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Contact:Ash Newell
Query:I'm trying to locate an e-mail address or physical address for Mike Halford. We were friends throughout the years at Goole Grammar School from '84 thru '88 and beyond but lost touch when he moved away and when I left to be here in Texas. Mike used to live down Westbourne Grove I believe and the last I heard was that he was living in the Wakefield area with his wife and baby. Mike had a younger brother and sister "Neil & Cassandra". If anyone knows how to get in touch with Mike or indeed any other friends from school then I'd appreciate it greatly.

Contact:Linda Stratmann
Query:I am trying to trace the history of an individual who lived in Goole in 1886 and gave as his address Breedon House. No street name or number! I have looked through the 1891 census without any luck. Do you know where Breedon House was?

Contact:Doreen Heaton nee Potter
Query:I would be interested to know whether there is an Old Pupils Association for Goole Grammar School? I am not in touch with anyone I was at school with and would like to know whether there are ever any Reunions. I have friends who often talk about their school reunions, and I often wonder why I never hear of any for GGS. I left in 1961, when the building of the new extensions had been under way for about a year.

Contact:Allen Hetherington
Query:My name is Allen Hetherington, although I was better known by my friends at school as Ces! (Don't ask). I lived in Gilberdyke but attended Goole Grammar School in the Junior and Senior Sixth form from 1970-72. After leaving school I was a personnel clerk with the docks board (now ABP) in Goole for about 5 years. I would be extremely keen to here from any of the Lowther crowd. This was a group of us who used to meet up at the Lowther pub every Friday from about 1971 until 1976.

Contact:Pamela Lyndoe
Query:Hi, I am trying to find out where I would be able to find a newspaper report going back to Dec 15 1871 in Goole. I was told that my great grandmother and her 2 children were drowned in Goole dock after leaving their barge to go ashore. Their names were Harriet Ann Whiteley (28)and son Ambrose (8) and daughter Annie (4). They were interred in Goole cemetery on the 17th Dec 1871.

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Posted by Pamela Lyndoe at 07/08/2005 16:57
I am trying to find out where I would be able to find a newspaper report going back to Dec 15 1871 in Goole.
I was told that my great grandmother and her 2 children were drowned in Goole dock after leaving their barge to go ashore. Their names were Harriet Ann Whiteley (28)and son Ambrose (8) and daughter Annie (4). They were interred in Goole cemetery on the 17th Dec 1871.

Can anyone help to find out more details please?

Thank you. Pam.
Posted by Anon. at 01/10/2005 20:07
Contact Goole Library. I think they keep copies of old local newspapers there.
Posted by Phil Clayton at 07/11/2005 11:48
I was born in Goole in 1944 and lived there for 12 years before moving to Howden and then Gilberdyke. From there I joined the Army and eventually settled in Doncaster. I had an Uncle, Auntie and 3 cousins lived in Lime Tree Avenue, I lost track of them in 1967. Anyone who knows of them please get in touch.
Posted by bradster at 12/01/2006 10:13
Hello, I am trying an old friend from university S. Diack, I have lost touch with him some time ago I beleive he went to Snaith school and on to the bright lights of manchester uni the last I heard he was wondering around the streets of goole . Can anyone help me?
Posted by jayne allen at 24/01/2006 12:30
i'm trying to trace anyone who knew my grandfather, ERNEST JOHNSON. he was born on november 16th 1896 and married my gran, alice robinson, in september 1923. they had 3 children, marie, betty and peter and the family lived at 10, lansdowne road, in goole.
ernest ran a business called johnson and wright and is believed to have drowned in hull docks, around 1932, but what's left of that generation of my family have other ideas about his death.

if anyone has any knowledge of ernest or his family, i'd love to find out, as my aunt betty would like to know what really happened to her father, ernest, before she passes away.

please email me at the above address, if you even the tiniest bit if information.
thanks - jayne allen.
Posted by pedro at 13/03/2006 21:21
Have the east riding council published their intentions as to what they intend to do with sites of phoenix and Richard Cooper St should they be sucessful?
Posted by Has Seulijn at 25/03/2006 11:33
I live in Holland and here I bought a small round photo frame (2,5 inches), probably made of bakelite and dating from about 1920-1925. The material is an imitation of carved rosewood. On the metal backside of the frame is an inscription that says: Rd. 298232 N.E.N. Co. Goole.

