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Songs for Humberside

Songs for Humberside record cover The song 'Humber Bridge' was written by Christopher Rowe and recorded by Christopher Rowe and Ian Clarke. It is a protest song about the lack of a Humber Bridge, but is included here as it's the only song I know with 'Goole' in the lyrics.

Download just the chorus
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For those of you in a Karaoke mood, the lyrics and music can be found below the feedback.

Backing Track One - acoustic
Backing Track Two - electric
Backing Track Three - lift music


THe Humber Bridge Song music sheet

In our early history Julius Caesar crossed the sea
To this island off the Northern coast of France.
Then some other Romans came to treat us just the same
And they stayed a little longer just by chance.
They came, they saw, they conquered everything that they could see
'Til they reached the River Humber, that noble estuary.
But they burnt their boats behind them not thinking it could be
That the ancient Britons hadn't built a bridge.

Will they ever bridge the Humber? Will they ever span it or
Is it always an exception to the rule?
Is it such a privilege not to have a Humber Bridge
And to have to keep on going round by Goole?

In a thousand years or more there arrived on England's shore
A noble duke who came from Normandy.
Duke William was his name and conqueror he became
For he conquered all the land that he could see.
But one day he came up North and there to his surprise
As he reached the River Humber he was made to realise
While Romans could build straighter roads and walls of every size,
They never tried to build a Humber Bridge

In the English civil war when they fought on Marston Moor
And the Royalists were scattered far and wide.
They disturbed the peaceful slumber of the quiet River Humber
But they knew that Hull was not a place to hide.
For the city favoured Cromwell and there they could not stay
They headed for the river to cross without delay.
But on reaching Hessle foreshore they found to their dismay
No one had ever built a Humber Bridge.

The year of nineteen sixty six found Harold Wilson in a fix
With his overall majority down to two.
He just couldn't face rejection at the Hull North bye election
Barbara Castle came to see what she could do.
There is one thing I can promise, she assured us on that day,
You'll get your Humber Bridge and there won't be much delay.
But she forgot to mention that a squeeze was on the way
And still we're waiting for a Humber Bridge

Now they've built across the Severn, they've built across the Tay
And they've even spanned the mighty Firth of Forth.
But an increase on this number with a bridge across the Humber
Appears to be more trouble than it's worth.
Gas may flow in from the ocean, oil may spurt out from the sea
We could join the Common Market or something else maybe
Then in Whitehall and in Westminster perhaps they'll start to see
That at last we really need a Humber Bridge.

In nineteen eighty one when at last the bridge was done
It was opened by Her Majesty the Queen
It was suspended by steel / cables spun by spinning wheel
The longest that the world had ever seen
But it was financed by a debt and so we had to pay
At first it was a pound to go across each way each day
But now it's two pounds seventy with increases on the way
And we can't afford to cross the Humber Bridge.

Will they ever pay the loan off? will it ever be free?
Is it always an exception to the rule?
Is it such a privilege just to drive across a bridge
Not to have to keep on going round by Goole?