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Other Attractions

Obviously there is not enough space on the web to list all the things of interest in the town. Here are the highlights that should be on any itinerary.

Timms Flour Mill The Clifton Hotel and Trinity Church The old Carlton Cinema

The pedestrianised part of Boothferry Road The old Times Printing Building Belgravia

Pasture Road The Charter Club The old Baths Hall

One of the grand buildings down Aire Street The old Wm Lowes supermarket on Aire Street The old Theatre Royal in Adam Street

Centenary Road Poet's Corner Eastgate Flats

South Dock Bridge 1 South Dock Bridge - 2 South Dock Bridge - 3

Visitor Comments

Posted by Stu at 18/06/2012 10:18
God knows how Phil Buckingham's negative view appeared on this site, does Goole no good comments like that.
Posted by norma at 11/07/2012 12:18
is there any one out there who remembers the ymca in 1965 1966.we had great times.went on to see the stones at leeds.also went to the cavern in liverpool.i lived in thorne.
Posted by tom hardman at 20/01/2013 15:18
Yes I remember it Norma Situated at the end of the town opposite pub name cannot remember building just about falling down. Upstairs for table tennis down stairs disco and cafe. Never went on any trips family could not afford it.
Posted by emmo at 21/01/2013 12:24
tom the pub in question is the peacock
Posted by tom hardman at 06/02/2013 12:01
Thanks Emmo should really have remembered it my father practically lived in it as well as the macintosh arms.
Posted by Suuzee at 10/02/2013 18:52
STop slagging goole,be home with my strictly show soon.
Posted by Tony Reed at 06/01/2014 14:42
I lived in Goole after moving from Howden for 15 years. Some of my family are still there. It was dying a slow when I was there but now appears to have improved on many fronts. I had 7 happy years working for Timms Mill, sad to see it gone, what happened?
Posted by Keith at 08/01/2014 08:23
Posted by Paul at 06/07/2014 19:02
Boothferry Road Junior School used West Park for games(football) in the '50's although the changing room near the swings was open fronted.The grass lawn tennis courts were very well kept with its own clubhouse.
Posted by Keith at 13/07/2014 19:48
Posted by Corby Bunting at 14/07/2014 08:05
Hello Keith On a recent visit to Goole Both my wife and I commented on the rejuvenated appearance of the park.Also the riverside Park. However the Cemetery may have suffered and again looks neglected. The chapel has a fine crop of Elderberry on the roof. But my family graves and others are being damaged by careless strimming.I had to search for the corner stones of my Grandfathers grave.found buried under a heap of Hay
I also believe West Park is not the place for a Circus Who will pay for the massive clean up?

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