Does anyone know this company? When was it established? Did they produce bakelite articles? And what does the number mean; is that an address in Goole?

Has Seulijn, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Posted by jim at 29/03/2006 00:32
s diack parents live in centenary goole diectory enquiries will give you phone number
Posted by Tim Sneller at 03/04/2006 22:31
I am trying to find out more about the steamer "Haverstoe", as a family member drowned in Beunos Aries in 1898, while serving on her.

I believe she was owned by Bennetts, and in 1909 while leaving Goole, she struck the Steam Trawler "Dart" in the roads near Clee Ness,and cut her in two, with the loss of two lives.
Posted by George Robinson at 19/04/2006 08:44

I think your enquiry spans two ships of the same name, both owned by Bennetts & Co. of Grimsby (NOT the better known Bennett of Goole).

1887, 2067grt built by Wm.Doxford, Sunderland.
Sold in 1899 as GERMANIA, wrecked 14/1/1923 off Capo Mele

and the next one
1905, 3789grt built by Fruness, Withy & Co., West Hartlepool.
Sold in 1912 as ISLE OF IONA, wrecked 14/12/1914 near Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina
Posted by Kay (Kathleen) Lidster at 12/05/2006 03:05
Hi: My dad, Fred Lidster, was the manager of the Station Hotel on Boothferry Rd across from the train station, in the early '60s. We lived there for a few years and I attended GGS. I was friends with Janet Garner of Hook, and Veronica Main. Some other names of classmates: John Armitage, Vic Bean, Yvonne Foster, Ann Franken - and Miss Proudlove, the dreaded German teacher! Anyone remember New Years Eve 1961 when Frankie Vaughan came to town and stayed overnight at the hotel? The biggest event in town that year! I still have the photo of me at the reception desk checking him in - all the girls were crazy about him!!
Posted by D Holt at 16/05/2006 12:12
Hi, Does anyone know of the Adelphi on Hook Rd, was it once used as a cinema
Posted by phil at 16/05/2006 15:12
What is the council planning to do with Richard Cooper St and why haven't they announced there intentions already since they've already moved most of residents out?

Why do the police station need to call in officers from Hull when a emergency is called? Why not have three or more officers here in Goole at all times? Why does the main entrance get locked over night?

Why do we get sent to other towns when we go to the hospital?
Posted by MIKE PEEL at 08/06/2006 15:24
I seem to recall that many years ago there was a passenger service from Goole to the continent, most likely operated by one of the railway companies ships - was this the case or have I imagined it!
Posted by Robert Ward at 15/06/2006 15:54
LMS Railway Co (Later AHL) 1935
"All steamers have accommodation for a limited number of passengers"
Destination - Depart Goole - Depart Continent
Copenhagen - Friday - Thursday
Hamburg - Wednesday & Saturday - Monday and Friday
Amsterdam - Wednesday - Saturday
Rotterdam - Saturday - Tuesday
Ghent - Saturday - Wednesday
Antwerp - Wednesday & Saturday - Tuesday & Saturday
Posted by Will from usa at 06/08/2006 01:43
I am looking for my dear friend that was displaced from richard coopers st #49 her name is Steph Johnson. I moved and she and I lost all my addresses. Please if anyone knows where she moved or you know her, please contact me at
Posted by Karen Cradock at 11/08/2006 11:28
RE: Terry & Christine Trinder
Hi i am trying to track the above couple for Jeny & John Randell from Witney, Oxfordshire. Terry was a school pal of John and John is 60 next yr and we are trying to trace old scool mates (thye went to Burford School, Oxon in the late 50/early 60's. anyone that knows Terry or Christine, pls contact me thanks
Posted by Jess at 25/11/2006 23:02
What i want to know is: What can Goole do to make it a better place?
We have no good shops, no entertainment places for younger/older teens...

