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Posted by val mortimer at 28/03/2012 23:47
Would love to chat with anyone who is a descendant of the Rawcliffe families of Ellerthorpe and England as I am also a descendant.
Posted by stephen at 09/09/2012 11:27
I have alot of ancestry links to great great grandfather was born there in 1831..thomas ward.also one of my ancestors was a samuel ward b.1829 who served in the crimean war.we have a joe mundy who worked at rawcliffe paper mill as manager in possibly 1960's..does anyone have information on any of these people ? presumably there are still families of wards in that area.
Posted by Kevin Ward at 16/08/2013 11:11
Re. comment by Stephen (Ward?)09/09/2012
We may be distant relatives - I am a descendant of William Ward who I believe to be the younger brother of your GGGGrandfather Thomas's father Samuel.
I have got back a further generation to Joshua Ward who married Mary Pearson in 1779.
If you pick this up or perhaps if the webmaster can kindly supply your email address it would be good to compare histories.
I am on
Posted by Melanie Doyle at 16/09/2013 20:00
My descendants were the ffrance family who resided in the Hall in the 1800's, ownership of the hall was passed in a will to the family lawyer on the condition he took the name ffrance (Wilson - ffrance). I have conflicting info on why it was passed on out of the family, one being the last squire died without issue and the 2nd his son became catholic. So have a few bits of the jigsaw puzzle missing! If anyone has any further info would love to hear.
Posted by ednaaustin at 31/10/2014 00:52
Re Susan Morris I have a period pictures of Rawcliffe Hall if you e mail me I will send you them
Posted by edna austin at 31/10/2014 00:54
My e mail is re Susan Morris
Posted by colin hayward at 21/11/2014 22:53
re joe mundy,he was the chief engineer at rawcliffe paper mill,and a director. his wife ada was related to the england family,possibly her maiden name
my family all worked at the mill until it closed in dad was director of production.
Posted by Jeffrey Cowling at 22/12/2014 08:04
My Grandfather Morris Cowling married a Elizebeth ( I think ) Boynton who died when my dad Fred Stanley was aged about 2 years old. My father wanted to include Boynton into my name but mum said no. The Boynton's then lived at 14 Portland Street, Rawcliff Bridge Nr Goole. I wonder if we are related.
Posted by ROBERT HARNESS at 31/12/2014 21:39
I have just read the short history of the Creyke family which some of it my father used to tell me about before his death in 1996. My father Leonard Harness was born in Balle Isle Rawclffe, to Charles William Harness and Beatrice Hannah Dent originally from Cowick, on Oct 18th 1908. One of the many stories he told me that he was one of the first children to be christened in the newly built Chancel. This I was to prove correct after his death when I found a Church Newsletter in the Doncaster Archieves. I wish I could have found it before he passed away. My Grandfather Charles William Harness served under Captain Creyke in the 5th Batt KOYLI in the Great War. If anyone as any info or photo's of the 5th Battalion I would love to see them, I have a few I could share. Robert Harness
Posted by Robert Harness at 31/12/2014 21:44
Sorry forgot to leave my e mail address Best Wishes Robert Harness
Posted by stones at 25/02/2015 08:38
to Amanda Doyle
No idea BUT know of no Wilson solicitors in the area. Believe Crayke used a chap at Snaith whose name escapes me. (E&T Clark).. Ffrance unheard of. Not heard of any inheritance problems. Records at Beverley. Will have a look next visit. Any better idea approximate date.?
As for catholic - Mathew bonton told Charles 1 to stop being sillywhen he came looking for Yorkshire support. Crayke was at Charles side when executed as a personal friend. Expect Mathew Boynton not happy at Crayke inheriting.
Love to hear fromyou
Posted by Elaine Robinson at 07/06/2016 23:17
My ancestor Esau Wells was a brickmaker at Rawcliffe Bridge from about 1833 until his death in 1870. The 1851 censussays he employed 14 men at his brickworks. I saw in the history of the sugar mill that it was a brickworks in the 1800's. Could this be the location of Esau Wells yard.Is there a local historical society which might be able to help me. His son John possibly inherited it, but didn't last. Esau is also listed as owned of 48 acres of land.
Posted by Ian at 18/04/2021 15:05
Rawcliffe Hall etc! in LANCASHIRE, in the FYLDE, around River Wyre was of the Botelier, Butler ... Ffrance and then to Wilson the solictor of Garstang & Broughton, LANCASHIRE.

Rawcliffe in YORKSHIRE was the Creykes and others.

same name, different place
slainge mhath!

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