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From:Ashley J. Newell
Date:13 Jun 1999
Subject:Web Site Update

Howdy, Just wanted to drop a line and say how impressed I am with the update of the Goole site. The site looks great but unfortunately Goole still does not. You did a great job and still kept that sharp sarcasm about the place that I like so much, you forgot to mention the fact that most of the people that frequent places such as Aire Street are only the first generations to be walking upright. When my American wife and I visited she couldn't understand why we didn't go to any pubs downtown but after showing her the wildlife in town on a Saturday afternoon she soon caught on as to why. Great site though!!

By the way, I marked Corpus Christi, Texas on your Gene Pool map for you so that you may add it to the website. It is the yellow dot in the Southern States. We are situated on the Gulf Of Mexico coastline and are approximately 170 miles north from the Mexico border.

Thanks for the new look site.

Ashley J. Newell