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From:Chris Pipes
Date:30 August 2002
Subject:First Visits to Goole

Dear Sir/ Madam

Sorry but I didn't see any suggestion on the site as to your name or gender.

I'm approaching 58 years of age and I'm ashamed to say that I've never been to Goole, been past on my way to Finningley, but alas my education has been left incomplete thus far. This omission will be remedied on Wed next (4th Sept) when I have the unfortunate duty of attending St. Mary's church in Old Goole (not mentioned on the site - as far as I can see) to see one of my old workmates off on his last trip to Scunny crem.

It was good to look on your site to see the names that I've heard him mention many times, almost like I was native of the area myself.

Someone told my old mate once, when he owned up to coming from Goole, "No-one actually owns up to that, they all say that they come from just outside Goole". The look on my friend's face was a study, first and only time I think I saw him lost for words.

The humorous quips are great and you are to be congratulated on both your application and hard work in producing such a good organ of publicity for your, and my friend's, home town.

By the way is it "goolie" or "gooly", with "goolies" as the plural, are you sure you are definitively correct in your usage of "goolie"?


Chris Pipes