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For people new to the area, the following locations are well worth a visit:

Selby Market Place York Minster The small village of Drax and its power station

Scarborough Harbour The Yorkshire Dales The Yorkshire Moors

Visitor Comments

Posted by pedro at 30/03/2006 04:48
Posted by Katy at 03/08/2006 18:06
Unfortunately, the reality is that the bridge tolls don't even cover the interest on the debt.....
Posted by Bill at 20/02/2011 19:46
Whatever. Money well spent. Riding a good English motorcycle over the Humber Bridge is one of life's most joyful experiences.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 07/02/2013 11:55
Hello Bill. although I never had the pleasure of going over this bridge.I did many miles on a variety of british motorcyles from goole to Immingham in 56/57. The prize of the final one and one I wish I still owned was a Velocette KTT.The log book of which the first owner Freddi Frith.Because he rode Nortons .It was assumed this was a gift to maybe lure him to the other side.although taxed for road use it had no speedo but a huge tacho and no kickstart!! What British motorcyle do you own?
Posted by Bill at 07/02/2013 15:18
Hi Corby, good to hear from you. When I lived in Goole in the 60's I had a 1957 James Captain 200cc two stroke. Later in life, as an antidote to children and mortgages, I bought a 750cc Norton Commando which I fully restored and rode over a period of 20 years. It was a beautiful bike which, like you and the Velo, I wish I still had. But in truth it was a bit of handful and needed constant attention. On retirement I bought a new 800cc Hinkley Triumph Bonneville. Which starts at the push of a button and doesn't leak oil! And brings much pleasure to this old man.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 07/02/2013 19:07
Hi Bill. Push button start is something I never had/I thought that I had bought the ultimate when I obtained a Vincent Rapide. when our family came along I hung a Steib sidecar on.On our return from a visit to Goole I had a rear cylinder siezure near Nottingham.after the repair afewmiles further and the big end seized. after which the final sraw. A valve dropped into the cylinder(Three collets per valve).so much for Vincents so A Gold Flash was my final bike.I am now on my 66th car.My son has three Suzuki's My Grandson a 750 v-TwinSuzuki and aTriumph Triple.But, although I admit Iwould love to try out one of these monsters. I have resisted temptation so far
Posted by Bill at 07/02/2013 22:07
Corby, if you had kept the Vincent Rapide you would be a rich man now!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 08/02/2013 09:25
Posted by Clara at 21/09/2014 12:51
Does anybody know anything about Howden Hall in the 1950's?
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 22/02/2019 20:40
Before the Humber Bridge was built:
In the early 1970s I took over the river Humber my motor scooter on one of the ferries called the Lincoln Castle. It was a paddle steamer built in Glasgow with 2 paddles, one of each side of the boat. Does anyone know what happened to it. I had heard after it was de-commissioned it was for a short while a restaurant moored up on the Yorkshire side of the river and then dismantled but later a group of enthusiasts re-assembled it or tried to do?.
Posted by Tony Clyne at 24/02/2019 14:58
Hi Raymond Lincoln, Tattershall and Wingfield Castle were the three ferries on the Hull to New Holland crossing, Lincoln was broken up in 2010 Tattershall was a floating bar on the Thames (don`t know if it is still there) and Wingfield is a floating museum in Hartlepool where she was built. If you google P.S. Lincoln Castle you will find plenty of photos and info. T.C.

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