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From:Paula Ostojich
Date:6 August 2002
Subject:From Canada to Goole

I loved visiting this site and want to thank you for doing this. The photographs are terrific but please tell me how it got its name Sleepy Hollow.

My mother was born in Goole and her name was Clarice Cutter. Her mother's maiden name was Fanny Appleyard. My Grandmother was a widow at an early age as her husband was killed in the First World War. She operated a boarding house and many of the patrons were from travelling theatre groups as the theatre was close by. My mother told me of an African fire eater who polished his skin with black boot polish to make it shine.

My mother was born around 1910 and her mother died on my mother's 15th birthday. My mother then went to live with her guardian (eldest brother) and I remember that he had a hook instead of a hand. When my mother married Alfred Robinson they lived in a railway cottage until they moved to Hull before I was born.

I have lived in Canada for 33 years and the majority of my siblings still live in Hull. I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. If there is any information about my mother's side of the family I would love to hear from them. One of my mother's sisters was called Dot (presumably Dorothy) and she married a Dutch man with the last name of Vander-Tachs. They had twins named Jean and Joan.

Once again thank you for this site, I will visit it often.