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Venice of the North

Unloading Timber at Goole Docks The machinery and docks are extremely complete;
And the offices also remarkably neat;
With the elegant stores of that size
That the craft of the rivers may load or discharge
In the dock of the warehouse, unusually large:
Which excites a degree of surprise.

No little huts just raised from the ground
Nor vulgar red tiles on the roofings are found;
But elegance decks each design.
The streets are well formed for prospect or health;
And the whole proves the buildings are rolling in wealth,
From the fairest indelible sign.

The gardens are stored with abundance of good,
From honest industry, for pleasure or food,
And the sight is a feast to behold...

Visitor Comments

Posted by GOOLE ACTION GROUP at 21/03/2006 20:38
Did you ever latch on to the programme Ray Gosling did, on Radio, when he scandalised the people of Goole?
Anyway, he was kind enough to contribute a foreword to our Boothferry Borough Council guide many years later.
Ray G came to Goole Folk Club too before my time.
Posted by Oceantraveller at 15/10/2010 13:10
Venice of the North! You've obviously never been to Venice have you?

They are about as similar as chalk and cheese.

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