I think we need to splash our money on something worth it, instead of the plans to revamp Timm's in to Lidl... We Have plenty of space for Cinemas, Bowling Alleys, Laser Quests... Its a good investment if its something going to be used by families!
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 19/12/2006 19:02

Look on the ships page and use the right-hand link for the Goole Steam Shipping section. There you will find info about both Aire ships.
Posted by Donna at 21/02/2007 18:39
Hi, my family might be moving to Goole. Could anyone tell me what Gatesby Road is like as this is where they may be moving to. Thanks
Posted by Val Aaron at 04/03/2007 22:17
I am trying to find information/photographs on the Aaron family. My Great Great Grandfather James Aaron (1819-1892)was a master mariner and part owned ships called the Elizabeth Aaron, The Wave and The Emma Sharp. Most of his siblings were mariners and lived and sailed out of Goole.
Posted by Angela at 05/05/2007 21:16
Where can i find out were about in the cemertry i can find my the Graves are of my husbands grandparents. Alexander Ramsey
Posted by mary low at 15/05/2007 20:45
I am researching my family and am trying to find information on Pigeon Sykes - who is reputed to have brought the first buses to the area. The buses all had a pigeon logo on the rear.
Posted by Rachael at 19/05/2007 06:49
I am seeking any information about my Great Grandfather William Shaw. The only information I have is that he was born in 1868 (+-1yr) in Castleford, YKS was married to Annie b1871 (+-1 yr) in Goole (maiden name unkown) who had five sons and three daughters between 1891 and 1912.

The 1901 census shows William as a keelman barge, the family was onboard the Joseph and Ellen in the drypool at Hull. The 1891 census shows him as master of a keel called Jane with his wife and youngest son on the Aire and Calder wharf River Aire.

According to family sources William transported flour between Goole and Leeds. After Williams death in 1918 the barge was sold to the Aire and Calder navigation Company.

Any information about the boat(s) or the family would be appreciated. I can be emailed at
Posted by Karin Ronis at 20/05/2007 06:24
Hello I am researching my Hyder or Hider family tree. I have a George Hyder who married an Ann Elizabeth Drury in 1887 in Goole they had the following children Elizabeth, Annie May, Ruth,George Amos, Carrie,William, Albert, Ann Elizabeth and Mary.
George had a brother Frederick and William and a sister Emma Winifred. Emma married a Fred Goodare in 1887 at Goole they had the following children William Frederick, Abraham, Jessie, Harriet, Beatrice, Amos, Alice Ida, Fred Clive,Nora Phyllis and I think a couple more.
Does anymore know of these families or of any Hyders in Goole
Thanks for any help
Posted by W at 02/07/2007 16:33
I'm fairly sure Pigeon Sykes lived in the last house in High Street Swinefleet about 25yds from the junction with Church Lane. His garages extended behind the house about one third the length of Church Lane.
Posted by mand at 14/07/2007 18:54
Can someone tell me why you have no A+E or maternity unit in Goole?Also apart from Vikings and Ferryboat,where else do wedding receptions?My fiance Paul been there done it so any suggestions would be great thanks!
Posted by LARAINE DONOVAN at 31/07/2007 12:09
Just stumbled across (Goole on the Web) great site.

