Goole on the Web
Goole-on-the-Web - for all the goings on down Ilkeston Avenue

From:Linda Howard
Date:2 Nov 1998
Subject:Goole - 02/11/1998


The Goole-on-the-web site was interesting and amusing. It kept me occupied for a good couple of hours. I will add it to my home page but at the moment I am in the process of building a new one.

Please put me a red dot on your map. I am from Perth, Western Australia. I escaped the town when I was 17 years old and have only ever been back for short visits.... So please do tell why are you so interested in such a boring place.... When I was younger we called it Sleepy Hollow. Has it changed? It hadn't six and half years ago when I was there.

The town itself is maybe a bit more modern but the people have never changed.... When I have been back for a visit it's like I have never been away only my accent gets ten times stronger LOL.

I have to sign off now so I will watch for any other pages you may add to the site. Bye for now.