameras or at least something smaller. The clock tower is one of the few buildings in Goole of architectural and historic interest, it really was crass to stick those cameras on top. Incidentally it was done without the necessary planning permission but it's to late to do anything about that now. Bill
Posted by pete at 01/05/2007 22:35
Bill - re planners from Beverly. Have you noticed how they are taking up all the paving stones from around Goole and tarmac put in place? I followed a lorry load of pavings heading over Boothferry. I wonder if East Yorks council are saving these for the historic ares of Beverly?
Posted by les at 21/05/2007 01:00
Yes, rip all the paving slabs and send them ton nice oldy worldy Beverley cos Goole will be in indutryvill before too long. Look how big the new Tesco distribution centre is. Good jobs(well paid !) with prospects. HA!
Oakhill Nature reserve!! we will soon swallow that. wont take 2 bites of the new eric (eryc) machine.
Posted by Fiona Moate at 22/06/2007 17:59
Can't anyone think of anywhere else to put cctv cameras?
Last time I was in the area I was horrified to see one on top of Howden Minster. Does anyone know if there is one on Beverley Minster or St Mary's church Beverley?
Posted by brittany at 08/09/2007 18:47
i think the clock looks great were it is
Posted by Phill Buckingham at 28/09/2007 01:34
they are cctv cams on snaith church (dome cam @ the rear of the building) dunno on howden, but i guess old fisher wanted to bray a few more holes in grade 1 listed buildings
Posted by tina at 18/10/2007 17:06
Hi, was there a harrison's corner in goole 1910 -1950 some where near these's dates can anyone remember, i have been told it was a watch makers or something like that any info will help
Posted by john howard at 28/08/2008 23:03
i remember using the toilets at clock tower as a kid about 8 i also remember catching bus to old goole across from them too outside bank i think it was who decided to put camers on a peace of goole history shame
Posted by David Lloyd at 21/09/2009 17:17
I can recall the toilets beneath the clock tower and using them as a child and, as I worked for the local authority after leaving school, I worked on taking the tower down, building the roundabout and rebuilding the tower. Removing the old stone paving slabs is not new either - when I was on the road gang we took up the pavements in George Street area and they were sent 'down south'. I recall being told that they were being sold to wealthy people who wanted them round their swimming pools! But then I was young and a little naive.
Posted by jezziika at 12/12/2009 10:45
i love Goole i was born in it and i have lived in it all my young life i think it is a great place but people put it down so comment if you like it and also if you dont but it is not as bad as you think
Posted by C.A at 14/01/2010 12:39
All the teenagers who were out and about in the late 50s and early 60s used to meet up at the clock tower and the girls used the loos for checking hair and makeup with own mirrors (none provided) I seem to remember a weighing machine or is my memory playing tricks?
Posted by Frank Philpott at 16/02/2010 21:34
I remember many a visit to the toilets under the clock tower and then over to Miss Appleyards toy shop. The new tower to me, seems to have lost its character.
Posted by zoe at 11/05/2010 18:25
Does anyone remember the electronic street map on Boothferry Road near the Halifax. It was a large blue box with incredibly stiff buttons. And does anyone know where it went? Or have any pictures of this device.
Posted by caroline sample at 14/05/2010 20:28
yes i remeber that have just commented on goole book
Posted by Bill at 14/05/2010 23:35
Zoe, yes I vaguely remember that, I don't think it was in situ for very long. What I do remember is when the Halifax was Burton's, which is where I bought my first three made to measure suits. Which amazingly was not unusual for working class teenagers in the mid sixties. Sartorially my life has been downhill ever since!
Posted by Bill at 15/05/2010 15:57
Caroline, what is 'Goole Book'?
Posted by caroline at 24/09/2010 20:28
Hi Bill Goole Book is a link on FaceBook and also there is you know when your from Goole when which has lots of facts on
Posted by Stu at 06/06/2012 13:07
Just reading this about the clock tower, very interesting that it has the 100 year celebration on it, do you think we as people of Goole should have the Clock Tower brought back to its former glory for the 200 year celebration in 2026?
Posted by keith at 07/06/2012 13:18
I think the road around the clock tower should be brought back to its original glory before 2026. Its now similar to tram lines
Posted by Stu at 14/06/2012 11:18
TBH I think the road has funding to be resurfaced which should happen sooner then later. Just don't want 2026 to go unrecognised like it was in 1976 (150th)
Posted by Bill at 17/10/2012 08:29
Are the CCTV cameras still on top of the clock tower? I'm thinking I might have another attempt to get them removed. I've got a bit more info about them from ERYC who indicate that the final decision is down to Goole Town Council. Any support for such a campaign??
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 24/10/2013 14:36
Saw the slightly relocated Clock Tower again when in Goole last week.
I remember my dad bringing home a copy of the Daily Herald (er, sadly, long-gone) one day in the late '50s, saying I should take a look at page 4. The Herald had a feature writer named Jon Akass, a very good journalist, though a sarcastic sod. Anyway, he'd written a feature on Goole which he observed was 'typified by its town centre, a public convenience.'
Now, some might say ...
Posted by Bill at 24/10/2013 15:05
Well at least they were properly staffed and properly maintained public toilets which are a rare commodity these days.
Posted by colin taylor at 23/08/2014 20:31
the late jack bryant late freedy cooper late jack andrews late tom c ollins rebuilt the clock tower as well as me it was hard work
Posted by alex at 25/09/2014 14:43
more information on clock tower
Posted by alex at 02/10/2014 14:20
why was it built
Posted by Paul at 04/10/2014 10:48
Built in 1926 to celebrate the town's centenary.
Posted by Bill at 10/06/2017 08:45
Below is just a re-post of some comments I put on the Goole in Peril page last year. I haven't visited Goole for a bit. Presumably those awful cameras are still there.
'I was wondering if it was only me that continues to be outraged by the ugly camera on top of the clock tower. Apparently it is, as the Town Clerk advises me that mine is the only complaint in 17 years. Also that the Council doesn't have the money or inclination to replace or remove them any time soon. It is a shame that one of most significant historic structures in the town has to be disfigured in such a way. Especially as a much smaller less obtrusive camera could do the crime watch function just as well.'

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