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From:Angela Boast
Date:15 April 2002
Subject:Great stuff!

Being off work sick I stumbled across this site and it cheered me up no end. I'm an ex-Goolie (spent 18 years of my life there) and I cut my teeth as a reporter on the Goole Courier about ten years ago.

I spent many happy (well kind of) teenage years at Goole Grammar School as it was then, buying dodgy meat paste sandwiches from Cooplands (or M&S if you were feeling flush) on a lunchtime, browsing round Woolies record section before returning up Boothferry Road for a nice snooze during double chemistry in the Science Block.

My parents came from Goole - well actually my Dad, Richard was incomer from Middlesborough but after 20 years I think became naturalised. But Mum, Helen is Goole born and bred and came from quite a large Goole family - that belonging to Tuts and Walter Kitchen. There's a huge dynasty of Kitchens, Roberts and Boasts now. My sister Susan, was also once married to one of the son's of Peter Teed - the well known headteacher of the Grammar School.

I now live in Leeds with my fiance and at the moment work as Press Officer for North Yorkshire Police - that is when I'm not off sick.

Anyway enough rambling - thank you for an excellent site, very well researched, full of local humour and it made me laugh out loud several times, quite painful when you've got stomach ache!!


Angela Boast