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From:Ken Sheppard
Date:12 Oct 1998
Subject:Ex-Goolie in Hawaii


I was cruising the web on things Goolie and found your page. The picture caught my eye, I have been on top of both water towers, the new one legally and the pepper pot maybe not so legally! As I recall they are 159 ft high. One of my mates walked around the outside of the pepper pot parapet, if he fell off I think his next stop would have been the abattoir below but that was in 1962 and before.

I was trying to reconnect with some of my school friends and looking for likely e:mail and web pages, yours looks like a good start. I went to Alexander St. School(and the nursery school before that when I was 4), Kingsway County Primary and Goole Grammar. I finished at the Grammar School when I was 16( born in 1946) and we immediately moved south to Stevenage so I lost contact with everyone. I have family still in Goole but they never really knew my school friends or what happened to them.

Anyway I would be interested in your experience of Goole and if you could help me get to contact someone. Goole gets a lot of bad comments but I thoroughly enjoyed my childhood there. I went back a few times to visit and was somewhat disappointed with what has been torn down and moved for the convenience of cars in the name of progress. I don't think the average Goolie realises what an historic treasure they have. The combination of the docks, canals, railways etc. produced some very interesting architecture etc and was a dream for a boys playground witness all the trouble I used to get into!

I now live in Hawaii after a time living in California. I think I can safely say that I am the only Goolie in Hawaii :)

All the best,