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Posted by sandra at 26/01/2008 00:08
I had often wondered how the clock tower came to be there, and about the history of Airmyn but hadn't got round to finding out. Then, during a search for the river Aire, I found this article which explained so much. I found it most interesting, and easy to read in "potted history" form.
Posted by Robert Ward at 26/01/2008 10:49
I heard somewhere that H J Lockwood, the designer of Airmyn clock tower as mentioned above, was Henry Lockwood of architects Lockwood and Mawson who designed Bradford Town Hall and Saltaire. Does anyone know whether this is indeed correct?
Posted by sally winter at 28/01/2008 10:09
When was the last time Airmyn was flooded?
Posted by Stephen Hunt at 31/05/2008 23:46
I was born in Airmyn in 1952 and have lived here most of my life. To my knowledge Airmyn has never flooded. I found the article fascinating with much information which was new to me.
Posted by George Smithson at 19/09/2008 12:23
as you see I'am a Smithson being a descendant of many smithsons from the Watton area of East Yorks,and have passed thro Airmyn many times on the way to the coast, before the M62 was built we used to nip thro Airmyn and havelooked in awe at the church clock.
I have found this article very interesting and informative.
Kind Regards,
George S.
Posted by david owens at 24/03/2011 20:50
has enybody eny information on the knipe family
who lived in airmyn in the 1600 and 1700 hundreds
Posted by Dick Barton at 31/07/2011 14:44
Does anyone know of the location of the crashsite of a Wellington Bomber on 13th April 1944 in the vicinity of Airmyn Butts from which all of the crew successfully escaped, but it is believed that the aircraft was burnt out.
Posted by St.John Meyers at 13/02/2012 16:16
The history of any village is usually fascinating but as always is only a moment in time captured for readers in the future. One or two comments perhaps need updating: the village shop is now sadly closed as is the original school which was replaced by a larger better facillitated school in the heart of the community.
Posted by stephen ward at 06/04/2012 13:47
does anyone know about thomas ward [ 1832-1913 ] his wife jane ward [1836-1904],who are buried in the churchyard..also the whereabouts of jane isabella ward baptised may 1877...what happened to her ????
Posted by Keith Braithwaite at 10/07/2012 13:56
I was born in Goole in 1952 sometimes going to Airmyn via a bridle path from the main road to Boothferry Bridge. I often wondered who the Earl of Beverley on the monument was. I thought he might be part of the Percy family which used to owned land down to the river Ouse and notably Wressle Castle (now in ruins and on a farmers land).
Posted by john harries at 28/11/2012 12:53
Question re Thomas Ward (1832-1913)
I am an antiquarian and collectable book dealer and was just about to catalogue a gardening book from 1899 when I keyed in the name of the previous owner Tom Ward, Goole and arrived at your question.
Probably a long shot but beside a clear name he has filled in a garden diary for a number of months in an educated hand. Plants as you know have difficult spellings.
At this time books were fairly expensive and so I would guess that this Tom Ward was possibly a head gardener or independently wealthy. Any other help e-mail me at
Posted by Paul at 28/11/2012 20:43
Re:-Dick Barton
According to Mike Marsh "Goole at War Vol 3" the plane crashed on Easter Sunday at about 10 pm to just the west of Goole and in a field 200 yards north of Rawcliffe Road on land which had been Goole's racecourse..
The plane was fully loaded with bombs but soon after takeoff collide with another bomber between York and Tadcaster.As you state there were no crew fatalities and only 3 broken windows in Rawcliffe Road, Grosvenor Avenue and Clifton Gardens.300 people were evacuated in Goole and 100 in Airmyn.
Posted by stephen ward at 22/02/2013 23:54
does anyone have any pictures of airmyn hall? of my ancestors a johnson ward married a mary wilkins.mary was a servant at the hall in 1901.are there any pictures of the hall from that time?
Posted by Sheena Spence at 21/08/2013 21:04
I have lived in Airmyn for 47 years and have learned much about the very early history of the village from this account.
Posted by Daul at 22/08/2013 00:46
Stephen Ward.
For a photograph go to hall I believe is now 3 dwellings and is a Grade II listed bulding.
Posted by steve ward at 07/04/2014 18:23
thanks daul
Posted by steve ward at 04/05/2014 11:05
Are ther any descendants of my grand uncle-charles frederick mundy 1886-1949 from goole who i could contact ?.He married lucy jane ware & they had children ,lucy 1907 & fred 1909. i have a plaque given to the mundy family for his brother frank ,who was killed in 1917 in ww1 . charles i believe had a hardware shop in goole after the war.
Elizabeth mundy married my granfather herbert newham ward & i am researching the mundy family, especially in ww1...but any help would be appreciated....i'm sure there are still mundy's in goole
Posted by steve ward at 04/05/2014 11:11
anyone has info on the above my e-mail is
Posted by Keith at 09/11/2015 19:41
To Steve Ward..........A Fred Mundy had a property on Pasture Rd he was a Plumber by trade , lived there up to the 1960s I would think.I think he was related to a Mrs Mundy who ran the Scouts in the 1950s.
Posted by Bill at 10/11/2015 15:29
Hi Keith
The mention of Mrs Mundy the scout 'master' rang a bell. She ran the 3rd Goole Troop out of a Nissen type hut on land next to the Parish Church. I was a cub and then scout and have many memories of that time. I wonder if there are any records of the Scouts activities at that time and a list of the camps they went to. I remember her taking us to an international Jamboree in Ireland in about 1959.
Posted by Keith at 10/11/2015 20:36
Hi Bill, Yes your correct , wasn't in the scouts myself belonged to the CLB which was held along the same street. Church Street
Posted by Bill at 11/11/2015 15:27
Hi Keith
I was also in the CLB! Did you go to their summer camp in Bognor? I remember two others CLB people, Mike Chesman(?) and Mike Tune. Don't know it they are still in Goole. I moved away in 1967.
Posted by Keith at 12/11/2015 20:20
Hi Bill ....Remember the names , but think they were older . I was there when Tom ? and Mr Rossitor ran it

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