Goole on the Web
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From:Jonathan Wright
Date:19 Nov 1998
Subject:Feedback from an ex-Goolie

As an ex Goolie I found the web page amusing and refreshingly honest. Although I found the Pub guide a little misleading as all the pubs in the 'centre' have their quota of teenagers and slappers. Although my family still live in Goole, I find the marginal attractions of London more to my favour. - If only I'd have known then that Alan Hardwick once lived nearby, perhaps my career choice may have been entirely different.

Delighted to see that the internationally renowned McDonalds cuisinery is doing so well. It's good to see that the residents of Goole have an alternative to Heroin. Although the jury's out on which one is worse for the health.

As this is now a bookmark on by browser I will no doubt visit the site again when I need cheering up.


Jonathan Wright