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Goole is found in God's own county of Yorkshire. This is the largest county in Britain and also the friendliest (in any Yorkshireman's opinion). Yorkshire stretches from the Holderness coast in the east to the Dales in the West, and from Middlesbrough in the North to Sheffield in the South.

Originally, Yorkshire contained three Ridings. It is currently split into North, West and South Yorkshire. Due to popular revolt, the old county of Humberside has been split into the East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and Hull.

It is the home to Tetley Beer, sheep farming and coal mining. It is also a cultural centre containing the National Film, Railway, Armouries and Pop Music Museums. The 0 degree meridian passes through Cleethorpes (and Greenwich). In the sporting world it is famous for cricket, football, Rugby League, whippet chasing and pigeon racing. It is the home of the world's largest kebab, the world's largest Yorkshire Pudding and the world's longest single-span suspension bridge (after that new one in Japan).

Yorkshire has friendly rivalries with Lancashire and Lincolnshire as well as the general North/South rivalries within Britain itself.

Map of Britain Map of Yorkshire

Goole is situated where the River Ouse meets the Aire and the Don. It's the most inland port in the country. Being such a popular place, various counties have laid claim to the town. Although it currently resides in East Riding of Yorkshire, it has belonged to Humberside and West Yorkshire in past decades. Goole is a very isolated town. The nearest towns are Selby, Doncaster, York and Hull - all of which are over 15 miles away. This isolation helps to give the inhabitants an identity. (It also explains why people often marry people living only two or three streets away).

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Posted by By Air at 07/03/2007 19:30
Time to update this site - Donny whatever it is called via Thomson flies you out of Goole.
Posted by Anthony Strickland Duckels at 31/12/2007 14:58
Genealogy: My great grandfather Thomas William Duckels was born in 1854 in the Gowdall area and his birth is registered under Camblesforth. His father John Clark Duckels was born in 1830 and according to the 1851 census was living with his father and mother John and Jemima(nee clark) Duckles. He later married Annie Strickland. Would any one have information on John (born 1798) or Jemima born 1802? Especially parentage or even earlier.
In response to Crosby Memories my grandfather John Strickland Duckels moved to Crosby in 1907 from Halifax and in 1952 became mayor of Crosby. I have in my possession the mayoral yearbook of engagements and photographic records.
Posted by H Stagg at 18/05/2008 19:07
My grandad was born in Goole, anyone related to George Dalton Smart?
Posted by Peter Johnson at 30/01/2010 15:58
Are there any Goole historians out there who can help? My great uncle George Johnson was captured by the Germans during world war 1 while at sea and interned in Ruhleben prisoner of war camp in either 1914 or 1915. He remained there throughout the war. I believe he had a son, leslie, who lived in Goole. If anybody can help me with newstories, photographs or to contact the family I would be very interested. It is for my family tree.
Posted by caroline at 15/08/2010 10:08
I am trying to trace an ancestor of mine. In 1859 he married a girl in guernsey and is listed on the guernsey 1861 census as being john palmer born goole yorkshire. He was a mariner and is listed as having died in a shipwreck in 1873. His death is registered at dunkirk as this is where his family were then living.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by Carol McIntyre at 31/08/2010 11:21
I was wondering if anyone had a photo of Harbour House Goole. It is the birth place of my g grandmother Annie Wright (1861-1952)

Many thanks

Posted by Mary Hedrick at 01/12/2010 06:18
just making queries on google and found yours saying Les Needham(my grandfather), had a daughter(my aunt), named Barbara. Yes he does have a daughter named Barabara.
Posted by chumi at 30/12/2010 20:14
Harbour House is 89 Hook Rd, Goole. You can see this on google earth
I lived there in a top flat when i first got married in 1980
Posted by pedant at 27/03/2012 12:19
inaccuracy: Humberside got split into four areas: the three mentioned above and North East Lincolnshire too.
Posted by roy wilson at 21/06/2014 19:24
anybody know of the burlington hotel burlington cresent goole
on 1911 cencus owned by the cawthron family
Posted by Corby Bunting at 25/06/2014 08:47
Hello Roy If you go to the Goole Action Group web site You will see a photo of the Burlington hotel donated by me for it contains my uncles This photo was readily accepted for it not only depicted a group of friends on their way for a day at the Seaside But in the reflection of the window can be seen the chimneys of my street.Which my family left far too soon. This photo is indicative of a way of life long forgotten I have other photos of these men taken at Bridlington and other pubs.
I knew the Cawthorn family and went to school with Cyril
You may see many posts from Pedro who is no longer with us He was related to that family
Posted by Tony Clyne at 25/06/2014 12:43
Hi Corby, Burlington is no longer a pub, next time I go to Goole I`ll check and post it`s new status. T.C.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 25/06/2014 13:13
Hi Tony I was there last week. What ever it now is, it is the only remaining landmark that I can relate to up to me being 16 when we left to go to Malvern Rd.I missed the bath tub in front of a roaring fire. Malvern had a Bathroom but very cold.We still used the Double Gas ring in the Kitchen and the range was the same for Baking and Cooking as in the old house.So there was small advantage for the move.Except also we had our garden which was better than the Allotment I believe the greatest loss was walking away from all the good neighbours that we had in our Street.
Posted by Verena Letchford at 18/01/2015 15:57
Posted by Verena letchford at 18/01/2015 22:20
Sorry just posted about Pam Sunderland. Should have given my maiden name. Verena Cook. lived at 8 Stanley st. Brothers Brian and Walter sisters Dorothy and Marjorie. I now live in Florida.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 19/01/2015 11:38
Hello again Verena.I heard the news from Shirley Coward nee Newton. Like you I also remember Pam from her childhood and am sorry to hear of her demise My thoughts are now with Brian. for he has now to pick up the pieces . It seems strange to some that I should still have feelings for the kids in the street but being much older than you I remember the War years when we were all one big happy family. for me now to hear of a passing brings sadness for it is like losing family
I have a photo given to me by Brian of the Stanley St. girls You, Shirley Peacock, Jean Collins, Jacqueline Giles, Marie Byrnes and Pam. All with happy smiling faces
Best wishes to you. RIP Pam
Posted by David Hunt at 20/01/2015 22:31
The old Burlington pub is now a
Posted by M Mouse at 22/01/2015 22:39
Goole - West Riding of Yorkshire!
Posted by Verena Letchford ( née Cook ) at 07/03/2015 17:18
Glad I am not get only one Corbey that had strong feelings for those good and bad days. All those girls and boys we all grew up together. Poor yes but we were all in te same boat. I always remember feeling 'rich' as our cold tap was I side the house unlike some they were in the back yard!!! All those games we played together, trying to purswade the lads to let us play cricket with them. By the way I have the picture you talk about. One of my treasures. Once again R.i.P. Pam Newton.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 08/03/2015 08:05
Hi Verena I have sent more pics But computer said too much information so not allowed However, sent items tell me that they enjoy

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