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Rawcliffe Bridge

Taken from Rivers, Rectors and Abbots, David Lunn - Bishop of Sheffield, 1990...

This came into existence, of necessity, when the Dutch River was built. It was needed so that the people of Rawcliffe could continue to use their ancient pastures. But it was the coming of the Canal and the Railway in the 19th Century that turned it into a place where people lived and worked. For a time it flourished and then in this century was rescued from final decline by the coming of Croda. In 1896 St. Philip's Church was built for much the same reason as St. James' had been built five hundred years earlier - for the 'ease' of parishioners living at some distance from their Parish Church. Chapel, school and shops helped to complete what before the invention of the motor car must been a lively and self-contained community.

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