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From:Norman Chessman
Date:2 Apr 1999
Subject:Goolies on the move

Another Paul Chessman, former resident of Mendip Avenue (the more desirable end of town) now lives in Quebec. The Paul I refer to is my brother not my cousin Paul who you list already on the site. Whilst all the family of Chessman's lived in Goole from birth none of us now reside there. I (Norman) live in Nottingham and my other brothers live in Hull and Hornsea on the East Coast.

Goole has the ability to stimulate movement from the town - Either because of the rich culture (such as Aire street on Friday night) or because actually most of our culture is underpinned by a history of accommodating other visiting seagoers, being exposed to railway, motorway, canal, or venturing out to work in mines, steel, or on board a ship.

I have heard Goole described as a shit hole on many occasions by those from Beverley and surrounding areas - And while my silence has colluded with these put downs whenever I return (usually once a year) to get drink in Aire street the town usually charges me with Ire and a strange sense of pride that I have been able to live through and move from the town.