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From:Brian Cracknell
Date:22 July 2002
Subject:Boothferry Bridge - 22/07/2002

What a super website! I'm sure it must be quite new because I have been searching for information on Boothferry Bridge for ages and here it is!

For years when I was small we used to get stuck in the traffic crossing the bridge and I always wanted us to get stopped at the front of the queue when the bridge opened for a ship. Then I remember the day before they opened the motorway bridge and everyone was walking across it - but not us because we had the caravan on the back and there was nowhere to park.

I haven't been across Boothferry Bridge for ages now but I wonder if it still swings occasionally for ships? Is it possible (do you know) to have a look around the control cabin? Who should I contact? If you know I'd love to hear back from you.

All the best to everyone in Goole