Kevin Bean if you are out there please get in touch regarding JACKSON/WOODALL
Posted by Claire Peck at 26/09/2007 21:28
My husband & I are hoping to buy a property Hook Road, 117 & belueve the property was built in 1935 for the Taylor famiy who were & still are solicitors in Goole.
For the last thirty years the property has been owned by the late Dr.Lambton of Goole & his family.
We have been told that the house featured in the Ideal Home magazine when it was built & would love to find out any more information we can about the house.
Anything anyone could tell me would be greatly appreciated
Posted by Ashley Barras at 22/12/2007 00:49
Moved away from Goole in 1984 after leaving Goole Grammar School. Gradually lost contact with all my mates would be great to hear from any one who may remember me. Im now living in Roehampton South West London. I still visit Goole a couple of times a year to visit family in the area.
Posted by Richard Potts at 31/12/2007 13:13
I am trying to research my grandfather's side of the family. My grandfather, John Richardson married Mary White I believe in Goole. My Grandfather was born in 1911 and they moved to Huddersfield in the early 1930's. My grandfather worked on Goole Docks as an apprentice cooper and then cooper.
My Grandfather lived and was maybe born in one of the 4 semi detached houses visible from the M62 Eastbound on the other side to Goole that are known (or were known) locally as "White City".
If you have any information on the names of his parents, I would be grateful if you contact me.
Posted by LYNN ALLOTT at 05/01/2008 22:45
While travelling by train from Ferriby to Thorne, I saw from the left hand side of the carriage, where the river lays close to the canal, and just outside Goole, a small triangle of well tended grass with some sort of old stone ruins showing. I have tried to find out via the net what this tantalising glimpse was - please can someone put me out of my misery!
Posted by Lynn Allott at 07/01/2008 14:51
Thanks very much, Stuart and Robert. Yes I'm sure that's what I've seen from the train. As soon as the weather relents a bit it will make a very nice walk. Thanks guys!
Posted by Ben Sherman at 20/01/2008 17:00
I am missing a train that i left in downtown Goole. Has anyone seen a postcard of it?
Posted by Samantha Gregory at 05/08/2008 11:43
I am looking for information regarding the Addy and Knox family that lived in Goole.
Posted by debs at 07/08/2008 18:57
does anybody out there have any photos of sean ryan as a youngster he tells us so many happy storys about old goole and his children are keen to see what he looked like as he is turning 50 next year =]
Posted by john howard at 28/08/2008 23:20
breedon house may have been down air street in the 60s near to the old steam packet pub dont quote me but name rings a bell as a child
Posted by Roger Watson at 23/09/2008 22:17
Hi I am trying to contact Timothy Watson who wrote a short message on the feedback board in 2003 "The Watsons of Barmby on the Marsh" I tried the e-mail given but it is out of date. Can anyone put me in touch with him. Or does anyone have a relative that is mentioned in that letter of the 2003 inst I would like to hear from them.
Many thanks
Posted by john rubie at 06/12/2008 14:40
searching my grandad Harry Oldridge's family, I know he had a brother at Goole Hall called Jim and a sister at Westwoodside called Ada, he was the youngest of nine I believe, does any body know of these people or family of?
Posted by Beck Woodrow at 15/01/2009 16:01
I've just got a search result from the newly available 1911 Census which shows my grandmother (Leonora Garrett, then aged 12) and her sister (Joyce) as living with their mother Isabella at 76 Swinefleet Road. I think my great-grandfather Henry Walter Garrett may have been away at sea - her was from a barge-owning family in Kent originally. Any clues - such as where crew lists might be found, or even better, any information, would be great!
Posted by Deborah Mahoney at 11/02/2009 04:45
I am desperately trying to locate my natural Grandmother Mary Ida Depledge. She gave birth to my father Michael John Mahoney out of wedlock 28 oct 1945 and she was only very young, he was fostered out. I'm not sure if other family members where or are aware of this info - so it has to remain sensitive to a piont.

I had started engaging a geaneologist who led me to the Depledges in Penistone.

Geoff or Jeff Depledge on here looks promising .

Can someone help me?

Deb Mahoney - brisbane Australia
Posted by geoff depledge at 11/02/2009 09:53
Deborah - Brisbane
Where is Mary Ida from, if Goole she will be related to me, if she is origonally from Penistone this is a different branch to mine.
Please e-mail me on, I may be able to help you.
Geoff Depledge
Posted by Jean Ralph at 04/04/2009 21:49
My Grandfather John William Handford born 1880 in Goole
went into Middlesbrough Workhouse aged 7 and I lost trace
of him after 1891 census in the workhouse. Does anyone
know anything.?
Posted by Ted Holland at 08/05/2009 09:02
My father, Thomas Leslie Holland, was born at 14 William Street, Hook Road, Goole on the 8 August 1917. He was given away by his parents at the age of 11 to be fostered by a family in South Africa. His parents were William and Lizzie (nee Tenney) he a dock worker and she a piano teacher. A Granny Clark / Clarke is in the picture but I do not know how. Dad had 2 brothers William and Robert and 2 sisters Ivy and Lillian. If anyone knows anything please let me know. Elizabeth Tenny probably came from a well to do home.
Posted by Stuart at 16/06/2009 23:58

