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From:Peter Thompson
Date:1 May 2003
Subject:Greetings from New Brunswick, Canada

Boy, what you can find when you browse Google looking for 'Swinefleet, Yorks, England'! 72 items, no less - which led me to your excellent site. I didn't know anyone in Goole had the wit and expertise to produce such a great site. I emigrated to Canada in 1959 but still keep in touch, relative in Reedness and friends in Leeds. Win Walters, who used to run the North Eastern with Sid, who died in 2001, lives close by in Prince Edward Island (Summerside) with her son Michael, who emigrated to Toronto a few years back. There are two more spots for your gene pool! Although I never knew either of them, I got in touch, via Debbie Kitselman, with Joyce Duval to set her straight about planes crashing on Goole during WW2. Could anyone put me in touch with Mike Marsh, who I understand was also interested?

My family owned Advance Buses. I went to school at Drax GS with, among others, Andrew Clark of the fishmongers in Pasture Road.

Why did you let them screw up the North Eastern - last time I was in there, about 20 years ago I went in and turned right round and left. Also Mary Hall wouldn't have let them do that to the Lowther.

Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed my half dozen hits on your site since I discovered it a week ago and look forward to revisiting soon. Despite my disdain for the place when I lived there, I couldn't wait to get out, there is still a lot of nostalgia for it. Keep up the good work.

Peter Thompson