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From:Alison McGinnis
Date:3 January 2003
Subject:Dallas TX

I just found the site and was born in Goole Maternity Hospital in January 1967. I now live in Dallas TX. I went to live in Sydney, Australia when I was seven and came to live in the US 11 years ago. I come back to Goole (my roots) almost every year. I was just there in October and plan to be back in December of 2003.

I'm very proud of where I am from and love to talk to my Amercian friends about the differences in the lifestyles. They love to hear me when I put on my Yorkshire accent - they don't understand a word I'm saying! "Eee by gum lass" just doesn't translate!

I have just spent the best hour looking at the web-site - keep up the brilliant work! The pictures make me home-sick and just might lure me back!


Alison McGinnis (nee Brunyee)