I have the bell of HMS Irwell 1900 (that's what it says), could anyone let me know the history of the vessel?
Thanks, Stuart
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 24/06/2009 21:06
Reference the Post by Val Aaron at 04/03/2007 22:17
Your query about information/photographs on the Aaron family. Captain Aaron lived next door to us at 7 Woodland Avenue and he later moved to another house in the Centenary Road area. He was a Master Mariner and worked for Associated Humber Lines which was part of the Railway Empire. I am not sure of ages but I think that he would be born around 1908.
It is an unusual name so I think that he would be a descendant of the family that you mentioned.
His son trained as a Naval architect and worked for Yarrows up here in the Glasgow area.
Hope that this helps you.
Posted by Richard Aaron at 13/12/2009 15:59
Stumbled accross this website by accident.
Howard Aaron was my grandfather, and as you say his eldest son, Phillip, (my father) was a Naval Architect who worked for a time in the Glasgow area. Phillip eventually ended up as Managing Director of a shipyard on Merseyside. Sadly he passed away in 2001.
Howard's youngest son, Roger, is a retired Quantity Surveyor living in Lincolnshire.
As for myself, I in fact live back in East Yorkshire.
Posted by Jack Newton at 14/12/2009 16:31
Anyone remember the Baxter boys, Eric and Stan? Stan a window cleaner was married to Hilda Gill daughter of Maltus and Rose Hilda Gill 66 Richard Cooper St.

Aunt Hilda was my mother Olive sister,I believe late Aunt Hilda had a daughter who worked in a chemist in Goole.
Posted by Peter Hill at 15/12/2009 20:40
Read the post by Richard Aaron and the ref to Roger Aaron. Grateful if you could pass on my e-mail to Richard A since I would like to make contact with Roger who I have not seen for the best part of half a century! We used to knock around together in the Clifton Gardens Centenary Road area. Regards
Posted by david nelson at 20/02/2010 17:16
looking for any information on a goole shipping company ship named SS Calder any information would be welcome thank you
Posted by Paul at 03/03/2010 11:41
There was more than one SS Calder. The infamous one was launched in 1930 and sank in 1931 after a few voyages, with the loss of all hands. There is a memorial, I believe in Goole Church. A Google search should get you more information about who was on board. This ship was captained by more great-grandfather for the first few voyages, but not the last one.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 15/04/2010 14:43
My late father(same name) and late mother were the cartaker and cleaner at the school in the mid 70's. Never said much about the school or pupils. There must be some stories that could be told.

I went to the school opposite 1960/65 Left Goole in 1971 joined the RAF left in 1986

Took up teaching graduated from Middlesex Un and Greenwich Un to lecture in FE. Now live in Manchester area. Lecture in Huddersfield. Trying to write a book so any info please
Posted by Ed Pollard at 17/04/2010 10:14
Philip Aaron and I where very good friends in our early teens and have often wondered what happened to him.I left Goole in 1957. We spent a day on thr SS Felixstow with his dad, in turn we spent a day on a locomotive shunting in Goole docks.Sorry to hear he passed away. I did sail with Capt Aaron on one trip.
Posted by shirley jarred (nee Hind) at 28/06/2010 17:01
Reuben Chappell is the son of my great Aunt Alice Chappell and I am compiling a 'family history' for my daughter so would like to hear from any friends and relatives who are still alive. I left Goole Grammar School in September 1949.
Posted by trev hardwick at 30/06/2010 21:10
hi my grandad was a mariner who lived in goole and i would like to trace any of the boats he sailed in he was benjamin abson born 1876 during the 2 ww he stayed on the archibald russell in goole docks which was being used as a grain store can anyone help regards trev
Posted by vic punter at 08/07/2010 21:29
hi i was born in old goole and went t old goole jnr , and lived in morley st does any one no me ?
Posted by Michael Burke at 30/08/2010 16:05
My gt gt grandmother Sarah Brown (married name) was born in approx. 1839 - 1841. On census 1911 she has born in Aremin. On census 1901 she has born in Goole. On censu 1881 she has born in Aining Pasture. Does anyone know where Aining Pasture is?

