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Goole-on-the-Web - still the only site with the Goole Gene Pool feature

From:Helen Lawson
Date:3 September 2002
Subject:Love this site

I check it every 6 months or so and it always makes me feel a little homesick and I only live in London. I go back to see my Mum and sister at Christmas and other occasions. Could never live in Goole again but I have such a fondness for the place.

Thank you and well done for taking the time to put it together, especially love the Goole Town FC piece. I remember being so excited age 9 or something when Manchester United came to the town to play. Seriously, I didn't know a single one of them, where was Brian Robson!!!

Thanks again and please keep updating, the Christmas lights look marvellous as usual!

Helen Lawson