Goole on the Web
This site is meant to be taken tongue in cheek

From:Ken Sheppard
Date:2 Nov 1998
Subject:Re: Goole on the Web


It is funny but I have been to a few of the world's corners but have never met anyone ex-Goole. Definitely a need for a Goole website, a very misunderstood town, even by the residents! Goole has(had?) a lot more going for it than people realise.

I had contacted The Goole Times at the same time as I e:mailed yourself and now they want me to write an article on how-come an ex-Goolie ends up owning a coffee farm in Hawaii :). I will let you know when I send it; I have done the draft but need to reduce the word count.

My mother's side hails from Leeds and Aunt Nancy still lives on Meanwood Road I think opposite t' destructor if that still exists. Two of my cousins were in the Leeds group called the Grimbleweeds, I don't know if they are still going.

I would like to contribute some stories when I have time (after the Coffee picking season which is hot and heavy right now).

I searched a few times and got nothing of interest then I tried the Lycos engine and came up with your page and ye olde Goole Times.

Anyway nice talking with you and look forward to keeping up the communication. If you have the time to ask around I am particularly interested in trying to contact Paul McAlinden who I was at Grammar School with (with whom I was at the Grammar School?...guess I didn't learn much!)...we just lost touch when I left and it would be nice to try and find him again. He should be age 52 now, a lot of people should remember him.

All the best,
Kenneth Sheppard