A good friend of mine originates from Goole and he has never heard of it, although there is a Pasture Road.

Can anyone help?
Posted by EMMO at 31/08/2010 09:00
Posted by EMMO at 31/08/2010 09:03
Posted by Pauline Stainton nee Reddall at 15/09/2010 21:03
I think this was a transcription error & it should read - Airmyn Pastures. Have a look at & you'll see the area it covered.
Posted by christine cowling at 22/10/2010 13:08
hi,my name is chris cowling ne smithson,i was born at 12 coronation street goole in father was george henry (known by henry) mum was margaret. i am looking for anyone who may have any photographs relating to this street,i have tried the library but none seem to be about.
Posted by Pippa Stainton at 27/11/2010 22:33
Information for Christine Cowling regarding Coronation St. Is it possible you were born in the old italian pow camp as it was used as housing after the war. I do have a picture.
Posted by christine cowling at 30/11/2010 18:35
pippa stainton,thanx for info paula,i did know coronaton street was previously a camp for italian soldiers,i just remember not ever seeing a photograph of the street.i went to the library in goole to see if there was any information on files but the prerson i spoke to said not to their say you have one,are you on facebook?if so can you put pic on there for me.
Posted by Pippa Stainton at 30/11/2010 19:09
For Christine cowling. Sorry not on facebook etc email me
Posted by christine cowling at 04/12/2010 11:20
pippa stainton, hi pippa i sent you an e mail but got one back saying you didnt have a btinternet account,thanx for trying to help me but i will go see someone at library agn or maybe go to the goole times office and see if they have any info.thanx again. chris
Posted by Pippa Stainton at 05/12/2010 17:38
Hi Christine. my email address is ok ? I will leave a copy of the picture in the research room at the libuary next saturday.
Posted by christine cowling at 06/12/2010 12:40
for pippa stainton. thank you very much for doing that for me pippa,it is very much appreciated. chris.x
Posted by Maureen Durairatnam at 07/12/2010 02:17
Hi I'm trying to trace my grandfather's family in Sri lanka. My greatgrandfather was E.D. Moore married a Hanach and he was either a missoinary or a pastor. He had six children three boys and three girls. One of his daughters was a headmistress of a school in Point Pedro in Sri Lanka. Would appreciate if anyone could give me more info.
Posted by George at 08/02/2011 07:35
Any one no wat year the fair ended at the back of woolworths on the car park?
Posted by Tom Hardman at 06/04/2011 13:07
Hi I am wondering is Mike Marsh the person responsible for this site. If so Hi Mike. Remember me Worked at the council as a junior clerk and member of Goole Harriers. Looking for reports around 1965 to 71 on Goole Harriers. The late Cliff Glasby was the coach at the time. You used to get your reports from me when you came up to the council(Town Clerks Department) Town Clerks were Peter Green then Marion Sindell. I note you are still a Goole Town fan. You I assume are retired by now.
Posted by danny johnson at 12/12/2011 11:44
Trying to contact Helen Watson / Helen Kenning from westfield sq goole.
Posted by Paul at 01/01/2012 16:52
Hi, we bought the Windmill at Goole Fields nearly 2 years ago now and we are restoring the mill and building an extension to the rear. This is a true self build where literally everything is been done by ourselves.
We absolutely love the mill and the area and would welcome any information on the history of the mill. Please get in touch if you have any info, no matter how small.
Interestingly the date stone says 1871 TB (Thomas Burke) but it appears on an Ordinance survey map of 1805??
Posted by Stephanie Harrison at 01/02/2012 17:50
I am trying to find philip grantham who advertised on this site that he was looking for information about harrison and doughty ship repairs. he was born around 1959 and his mother is marjorie grantham. please get in touch if anyone can help me. thank you
Posted by To Paul at 30/05/2012 17:21
Im not sure if the mill you refer to is the same one, but my mother lived in a mill in Goole with her 9 brother and sisters their name was Stock. The mill I believe was later used by the people who manufactured FROMONT a slimmers drink. I think the mill is near the river off Hook Road! if this is the same mill and was one of the first houses to have an INSIDE bathroom ie no tin bath in the yard. This would have been around the 1930's. My recollection was of an old mill covered in Ivy set back off the main road.
Posted by Keith at 30/05/2012 19:38
The mill you refer to was Herons Mill on Hook Road. The mill now is a private residence
Posted by tom hardman at 31/05/2012 16:40
To Keith I think you were responding to my e mail re mill in hook road if so thanks for filling in a gap in the family history re herons mill
Posted by margaret audas at 05/06/2012 00:43
Paul 30/5/2012

