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From:Andrew Booth
Date:14 June 2002
Subject:The Beautiful South


The web site one of my favourites

I live in a small town near Huddersfield called Mirfield - we haven't got a Salt & Pepper pot though.

I am a visitor to Goole about 3 or 4 times a year with my sister-in-law who is a singer called Kathy Ryan so I usually help set her gear up in the club and then get pleasantly inebriated at such venues as Crescent Club Railway Club or Buffaloes. Anyway we always have a great night out in Goole. I'll let you now when we are next in town

On a more comical note David Stead (drummer with The Beautiful South - also from Huddersfield) quotes on the official TBS website: Worst Holiday Destination ? - Nowhere - Everywhere is fantastic - Except Goole (Hope that's not too upsetting for Goolies).

Keep up the good work