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From:Carol King
Date:13 Nov 1998
Subject:Ex Goolites


We are Ex Goolites living in Brisbane Australia. We would be interested to find out what the current population of Goole is. It would also be interesting to hear about more of the pubs which we frequented in our misspent youth!! ie the Dock Tavern, Mariners Arms and The Canal Tavern. There seems to be some argument as to the name of the pub that was in Boothferry Road just down from the North Eastern Hotel. I think it was the Railway Hotel and my husband thinks it was The Canal Tavern. Please settle this for us!!

I spent many years in Goole, my maiden name was Carol Denby and my parents were Jim and Myra Denby, both deceased. They were well known in their day.

We can be contacted via our E.mail address.


Michael and Carol King