Was your mother, or any of her aunts' named Margaret? Margaret was a good friend of my husband and I while we lived in Goole. We now live in Benidorm and would love to be in touch again.

Margaret Audas (nee Hockney ).
Posted by Dave Heffron at 21/08/2012 21:56
Used to be good freinds with Dave Rettberg - not seen him since 70's
Posted by patricia blacker nee thompson at 19/09/2012 16:33
re Pigeon Sykes
He was my wifes grandfather.Your are correct as to where
Have just seen your note re pigeon Sykes.
He was my wifes Grandfather whos mother was a Sykes.
You correct where he lived.He died about 1968.
Posted by PHILIP GRANTHAM (STEPHANIE HARRISON) at 24/05/2013 17:43
Hi Stephanie,
I was really pleased to come across your message today, I would be delighted for you to contact me

Look forward to hearing from you,
Posted by mrs p wright at 16/02/2014 13:49
my ggrandad came from doncaster did his apprentice in goole1837 his name was bryan crapper he was a boiler maker he then went to live in York not far from the railway.the name crapper is cropper was my name there was some more croppers in goole they were butchers not sure if they are related bryan came from thorne in doncaster he married Elizabeth bee in hull were I live he had a lot of children there was George b 1837 in hull james 1842 in goole ann in Scotland 1844 Charles in Scotland 1847 joseth my gradad in hull 1849 Elizabeth in1854 York sarah in York 1856
Posted by tracey smith at 31/07/2015 10:28
any information on my great grandfathers Andrew batty or stephen batty...who worked on the barges as a keelman...they originated from Doncaster but settled in hull...I think the barges were named Elizabeth and Beatrice..
Posted by Sarah Collins at 06/08/2015 21:51
My mother is Avril Goodare with brothers and sisters including Clive, Amos and Alice Ida (known as Molly). I'm sure they must be from the same family. Please get in touch.
Posted by John G Harper at 30/03/2016 21:55
My father always told me he drove the first bus across the Boothferry Bridge at Howden in 1929. Would there have been any
newspaper article about this, and if so, in which newspaper?
His name was Ken Harper, and he would have been 26 at the time.
Posted by Alison at 15/04/2017 12:22
Hi there,

I am looking for info on a property in Swinefleet with regards to it being haunted. The address is 2 High Street and its the first house on the left coming into Swinefleet from Goole where the road splits into Low Street
Posted by Roy Gunson at 19/04/2017 18:36
Hi Alison
The first house on the left coming into Swinefleet from Goole is I High Street.
Roy Gunson.
Posted by Roy Gunson at 20/04/2017 07:51
I have tried several times to add comments to this and the Swinefleet page but without success. If you want to email me Alison please do.
Roy Gunson
Posted by Lucy J at 11/11/2020 13:38
Is anyone a relative or descendant of a Mr Richard J Pike, worked / lived in Goole in the 1920s?

I have a violin (no. 4) made by him in 1927. I wondered if any of instruments 1,2, or 3 still exist, and whether someone knows anything about Mr Pike. It has a beautiful back, chestnut colour and striped like a tortoiseshell cat!

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